BGR is reporting that paid applications have been released in Android Market. We can't seem to find any on our G1, how about you guys? Anyone buy any apps yet? Anyone see any paid apps yet? Let us know in the comments!


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Paid Apps Already In Android Market ?


I am now seeing paid apps. Some seem kind of useful, but I am surprised at the pricing. I also have an iPhone and it seems as though the prices are more reasonable. I'm sure that there will better applications as time goes on (I'm very interested in a GOOD exchange client) but right now I'm just amazed that there are at least 4 - 5 fart applications that are all more than .99 !

Sadly, most of the paid apps popping up are garbage. Do we really need farting apps (free or otherwise)? And who is going to be stupid enough to buy I Am Richer?! Also, as a word of advice, if you see an app you like that is free now, get it before checking to see if you have access to the paid apps. It might not be free any longer.

This is accurate. This evening I found about 40 paid applications available in the market. There were very few comments so it was very recent these were added.

It did suprise me when it happened but ipaid apps showed up for me about 2 or 3 ours ago. Finally! BUT, I have not participated in buying any yet. If only I can find something on how the paid apps work... but again... FINALLY! Hopefully the good stuff has arrived!

I haven't seen any yet...thus far it's been all crappy, stupid and useless apps. Hopefully developers that charge for their apps will make ones that can actually be of use to those of us that actually are itching to use our g1's as something more just a fad. I'd love to be able to tether my phone so an app for that would be greatly welcomed.

This is bonkers. The UK market STILL hasn't received this update, I can't wait for paid apps. The quality of submissions will sky-rocket!

I'm not sure if there really are paid apps yet. That "Aviator Watch" app in the screenshots? It shows up on my phone as a free app. And other sites have pointed out that the titlebar and battery indicator in the screenshot seem a bit off from what they are on actual G1's.

I don't see paid apps either. Like eric, I see that "Aviator Watch" is a free app

As far as the different skin, there are screenshots at showing paid apps with the standard skin

I've got the paid apps as well and I am not really seeing anything of interest. Its just a lot more useless apps that are now a waste of time and money

Is it supposed to be some type of automatic update? Or is there something I have to do to pull up the paid apps? I just bought my g1 yesterday feb 21, and I'm in the US.. thanks

MWC coverage here. What was arguably more exciting for current Android users is that paid applications are now available in Android Market