Keeping up with the weather can be very important for many of us, no one wants to get caught in the torrential downpour while dressed in their finest clothes, do they? There are several weather applications available, many of them offer the same basic features but Palmary Weather offers users all the basic features, and many extras as well. Some of these features include:

  • AppWidgets
  • 68000 locations all over the world
  • Current conditions
  • 12-hour Hour-by-Hour forecast / 48-hour Hour-by-Hour forecast
  • 48-hours detailed forecast
  • 7-day Expanded Forecast / 15-days forecast
  • Forecast Charts: temperature, probability of precipitation, precipitation, wind, humidity
  • Airport delays
  • Weather alerts
  • Multiple Map choices
  • Min / max temperature map
  • Temperature and weather alerts as notification on status bar
  • Automatically tracking current location using GPS

If the weather is something that intrigues you, this feature loaded application is definitely worth checking out. Download information after the break.


Reader comments

Palmary Weather for Android receives an update, stability fixes and more


Yep, too much for a weather app. Look at Fruit Ninja $0.99 and more than 50,000 DLs, that means more sales app developers, the cheaper the better! Just my 2 cents.

Ditto! BW is great!

BTW, why do I see so many folks fuss about $1-3 bucks for apps?! Some of the forums I visit - it's almost as if "how dare you charge for an app!"

I don't get it?

For whatever reason, Android users seems to be a cheap bunch. I have never experienced such a sense of entitlement as I do with Android users. As a fellow Android user, I find it embarrassing.

well android is open sourced(free) operating system. If we wanted to fork out hard earned cash we would buy a crappy Iphone. even then i would just hack it lol.

You're an idiot..just because the OS is open source that has absolutely nothing to do with developers and paying or donating for their time.

Please, do android a favor and go get a crappy iphone... users like you who think they deserve a free ride SUCK and do nothing but hurt the great open source OS called Android

You are a prefect example of why people have to pay more for retail items, because people like you steal. It's also the reason us law abiders have to pay more taxes, because people like you sit on their ass collecting welfare, and if you do work, you cheat on your taxes.

What are you talking about? Hacking the phone doesn't mean stolen software, I believe he is talking about jail breaking, IE rooting......

Either way I have plenty of payware apps on my phone and I love them, some of them much more expensive than $3. But I simply don't see paying $3 for an app when you can get a similar item for free, that uses I might add, free data to serve up your information.

I don't mind paying an author $1-2 to put together a nicely themed weather program I suppose, but not $3. Call me cheap if you want, but I call it smart when you know not to purchase apps that are overpriced. The whole hype behind moving developers from iPhone to Android market is over rated. If there is a need they will come to where the users and money are....and users = money.

As far as the opensource = free apps thing. lol. Guess some of these guys aren't linux people.

If you look at the context of what he's saying it's not hard to draw the conclusion that he is equating hacking to getting free paid apps. Maybe thats not what he meant.

And android being a free open-source OS doesn't stop the phones that contain it from costing about the same price as an iPhone, so that argument is moot. That is really only helping the handset manufacturers and/or carriers. Doesn't seem like any of that savings from licensing an OS is being passed on.

I came over from the iPhone platform. Believe me, people being cheap or thrifty concerning apps isn't limited to Android. There was a lot of whining any time an app dare went over 99 cents.

I dont mind paying a dollar or two for some apps, when they have a free version to try out. But 4 dollars for the same features all the free ones have? No thanks. Waste of money.

Why pay 2.99 for an app like this when you can get Weatherbug, Accuweather, or the Weather Channel all for free? All 3 of these FREE weather apps have the exact same features as Palmary, so I'm a little baffled as to why somebody would pay for this app, as opposed to getting any one of the free apps currently available.

Is any of the Android Central editors actually using this? More and more of the articles that showcase new or updated apps are starting to look like little more than advertisements for the app our developer. Look, I'm not complaining about paid apps, I paid for and use Beautiful Widgets along with many other paid apps; nor am I trying to question your journalistic integrity... I'm just saying maybe not every developer or company who asks for a shoutout for their app should get one, I'm thinking that's how many of these articles originate.

This app does have something no other weather app on the market(that i have found) has, and i have looked long n hard for, and that is a full screen weather widget! I love having current, and 4 day forcast on 1 homescreen.

I tried many weather apps free and paid (like Beautiful Widgets, Weather and toggle Widgets) and surprisingly ended up with Palmary; the choices of widget sizes, graphs, etc. along with great landscape support just made it the winner for my needs. Happy to pay the $3 to support the developer!

It's worth noting that there appears to be a bug where Palmary constantly polls the gsm satellites. I had to manually turn gsm off. Reading reviews in marketplace and it seems I'm not the only one.

Otherwise it seems a pretty nice widget. Full screen and quarter screen both give 4 or 5 day weather forcast which is nice. For more detail, I prefer opening weatherbug app though.