Google Docs for Android

It's finally here, folks. Google has released an official Google Docs Android application. Official and proper access to all of your Google Docs, in any of your Google accounts. Filter, search, star, rename, edit, read, upload new content from your phone, open docs directly in gmail -- it's all there.

But, wait, there's more. You can take a photo of a physical document with your phone's camera, and it scans it into a proper Google Doc. This. Is. Awesome. Download links are after the break, and hit the source for more info.

Source: Google Mobile Blog. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Official Google Docs Android app is here!


I'm glad to have this option. Im a little bummed that I just bought Docs to go for $15 a couple of weeks ago.

Agreed re: Docs to Go being easier/better. Glad to see an official GDocs app, but it's not perfect by any means.

Wifi! :P

Between this and that nice calendar app up for free on Amazon's App Store this is turning out to be a really good day for great apps.

Finally! I have been waiting for this. My only gripe is the fact that the editor still uses the browser interface that can be quirky at times. Wish the editor was built into the app and not a browser page within the app.

WOW, very awesome. I've never even used google docs before but I DEFINITELY will now. This is pretty amazing.

Biggest upset.

You edit documents no different than you do from the mobile website. Which, by the way, is terrible for excel. You can't edit formulas. Documents are terrible too, you can change allignment, etc.

That aside I was really looking forward to a delete option. Seriously, what is it with google and it not allowing me to delete things from my phone? Seriously.

I guess the only thing I got from this was the ability to upload FROM my phone. Big deal at this point.

Seriously, just how much editing do you really want to do to spreadsheet formula on that tiny device?

It will accept input and updates to working spreadsheets and save it on the document, and realistically thats about all you need on a small device.

I would at least like to edit formula. I have some figures and stuff on some spread sheets which require the editing of a single number in a formula on occasion.

And at least give me a delete option. Then I'd be some what happy. The only thing I gain is uploading... I don't e.t. get a different appearance. Lol.

I agree, delete would be nice, especially since its so easy to get stuff uploaded with the camera, and then you need to go to your computer to clean up the mess.

My next argument to the formula rant: I can create a new excel document from my phone. What am I supposed to do with that feature if I can't add formulas.

The imported from Camera can't hold a candle to the quality of CamScanner.

From what I got in my tests, camera shots were unreadable, but the ones shot with CamScanner and uploaded as PDFs were perfect, as were the docs created with the Desktop Chrome "Send to Google Docs" plug in.

Edit: They were unreadable on the Nexus One, but perfectly readable on my desktop computer.

This is a very nice addition, as I tend to use google docs quite a bit.

Oh wow...Google almost outdid themselves this time. I like the pic to doc function! Saves me an assload of time!

This is great for work. I keep all my recipes in Google Docs. I used the mobile site anyway, we'll see if this proves more user-friendly.

Says it's "not compatible" with my CM7 Nook Color, and it doesn't show up for me in Market. Anyone else having this problem?

I took a pic of a document and it just uploaded a photo. What's the difference between a photo stored in Google doc's and a normal photo?

You click "New" then "Create Document from Photo", then save it. Now go to a computer and Edit it...Saves a lot of typing when your asshat coworker won't email you a document to edit.

Um, No, that doesn't work.

What you get is a photo in a document (almost like a PDF). Google tries to OCR text out of it, but it does a crappy job, and you can't edit the image, and the OCR is far from complete.

Document from camera is strictly an emergency hack if you ask me.

And although Google Docs is a share target for the web browser, it won't let you share web pages to a document (unlike the Send To Google Docs plugin for Chrome browser).

No, a PDF is not like a "photo". PDF files can be raster, like a photo, or vector, like text or line drawings, or a combination of both. Labeling PDF's as if they are bit-image only (raster) is extremely inaccurate.

Yep, you're right...I opened another version of the document I took a picture GRRRRR...It's useless to me almost.

Gonna see how this works on my XOOM. Works great on my TBolt, downloaded over WiFi, lol. Probably won't be tablet optimized yet, but easier to edit docs on the larger screen with my bt keyboard

Coolest thing? Google Cloud print works from it. Just tried it. Printed a doc from my phone. Very very cool.

For some document types it does.

I tend to store a lot of pdfs on my Google Docs, and these don't offer a print option.

Excited that this is finally here... but in TRUE google fashion, its half baked IMO. Cant wait to see how this progresses!!

Half baked. If you have more than one Google account. Say....a corporate Google apps account and a personal account. The app won't open anything once you choose an account, it just bounces back and forth and doesn't do anything. Does anyone at Google ever test these things?

Worse than half baked. Its google docs. We use it here at work and it is horrible. ya, its mobile, but thats the only thing it has going for it. Stand it up to Word and its a joke.