Path spins messaging out into its own app: Path Talk

Social network Path has spun its messaging service off into a new app, Path Talk. Path says that since its introduction last year, messaging has become their app's biggest feature. Path says that they created Talk to make messaging easier to access and use.

Conversations in Talk don't last forever. According to Path, this is because conversations in real life aren't recorded permanently, so neither should your messages on Path. Messages will be automatically deleted from Path's servers 24 hours after they are sent.

Path Talk also includes a feature called Ambient Status. When turned on, Talk will let your friends know what you're up to, like when you're nearby, or what music you're listening to. It will say something like "Joe is in the neighborhood," or "Joe is listening to The Avett Brothers," if you turn those options on. Only the people on your People List will be able to see your status.

Talk also gives you the ability to reply quickly to your friends. You can nudge your friend, acknowledge the message, or start a call by pressing and holding on the 'Send' button on a message, or by swiping the message thread in the Messages tab.

You can download Path Talk for free right now from Google Play.

Source: Path

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mgolder81 says:

Does deleted from their servers mean the messages disappear from your phone? Also, I liked Path, but basically nobody I knew bothered to use it. It's a shame, as I always want an alternative to bloody facebook.

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Kaenon11 says:

Agreed. I used to use it as a social network for my house mates in college and it was our own avenue for posting for funny things or pictures of each other where only we could all see it. Aside from that though, path is too far behind to do anything in this spectrum of social media.

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Dizfunctions says:

Never even heard of this app before...

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jisampedro says:

I use Path every day, love the interface and sharing with a small group of people. Connected to other networks like Twitter, FB or Tumblr, makes it convenient to share whenever we want to spread the publication. Just installed the Talk app, is good to have a new alternative.

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