Parenting Android AppParenting Android App

Attention all parents of youngsters: Android is here to save you from being overrun, a tall order, especially if you've got more than one running around, or will in the future. But Parenting Magazine has launched the Parenting Ages & Stages app, which aims to guide you through the early years. It's broken down into five categories -- pregnancy, first year, second year, the early years and school years. You can customize the app with pictures of your children, the names and ages, so you get a more personal experience in learning whether that thing Timmy swallowed is really harmful.

You can check out the press release after the break, and we've got more pics and download links after the break.

Parenting Android AppParenting Android App

Parenting Android App


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Parenting Magazine brings Ages & Stages app to Android


I'm sort of surprised that an article by Phil doesn't have his opinion splashed all over it. Like maybe how kids are a drag on the economy or something about how no Android app is going to help with absentee parents. I don't know. Something!

At any rate, I think I'll check this one out.

I'll give this a shot. But whoah, 10MB? With my awesome 30kbps AT&T connection downtown, it'll take 3 hours and 87% of my battery to download this. I'll have to wait until I get home.

I have downloaded and installed this and I don't really understand why it is 10MB+. I have yet to find anywhere in the app that entering my daughters name, picture, and birth date are reflected. It will do Push Notifications of Recalls but it requires you to install Air Mail. That probably should have been mentioned in this post, or even better on the Market listing.

My daughter is 7 months old. When I tap on the First year icon it doesn't even open to the 7 month section. I have to scroll to it. I really don't understand why this app is so big. Yeah there is a lot of content, but not that much. Also, didn't appreciate the in app adds for the developers other applications (MSNBC, PopSci, etc). When I am in the Engadget app I don't get ads for Joystiq. I'm leaving it install for the time being so my wife can see it tonight, but right now I am not impressed. You would better off going to the website.