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The "OK Google" voice activated hot search has gradually been making its way up the Google Chrome food chain, and now it looks like its rolling out to all. Well, all so long as you've set your language to U.S. English at least, or so it seems.

The listening search box should be present after the latest update on both the Google homepage and when you open up a new browser tab. It's always listening so just say the magic words and you're off with some hands-free Googling. Have fun with that!

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'OK Google' now rolling out to all Chrome desktop users


Cool feature, but what is with this absurd qualification that your settings always have to be US English? The voice recognition understands so many languages and accents, I cannot fathom why they insist on this unnecessary caveat.

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I honestly believe it's because they're treating America/US English as the guinea pigs. If something goes wrong, they fix it there and make sure it doesn't happen to the rest of the world.

Indeed, but it's been working fine for ages. More than a year. And it's not like is a complicated feature, just a small extension of what it already does.

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But you can use it there simply by changing your language settings, so that wouldn't get then around any laws.
And also it's not just the always listening thing, even in the Google now app it doesn't work.
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When I click the microphone it tells me voice search has been turned off. So apparently it can. Darned if I know where the setting is.

On Chrome OS at least, the option is under Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Privacy -> Enable "Ok Google" to start a voice search

It's turned off by default (again, on Chrome OS).

I love this feature. But sometimes, when I'm talking to my phone, my laptop responds and I unknowingly get the results on both devices.

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I love this feature and they used to have voice search in maps as well. But in the new iteration it has been removed. I loved that feature as well. I hate typing, although I type well, I still would rather use voice recognition features.

The only problem with this is that saying "OK Google" simultaneously activates my Moto X -- even when the phone is in my pocket!