Nexus 10 Chrome Racer

This is image that's been posted onto the Google I/O 2014 website, and has been making the rounds today as Google somehow being dumb enough to accidentally leak an unannounced product in an official production. Just take a moment to note the placement of the front-facing speakers, the volume rocker at the bottom corner, and the gentle curve of the sides. This is not a Nexus 8 or a next-generation Nexus 10. This is the Nexus 10 of 2012, running a Jelly Bean version of Android, playing the Chrome Racer game that was demoed at Google I/O 2013. Oh, and that image has been on the Google I/O 2014 website for over a month.

We're expecting many things at Google I/O 2014. A Nexus 10 running Jelly Bean is not one of them. Nothing to see here, move along.

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No, Google did not just leak their next tablet — this is an old Nexus 10


I did some custom work on it…it's actually faster than my Nexus 5. Go figure.

It was WAY ahead of its time. Still one of the highest respect displays around, still super fast (it was bogging down before XDA; no longer)—say that about the iPad 3. Speakers are still great, and so is the battery life. It's a solid device. Survived a bad tumble over wood and stone, too, with a couple small scratches.

Absolutely true! I am typing this on my Nexus 10, which is still rocking because of Paranoid Android :)
Even today, the only tablet I would pick over the Nexus 10 is the Xperia Z2 tablet. iPad can go eat the apple that is left.

I run my Nexus 10 with omnirom. I really have no reason to upgrade at the moment as nothing on the market fells like an upgrade.

Blistering speed, awesome screen, looks great. It seems Google may have done too gods of a job.

Same here! OmniRom with Franco Kernel. It's shocking how incredibly well it performs. I was legitimately surprised. There's no lags, thermal throttling is WAY more reasonable now, ART runs flawlessly.

It says something that the only tablet that may convince me to sell is a Surface Pro 3 (even though I'm going to wait for the 4). This thing is THAT good. I'm happy with my purchase, it was money well spent.

That's just Derek's style. He isn't mad, he just likes to paint in sarcasm. He's been like that since he started with PreCentral (later WebOS Nation). He was PreCentral's Andrew as where Dieter Bahn was PreCentral's version of Phil.

Stop teasing the kids Google,, they're delicate

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One might think after all these years and words I'd stop making stupid mistakes like omitting words from titles. One would think wrongly.

Trust me, even I've been confused on why it's a slow day. I'm in Canada so today isn't a holiday

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My gosh all those stupid websites just posting the same article after android spin posted it first. And its been on there the whole time!!!! Thank you guys for being the smart ones.

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Ya know what nonexus? for once in my lifetime,I actually agree with you.

Give the ac editors a raise already!

Posted by a tuba playing,nexus 5 and 7 carrying future hacker.

Let's not over-do it there....there are plenty of other sites who do this, and get far deeper into the story than AC editors do. I have yet to ever see a single tear-down of any apks to find features or potential future changes, etc.

Sorry, but AC is definitely not better than any other site...and neither are any other mobile nations subsidiaries. Good, yes....the best, absolutely not!!!

You miss the point then of what the site is. This is not ifixit. They are not looking for flaws in hardware. This is not snopes, where they are looking for misinformation, or software flaws.

They find the truth, and report it. They verify it and give you concrete evidence of what it is.

This is not a rumor site... Knock yourself out on the second rate sites

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Yeah, second-rate sites always get mentions in an app's code, written by Google....only the best of the best NEVER get mentioned, right??

BTW, no one's talking about hardware tear-downs, and no one's talking about software flaws, either. What I am talking about is an apk teardown to find when features are added, what features may be coming, etc, etc, etc....AC gets their news in these cases from other sites who do do that...but you go ahead and thing that AC is the best site because they get their news second-hand....just know you're wrong.

Actually, AC *has* been seen in Google promo shots. Not saying that is what makes a site "the best" but it does make you little rant a little silly. Always check your facts.

It's only being renamed...maybe slightly reworked from its current form. But it won't be killed off entirely. Why would anyone in their right mind start a program called android silver, but never have an android gold??? Anyone who thinks there will be absolutely no reference device, and developers will just have to play a guessing game as to which device(s) to buy for coding/testing, is completely out of their mind!!

I've had a Nexus 10 for about a year now, it's sitting right next to me, and I read the full headline before I saw the image. But even then I would've fallen for someone claiming this was a new device. We're not used to seeing it used horizontally and the angle of the shot makes the bezel and the front facing speakers less apparent.
Just thought I'd say that since you seem heavily annoyed at an easy to make mistake. (Though at the same time I can see how you would get your hopes up about a leak only to discover that people mistook an old device for a new one)

"We're expecting many things at Google I/O 2014. A Nexus 10 running Jelly Bean is not one of them."

...but you don't know for sure.