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Google's limited pilot program brings people and non-profit projects together through the act of giving $1 a day

Google's latest efforts to change the world have been unveiled, with the launch of the One Today app. The app, currently limited to the U.S and only to Android users, is designed to highlight non-profit organizations and their work and allow you to support them through giving $1. Each day a new project is highlighted with a new opportunity to donate. As with so many other Google projects, you will need to request an invite to take part, so if you're interested hit up the source link below. You will need a Google Wallet account to donate, but if you get in and take a look at this, be sure to jump into the comments below and let us know what you think. 

Source: One Today by Google

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Gator352 says:

Organizations is spelled with a "Z".

This is cool as I do at times give a small donation to charities. Every little bit helps!

saf5545 says:

In British English, it's spelled with an "S". Thank you.

mhinc says:

I wasn't aware Google was British. Then agian I am Canadian and can't stand seeing colour spelt color. Or cheque spelt check.

saf5545 says:

Well, I wasn't implying that Google was British. The article clearly isn't written by Google, so whether it's written as "organisations" or "organizations" does not matter. I was just replying to the user who clearly thought it was a mistake.

zero3187 says:

The writer, Richard Devine, is British so that's probably why lol.

Gator352 says:

Makes sense. Thanks!

jaymars says:

Aw, how nice of a billion dollar company.

NoreenD says:

Thank you for sharing this! It could be helpful for nature and mankind all around the World! I'd like to participate!

Let's do this, Google & People! It's a positive start and we can help, together!

mitchk says:

Really off topic, but it's strange how they are using a picture of the galaxy nexus on all the pictures of this app. Unusual for Google who would normally showcase a picture of their newest phone in the nexus line...

return_0 says:

It is pretty odd, but I've noticed Google still does that a lot.

inuchan says:

How about everybody just donate $1 a day to my student loan. That will help.

Mike-Mike says:

Pretty cool concept. I installed it, got an email said I'm on a waitlist

voltairine says:

I have been using this app for a few months and I'm pretty happy with it. I like the descriptions of the various charities and the fact that every day you get a few different ones to choose from. I also like that there are some limits on how much you donate (one dollar - or match whatever your friends donate) so you don't wind up spending your whole paycheck by accident.

If I were to change one thing, I would want to be able to choose some categories of charities I am interested in, in addition to the app self-learning. But as I understand it they're not currently planning to offer that.

I hope this app is popular enough to hit the big time. I think it's pretty great.