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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We're proud to announce that the official Android Central app has surpassed, for us, a major milestone, amassing more than 100,000 total downloads. (And, quite frankly, with a keep rate that even I'm astounded by.) 

So from all of us to everyone who's tried the application, thanks! We've still got plenty of work to do with the app — features to add, items to improve and bugs to squash — but we're making great progress. Huge props to our developer Neil for all the hard work.

And as but a small token of appreciation for helping make us the No. 1 source for all things Android, we're going to give away a new Nexus 7 we've got laying around here. Still in the box, of course. To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. That's it. We'll close down the comments at midnight Eastern tonight, pick a winner and get the tablet shipped out on Thursday, so the winner can have it ASAP.

And if you haven't already, please give our app a try!


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The official Android Central app passes a major milestone, so let's give away something!



Exciting, love the app, looking forward to hopefully ditching my stuffy iPad

Congrats on this accomplishment. Have seen the new nexus 7 and would LOVE to have one of my own!

Best android news app keep it going!...

Posted via Android Central App

Im the only one thats posting that doesn't have a tablet so I should win it...and congrats

This is a great app and always on my home screen. Sign me up for this contest for sure too! Congrats on the milestone

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats guys! This AC app is among the best Android apps with stability, user-friendly and beautiful UI. And goodluck to all, myself included, fir winning the awesome new Nexus 7.

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats A.C.! Keep up the great work. I use the app everyday, multiple times a day.

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Guys that is awesome on 100,000 downloads. Here's to many more downloads. Hope I win. You guys are the best.

Gonna check out this app again, hoping to be more impressed than the first time cause I love my AC website!

Please pick me... I love/use the app everyday.

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats on the milestone, You guys are in the top 3 sites I check every morning for a reason.

Luv the app! I would love it even more if I were viewing it on a new Nexus 7!!!

Congrats! zero chance of winning with the numberof people entered but just shows how good of a job the staff does

Congrats guys! You are the android kings! I hope you pick me for the nexus 7!

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Congrats on the milestone!! Would absolutely love a Nexus device! *crosses fingers*

Sweet, glad I could be a part of the milestone! And count me in for the Nexus!!

I have the app, and I use it daily. I also have a playbook, but hardly use it due to lack of apps and updates. I could really use a replacement tablet, guys! Keep up the great work!

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Congratulations for your achievement! Now how about shipping a Nexus 7 to Singapore? ;)

Posted via Android Central App

Please please me I real$y really want one ;or my family

Posted via Android Central App

Great work guys, really appreciate that you try to cover some Canadian content for us up north!

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Congratulations on the 100K downloads.
Thank you for the giveaway.

Count me it.

I love Android Central. The site and this app are my MAIN sources of info on all the latest happenings in the Android world. And it just keeps getting better with every update!

Posted via Android Central App

Congratulations guys! Love the new android central so much! Thanks for giving back your blessings :)

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Good job on your downloads good sirs. I want to win me a Nexus 7. It would make my day. Also my night, I guess. You know, keepin it happy 24 hours. A full 24 hours.

Great site & great app!

Now . . . how about a great tablet so I can read it more clearly?

Now, the trick is to get the app on my iPad. Since Apple is being less than cooperative, why not set the app to also read imore, crackberry and the windows phone site. Then, put it on the ios store as the Talk Mobile app.

Posted via Android Central App

Wait, why are you surprised at the keep rate? If you do an amazing job, which you do, people will respond positively. This is one of my favorite apps, I check it every day - it doesn't take up lots of space on my phone either!

Posted via Android Central App

I'm really liking the Android Central app. It is my preferred method of accessing the website now. I like how videos are integrated into the app, playing film screen instead of a small window when using a web browser. Plus having full access to the Talk Mobile discussions is a nice feature (something the CrackBerry app still hasn't added).

Hopefully the ability to mark a forum as read will be coming soon. That's the only thing I miss so far. Great job on the app, and congrats on the milestone!

Posted via Android Central App

I could use the refresh, since the battery on my original Nexus 7 is showing it's age.

Posted via Android Central App

Fabulous info and give a ways too? What a great place!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

Thats why I love Android Central they really know how to follow guidelines for desing unlike other tech sites wich are port of IOS... Engadget anyone?? Lol!! That Nexus7 on my desk would look perfect!

I'd like to download the AndroidCentral app but I can't on my gingerbread phone, but it will be the first app I download when I win! I'll take screenshots of it as proof!

