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So you've seen the one where a Samsung Galaxy S II owner torments the line of waiting iPhone faithful. "Samsunged," they call it.

Wrap your head around this: Here's a video of the No. 1 BlackBerry Fanboy (no, really) Kevin Michaluk and Mobile Nations' Gary Mazo showing off the new iPad, outside a Miami Apple store line of people ... waiting for iPads. 

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The one where the No. 1 BlackBerry fan Samsungs the iPad line ... with an iPad


"Reading the New York Times or a book on this is going to be an amazing experience."


Best part of that video was seeing my man Justin Finch, the news anchor who worked for Channel One news when I was in high school. That was quite a blast from the past

Well that was a waste of 6min :-P

Must be a sign of the crackberry apocalypse if Kevin is a traitor :-)

I got to tell you.... The New Ipad must not be that big of a thing here in Philadelphia. Just went for a walk around town with the wife and both the Apple Store and Spring Board Media Store had many instock and no lines to speak of.

Lemme make sure I got this right... they were at Walmart at 11p the night before to wait in line to buy the new iPad. But, they didn't actually do anything with said iPads, they left them in the boxes and showed up at an Apple store iPad line the following morning to taunt the people in line.

So... (stay with me here)... they drove to and waited in front of *two* stores selling new iPads, and got no net gain (with the possible exception of getting their iMore t-shirts on a brief local TV clip).