A few months ago we caught wind of the iPhone style "bump" pay method coming to Android, and today it's officially been released. Along with the bump payment, where users can bump devices to transfer the money, the application also includes a new feature called "split the bill." This feature allows users who may be out to dinner with a group of friends or coworkers to calculate everyone's portion of the bill, including tax and tip, and request the money from them right through the application. In addition to these new features the PayPal application will also allow you to check your balance, withdraw funds and set reminders so you don't miss anymore of those pesky monthly bills. Hit the jump for all the download information!


Reader comments

PayPal launches updated PayPal Mobile application


Got this all set up, takes 2 minutes to set up a PIN for quick log-ins. Very nice app. I use my paypal debit card quite a bit so its nice to have instant balance checks without having to get to a computer or use the browser.

Did anyone notice the additional permissions that this app asked for (when the upgrade came through)? When I saw it I hit cancel and uninstalled it. It was ridiculous.

PAYPAL needs to get with the program (so to speak) and fix one MAJOR ommission to the app (on ALL platforms).

You cannot see your AVAILABLE BALANCE. You only see the total amount in your account. If you SELL on eBay and take PAYPAL payments they HOLD a portion of EVERY payment. If it said I have $250 in my account... I can't USE $250. I might only have $170 available. HORRIBLE and IMPORTANT feature left out.