I would love to have this beauty for an upcoming business trip. It would be very handy, and would make the travel more pleasant. And congrats on the milestone.

Really enjoy your app and hope it continues to flourish. Well done! Hope to win this for my brother!

Congrats on the milestone, but check this out!
Why does my 7 year old have a Nexus 7 and I don't? How about hooking a dad up?!?

I've entered all of the give aways this year and haven't been able to win. Please pick me

Posted via Android Central App

Congratulations! It is one of the best Android news apps I have tried so far.

Keep the nice work

Posted via Android Central App

Haven't won anything yet so would be nice....thanks nonetheless.

Posted via Android Central App

Thanks Android Central and staff for keeping me informed, up to date and entertained!

Posted via Android Central App

love the ap. Thanks for the shot at a nexus 7. It would make my kid real happy.

Well I really love the app and not surprised by high keep rates!

Posted via Android Central App

Great job with the app, it's gotten sooo much better. And with a new nexus 7 I could enjoy it even more....

oh, how I wish. But i probably have better chances of winning the lottery considering the number of comments...

You don't make friends with salad!
You don't make friends with salad!

Congrats on the App! it's fantastic. Saves me allot of time by not having to navigate to the web on my phone. Keep up the good work.

Almost 3K comments in less than two hours. I wonder how many of those using the app do so solely to comment on these contest posts. In all honesty, though, great app, great updates. I just wish that if I'm logged in on my PC, there would be a way to sync which posts I've read. Sometimes I'll switch to phone after a bit of time on PC and I get excited for 19 new articles, and really they've already been read, just not with the app.

The app is really well polished, a hundred times better than the old, first attempt!

Awesome !!! AndroidCentral is always my go-to app for all the android related news. And I would love to have the N7.. plz.. plz..plz..

Great app from the best android news source. Thanks for all the hard work

Posted via Android Central App

Congratulations to all at android central for the great achievement. This one site gives android lovers a lot of joy and advice.

Posted via Android Central App

Awesome app...I use it daily. And yeah...I'd like the nexus 7 too!

Posted via Android Central App

Great app, I use it daily and I appreciate it being there for me to use. Congrats on the milestone!

Posted via A C App
on CyanogenMod 10.1.2

The app is awesome guys! Winning this would be even awesomer! That's Righ... Awesomer!

Congratulations on your milestone! I use the AC app daily to catch up on all that is Android.

One of my daily go to apps. Works really good. Feels so nice that it a milestone. Glad people out there know the easiest way to get the latest information from the Android World!! :)

Congratulations guys, I love the app it's my most used by far!

Posted with my SGS III/Nexus 7 via Android Central App

Good worka and keep it up...
It is people likre you that shape our mind and choice and you all are doing a really good job....
Love your reviews and presentation ...hope you can do even better and I am also a beta tester so great work with the fixing the bugs as well..

Posted via Samsung Mega 5.8

My wife would love to inherit my old nexus 7.

Posted via Android Central App

Congratulations Guys. I was definitely appreciative of this site when I bought my HTC Evo Design from sprint and wanted to root it. I could not have rooted it without you guys actually making a forum available for it. I was definitely happy to see that there was an app where I check the forums for new updates. And seeing as how XDA Developers wouldn't give the Design a forum, I will be forever grateful to Android Central for that.

Thanks guys!

Great app, it is a pleasure to use it :-)

Posted via Android Central App

While unusually get annoyed with sites trying to make their apps happen I'm very impressed with this offering.

Posted via Android Central App

Congrats on 100k
A nexus 7 would be awesome please

Posted via Android Central App

As said a million times already best Android news app out and congratulations on being number one. Hopefully come tomorrow you guys will be congratulating me on winning a new nexus 7. My grandfather needs something to look at your app on while receiving his weekly treatment.

Best place to get all my android news and reviews.

Posted via Android Central App

I lived by Pocket Gear and Handandgo back in my PPC days and now it's Google Play and Android Central. Love knowing what's coming down the line and finding new apps. Love your app reviews. Love the dark UI, too!

Posted via Android Central App

Wheel....OF....FORTUNE!! Yeah..definitely..#22..yeah..(Rainman)..Pick me guys and CONGRATS.. I love the app by the way :)

Be great for work and as a dedicated Chromecast decide

Posted via Android Central App

it would be great to have this as a back to school tablet. congrats on the downloads

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