Weather Channel app

The official Weather Channel app for Android has been updated to version 3.0, adding a host of new features to help you stay one step ahead of your local atmospheric phenomena.

Additions include voice search and type-ahead for location entry, a new swipeable navigation bar, extra video content and a "hybrid" units setup for British and Canadian users. There's also three new homescreen widgets included in the update.

A warning to Android 2.3 users, though - we tried to get this app working on several devices running Gingerbread, but it seems to have compatibility issues on the latest version of Android, resulting in crashes at startup. We've successfully tested it on Froyo, however, so Android 1.6 to 2.2 users should be just fine.

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Reader comments

Official Weather Channel app gets big update


They must have a new ad server or something, because the add shows up now when it didn't before. I've been using an edited hosts file.

Using CM7. All my cities went away during the update, then I wasn't able to add them back in. I tried opening the app later and it showed up.

I don't like the new interface. The "10 day" icon is off the screen and you have to scroll to get to it.

I'd be happy to have the old Weather Channel app back.

Agreed, CM7 and I cant get it to find my city, and wide widget on homescreen doesnt seem to work :(

Hey, yours seems to work. There's lots of crashing for me, they got rid of the notification bar icon (or it just doesn't work) and in all it's just horribly broken. Lots of comments in Market seem to suggest I'm not alone. Yes, I'm running 2.3 (CyanogenMod 7) and I find it hard to believe they could write an app that's so broken on it.

Sometimes things are better off left "un-upgraded". Install was buggy, the bars at top and bottom hide more of the map, ad is larger and on top. Balloons all over the map making everything run like mud. To gain voice search?? My search is suddenly for a different weather app.

My phone did the update automatically. Unfortunately I am on Gingerbread. I tried to run the new version and it didn't work on my phone. So thanks to Titanium Back Up, reverted to the old version. However I will be upgrading to a Droid X (and downgrading to Froyo) so maybe the new version will work for me.

Doesn't work on Sprint Samsung Epic 4G. Crashes a lot, especially going from portrait to landscape or back. It just crashes out the the launcher without even an error.

Video used to be bulletproof before this upgrade. Now I get frequent "An error ocurred on playing video".

NBC has ruined The Weather Channel app just like they have ruined TWC's TV channel itself.

Why does this app need access to my phone numbers, and my calendar. I think NBC is trolling for data you may not want them to have.

This app started killing my battery after I updated. It never stops using the GPS. I had to disable my GPS to get it to stop.

I never got past the "request" to track my location. It exited evey time I responded No. I finally just deleted the app, and installed Weatherbug. Too bad, it was one of my favorites, but I think they are overreaching.

After reading the comments in the Market, I will not update the app yet. The version on my phone works fine. That is why I NEVER auto-update apps on my phone. I always read the permissions and comments first. It seems like in it's race to update and impliment new features in the app, they forgot on major caveat...

Make sure the app isn't broken!

I havne't had any problems yet w/ this update (EVO) but I will say that I liked the last version MUCH better! Having the different 'Forecasts' if you will at the touch of a button so to speak in the old version was nice! It was all there at the top of the screen and you didn't have to scroll anything. Same w/ the Weather Alerts; they were at the main screen when it opened so you just had to hit it. I don't mind the location tab at the bottom if you have multiple locations but I'm not sure how practical that is for the average user. Plus, swimping from side to side on the actual screen takes you to your different locations so is that even necessary?? Seems like the added voice feature and some of the video things are the only things that are even a useful addition. PLEASE bring back the other version, or at least the forcasts at the top of the screen (Now, Hourly, 36 Hr, and 10 Day).

Avoid this update.

In addition to all the problems above, the radar map is now covered by the blue header and footer.

This is not Kyocera Echo bad, but skip this upgrade.

I just downloaded the upgrade for the Weather Channel app and now it just shows N/A for my current location with no weather data. It was working fine before the update. I have uninstalled and re-installed and still have the same problem. It's useless now. I can see by the reveiws that others are having similiar problems. Does anyone know a solution for getting it to give weather data again?

They took a perfect app and completely ruined it. Can't get my city to load the weather. Left it open for around 15 minutes and still only got N/A. Tried a neighbor city and still nothing. Also, it spins too fast between the two but doesn't really matter since it won't give me the weather. Honestly awful.

This has to be the worst update I have ever seen to any Android app. I guess I am supposed to have an HTC EVO with twin-quad-core processors and 8GB RAM. This app is beyond slow. Once installed, I lost all my saved location settings. Not that big of a deal but this thing is horribly layed out, reacts so slowly to touch input to make it useless, it locks up constantly but never force closed on me. I uninstalled, reinstalled and it is the same. The new interface might be pretty but now all the weather info doesn't fit on-screen and you are forced to scroll up/down. The new framing graphics combined with the ads take up far too much screen space. Because of that, this app is completely useless in landscape mode. It is extremely slow just at downloading the weather info, I may as well tune the TV to the weather channel and wait 10 minutes for weather on the eights. My recommendation to all is to post your disappointment in the Android market, remove this crap app from your phone and install the Dish Network weather app. It is the older, functioning Weather channel app we all enjoyed on our phones.

This update is complet garbage!! I can't add anything specific that hasn't already been said. Give me the old app back!!!!!!