Thorsten Heins

Our comrades CrackBerry Kevin and Android Central's own Richard Devine are in Amsterdam this week for BlackBerry's DevCon Europe, and once again new RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has brought up Android as he walked through the success of BlackBerry App World.

Now, you might have seen headlines already this morning that stated BlackBerry apps are more profitable -- that they make more money -- than Android or iOS apps in general. That's not quite what Heins said. Here's the the actual quote, taken from CrackBerry's video of the keynote. (And confirmed with RIM PR.)

BlackBerry is one of the most profitable platforms to work for. Very clearly, developers are making money on BlackBerry and PlayBook today. There is a study from Evans Data that show that 13 percent of all Blackberry developers made more than $100,000 from App World.

That is more than from any iPhone or Android application. And I think that speaks to the economic power of our platform. ... More than 2 billion applications have been downloaded from BB App World today. Every day, 6 million applications get downloaded from App World. That's a fantastic number.

So what Heins is saying is that BlackBerry has a higher percentage -- 13 percent -- of developers making more than $100,000, a higher percentage than iOS or Android developers. And that's a stat he's given before.

We have no doubt that the Android Market's doing a little better than BlackBerry's App World. In its Q4 2011 earnings call, Google announced that some 11 billion apps had been downloaded from the Android Market -- 1 billion of them coming in December alone. 

But on the other hand, there's ol' CrackBerry Kevin buying $500 clock widgets, so we can't help but wonder how skewed RIM's numbers might be. (We kid, we kid.)


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No, RIM's CEO didn't say BlackBerry apps are more profitable than Android or iOS


"but on the other hand, there's ol' CrackBerry Kevin buying $500 clock widgets, so we can't help but wonder how skewed RIM's numbers might be"


Way to rub salt in an old wound :) Love it

(No, not hating on Crackberry, just love how everyone is able to make fun of each other on Mobile Nations. Great community)

Also, don't forget that RIM is talking app sales exclusively. I'd guess more Android devs make their money on ads than the sale of the app itself. I don't recall ever having a free, ad-supported app on my BB 9630.

Yeah, this. Thirteen people out of a possible one hundred total developers would make that 13% true, but they'd only have 13 people making that much money. Percentages tell us nothing. How about actual stats with real numbers of developers and how many are getting reeeeotch?

Another slide in the Keynote said there are 6 million software developers in Europe. Note the words "app developers" weren't used but the general consensus is that in Europe and across Asia in particular the dev community is still thriving

Are they including Blackberry themes in the numbers? I do not know about you, but I consider a theme different from an app.

Kevin. let it go...blackberry is not on the same level as Android. Blackberry is good for one thing..EMAIL! thats it..for Enterprise...for texting, calls, web and apps...Android is King. Swallow the pill. if not i can bring you some kool aid.

Indeed they did. Then, they decided not to fight the arms race of faster processors, bigger/better displays, and faster data and stick with the old, slow, tried-and-true BB platform of the past and keep on cranking out the same phone over and over.

Blackberry phones are still nice... if you want a phone that's 2009 technology. My wife's Bold 9930 (she had to have a BB phone) is slow, always pops up a "wait" in the middle of the screen and leaves me twiddling my thumbs when I try to install anything for her, and would infuriate me if I had to use it for my phone. The browser stinks, the screen is tiny, and the OS is counter-intuitive. It was fine for my BB Tour in 2009, though.

RIM needs to get updated on what 2012's consumers expect in phones.

So, do tell Mr Heins, IF Blackberry App World is thriving as much as you would have the public believe, then why are you so desperately trying to get your devices to run android apps....?

After all, android is just a "crappy OS short term gain platform with no originality", amirite?

Only reason why Devs probly make more on BB is because there's no crack apps for BB.. unlike Android and IOS, about 70% of every app on the Android market and Apples App store has a crack version of it on the web

This fool drinks from the same Kool Aid pitcher that the previous fools did. The flavor is still Fools Gold.