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The "Nobody knows what the hell's going on with the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab," saga continues today (see Part 1 and Part 2, Part 3) with the latest news now being that Samsung has no intentions of delivering a "Value Pack" upgrade. According to a Samsung source who spoke to The Next Web:

Samsung "will not offer the update due to the hardware specifications of the older Galaxy devices, in that they are limited to and fully optimised for the Gingerbread experience."

That'll likely frustrate some Galaxy S owners but realistically, it's not in anyway surprising. As for the Galaxy Tab, while it's not mentioned specifically -- it's safe to assume that's lumped in there as well. Luckily, there is plenty of custom ROM's floating around to keep you busy if you're that upset over the matter.

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No Samsung ICS 'Value Pack' coming


I understand why they don't want to just upgrade to stock ICS. If they did that it would confuse the f*ck out of the casual customer.

Normally I would say yes, but ICS has a lot of Samsung influence and I don't think it would be all that different to go from touchwiz to stock ICS. However, let's face facts here, Samsung wants its customers to upgrade to the latest and greatest.

No actually the change between the UI on Motorola Froyo 2.2 to Motorola Gingerbread 2.3 was a pretty big change. It wasn't a big deal for most people because the Gingerbread UI is actually easier to use. For some people like my mother though it was repeating how to use the phone all over again. Motorola did it though so Samsung could do it too. And let's face it Touchwiz is pretty close to Stock ICS. I imagine that is why Motorola changed their UI to the one that is on Gingerbread so that it was easier to put Ninja/Moto/Phil-Blur on ICS.

"...fully optimised for the Gingerbread experience."

Unless you are on AT&T and then you are fully optimized for the Froyo experience.

Definitely. We are getting ahead of ourselves with these hopes for ICS. A lot of us still haven't seen Gingerbread on our Galaxy S phones.

And while Android 4.0 would probably run fine, it sure wouldn't after Samsung TouchWiz'ed all over it.

I wonder if you can sue Samsung for the value of the phone/tab in small claims court. The suit would be filed under Consumer Fraud Protection Act (almost every state has them) and the theory would be that Samsung mislead its consumers into thinking that under the open source agreement they would agree to update their phones [I don't have the agreement or read it, but if android community can direct me to this document I could see if there is a case worth arguing].

Every state has a small claims court, it's relatively easy to sue, and you may likely get better sympathy from a judge than jury. I got the idea from reading an article today about how one retired lawyer decided to sue Honda in small claims court for falsifying ad about the 50 mpg for its civic hybrids. Imagine if only 10% of the population owning Galaxy S sued....

The problem with your theory is that they were delivered with a certain OS. There was nothing in the brochure that you'll get so many versions above or so many years of software support for it.

I'll use my Epic 4g as an example. It was advertised as having Android 2.1 with certain capabilities. They shipped it with that. It was NEVER stated on the product pages that it would be upgraded to 2.2. A couple months ago Samsung made 2.3 official on the Epic4g. That's two OS's higher than it shipped with.

The real problem would come in, if Samsung updated it to 4.0 with the stock experience, rendering it useless to people that cannot adapt to changes (and lets face it, there are a LOT MORE people using it that don't know jack, or even care to, than there are like US that are reading this). 2.1 -> 2.2 -> 2.3 didn't change the core experience. TW on top of 4.0 may not either, but they say that's too much going on for such an "old" device.

I thought only dual core phones were in the running for the ICS upgrade (if ever any other phones are to get it).

Who cares? If someone is that concerned, they can root and rom. Its not like you have much warranty left anyway. Average consumers have no idea what it is anyway, and are probably stuck on 2.1 because on Kies. My Vibrant runs ICS Passion flawlessly.

You reminded me. Those who don't flash ICS probably don't know their phones can get ICS anyway. Or probably they don't know about android versions.

Oh man... "limited to" is going to be proved such a lie when most of the US Galaxy S variants have official CM9.

yes interesting how Nexus S hardware is "limited" yet still getting the ICS.

***the difference is SOFTWARE not hardware***

If Samsung just released a vanila ICS it would be quite easy to optimise.

I saw the touchwis on ics. Let me tell you, the difference is the same as between iphone 4 and 4s. Translation: almost NONE. Made me very p...ed off.

Singing that Sam sung - color me not surprised just confused. I'm in favor of any official releases as it provides our talented moders with more tools to play with. I wouldn't care but CM still hasn't been successfully (fully) ported to the Fascinate.
I would have welcomed an improved camera app or to see improvements simular to ICS in Gmail etc. Why the Cone Tease?

in other words we are too lazy to update ur "old" phones so y'all can **** off. Well i know Samsuck won't be getting my money next upgrade...

I would love to experience ICS but don't want to slow down my galaxy s anymore than it already is. I am disappointed that no upgrade is coming, particularly since I ave only owned the phone for three months. Froyo was good and gingerbread is working pretty well with oly a few freeze ups every couple weeks. Sometimes my call log, dialed or text message programs will close after I open them and I have to reopen again. But, the phone works pretty well. Unfortunately, I did not buy the latest and greatest model. Will I buy Samsung again, maybe, maybe not.

Funny, the Galaxy Ace Plus has the same spec as the S, but with GB and TouchWiz 4.0. Can someone explain to me the difference? Plus if we had of gottan ICS, with touchwiz on top, would we tell the difference? I wish Tmo would approve GB, but the wont. I'll just be hopping to WindowsPhone7.

OK... so..
1. Is not enough that the value of the device went down 70% in 1 year
2. but they don't want to offer update to the latest firmware EVEN if it can run it flawlessly...

Not a fanboy but as an investment, a faggy iPhone is better.

The only people concerned with this, that even care, that even know about this 'issue', and that will truly be effected by this decision are geeks, nerds, and technophiles.

Nobody else.

The average user knows nothing of ICS or what it is. They don't care. They probably don't use a Linux distro so they judge updates based off experience, and Windows is mostly incremental updates. A full OS update, say from Vista to Windows 7, costs money. That's what they're use to. To go from 2.3 to 4.0 is an upgrade - not an update. While it's stupid to us, it makes sense honestly. I don't get what the fuss is about - if an astroid hit a small town in Siberia it would suck, but I'm not going to really care. It doesn't effect me.

All of you complaining, are you rooted? Probably. If an update came out for ICS from Sammy what's the first thing you would do? Flash a CUSTOM ICS rom - not stock. You WILL get ICS, just not from Samsung. So stop your complaining.

I doubt my Inspire 4G will be upgraded officially either, but the ICS rom for DHD runs great on it. Looks like its time for you guys with unrooted phones to join the club!

Forget samsung! Root and install a custom ROM! There's several to choose from! You can get GB, Honeycomb, or ICS! Your choice and no waiting!