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Oh, jealousy is a beautiful thing. After seeing its T-Mobile brother, the Vibrant, going for a mere penny last week, the Samsung Captivate (read the full review here) has seen its price slashed down to a single cent as well. The phone does require a new two-year contract with AT&T if you had any doubt.  No word on how long this deal will be good for, but we would suggest pulling the switch sooner rather than later. [Amazon via BGR]


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Not to be left out, Samsung Captivate now only one cent on Amazon


Geez, I'm with ya!!
With t-minus 6 days theres been NO promos on the Epic.
Usually Best Buy/Radio Shack has a $20-$25 Gift Certificate for pre-orders, but not this time. Not on the Epic 4G. What gives???

And I'm one of those ones that say the Epic is worth the $50 bump over its siblings and even the Evo....

I'm starting to feel left out.

I wonder how successful the AT&T and Tmobile Galaxy users are at getting some kind of refund after purchasing their phones at full price.

You won't because they won't honor the amazon price. They will tell you that's an amazon special and we can't match it....even if AT&T was doing it you wouldn't unless you were within 30 days

Only for single line users. For Family plan, its 149. To add a line its 149.

Only NEW customers get the one cent deal.

Furthermore there is this fine print buried in there:

Before we process your upgrade order, we'll work with your current wireless carrier to ensure your line of service is eligible for an upgrade. In determining upgrade eligibility, carriers generally require that a line of service is in an upgrade-eligible window in your existing contract (typically 22 months into a 24 month contract) and in good financial standing.

So you have to be upgrade eligible if you have an existing plan.

I'm so sick of carriers (as well as other companies) treating new customers so much better than old ones.

It does kind of suck. I mean, you'd think it would be the other way around. I've been loyal to the company for 7+ years, always pay on time and have never left them, yet some stranger who has never been with the company gets an insane 1 cent deal for a phone I have to pay $149 to upgrade to (I'm on family). Sounds pretty ass-backwards to me. :\

Hell yeah... why do the new customers get better service and deals than the faithful and "in good standing" hold-overs?

1) simple economics, New customers are what GROWS the brand, existing customers dont ADD to subscriber base

2) Once those customers sign up, theyre treated exactly the same as you are.. so everyone is in the same boat.

3) When you were a new customer, you would have had the opportunity to get deals like this.

Exactly. Not to mention people fail to remember that companies do give you extra credits to stay with the company where the new customers don't get those extra deals, they just have to pay the 2 year price.

Just upgraded one line on an existing family plan on Amazon for $99.99. Don't know what changed, since late last week it was showing $149 for the upgrade on a family plan.