The NVIDIA Shield handheld Android gaming system — or HAGS, as no one but us apparently has ever called it — just got another software update that adds a couple interesting features to the Tegra 4 platform. Here's what's new:

  • You can now move apps and app files from the internal storage to an SD card. 
  • Miracast streaming is improved with Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro.
  • Better PC streaming, gamepad detection and WIfi
  • Now supports Tegra developer tools

That's Software Update 59 (so simply named — we could get used to that) — and it's available now by going to Settings>About>System updates.

Source: NVIDIA Shield release notes


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NVIDIA Shield update moves apps to SD card, improves Miracast, adds dev tools


Well now it has become a piece of junk that no one will buy. SDCARDS are antiques that have no business being on, or supported by any Android device.

They are slow dinosaurs that need to be eliminated. Maybe they should support cloud services more and take storage down to 8GB.

This is just an abomination


I know right. I heard this all of the time but the fact is that most high end android games are now over 1gb and with only 16gb internal, this "high end" gaming device has some serious limitations.

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I'm also curious if the apps will have the 50 mb limit that the Samsung implementation of Apps to SD has.

My S4 does not have that limit... maybe it differs per phone

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