The Nexus S will be the first Android phone to ship with Gingerbread, and Google's put together a nice little video featuring the backstory of the device, as well as more on Gingerbread. It's a good look at the "pure Google" experience. Check it out. [Google Blog]


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The Nexus S backstory: Pure Google


Why would anyone get this over the mytouch 4g? Wow. I'm extremely disappointed. I was actually going to get this phone despite all the hate for Samsung if it had a dual core processor and front facing camera.

- Android 2.3 is better than 2.2
- 1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird) processor is better than Snapdragon
- PowerVR SGX540 is better than Adreno 205 GPU
- 4" SAMOLED 16.7 million colour screen is better than 3.8" LCD w\ 262 thousand colour screen
- They both take 5MP shots but Samsung's camera is better
- It has a front facing camera
- It has a Three-axis gyroscope compared to just an Accelerometer
- Android 2.3 adds cool stuff like near field communications and integrated VoIP and SIP technology.

It's an easy choice.

-You forgot that the MT4G will get updates and you can always install custom roms.

-The MT4G has a front facing camera.
-The MT4G has 4G!

Its the Hummingbird Whats not to like?

Sure no dual core but im sure the dual cores are going to be battery hogs...

and if your into the hacking and modding of ur phone this is def a must buy...

Im seriously thinking about this one

Dual cores are not battery hogs. They actually do double the work in half the time. You should listen to the Android Central podcast! Jerry might teach you a thing or two!

Jerry has never touched a dual core phone.

At least let one be released before you start the cult.

ok, so you are saying that your 3g/4g takes up less battery than edge because it does the work quicker? It is working double the effort to get the same thing out so it will taking up more battery. Please get educated

So spec wise, whats the difference between this and the Nexous one? I see the front facing cam, but what els? I was hoping for Super OMLD.

Seriously....I rather not of heard those rumors of this phone getting the dual core and grow anticipation for it. Only to learn that rumor was a joke and killed my interest for this phone a little bit.

So its the next galaxy S with gingerbread. Geez where's the innovation at with this. Needs to be cutting edge next gen hardware. Nice job.

Although the curved display is somewhat interesting, I wouldn't get this phone simply because it has no duo-core. I can always wait for gingerbread on my evo and watch this phone get surpassed @MWC by HTC

BTW Matias Duarte @ Google FTW!

Duo core, duo core okay it doesn't have it. Most of you had your hopes built up based on rumors and now your disappointed. Nowhere have I read that Google said this phone would be duo core. I wish it was 4G phone but it's still a Google Nexus phone!! Its going to be fast(Hummingbird processor) and have Google and Vanilla goodness all through out the phone. The only disappointmnt is the carrier it's coming out on. I will purchase one when available on other carriers. I refuse to go to T/Mobile.

BTFW!!! Where's FROYO for the other Galaxy S Samsung phones!!!..(samsung)bastards!

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but the new Google vids for gingerbread coming out all end with the Tv turning off effect. This was said to be included as a power off effect in Gingerbread.

So another Nexus failure is on the way? Yes the Nexus One was a failure, it was only sold online, had no tech support in the beginning and was on T-Mobile before an AT&T version came out. I have only seen one person with it.

This phone is the bastard child of lazy engineering, it's just a Samsung Vibrant that runs stock Android with a slightly curved screen and a front facing camera.

And yet again, it's going onto T-Mobile, a provider with piss poor coverage. I'm on Verizon, I'll just get the Fascinate. Just like how the Nexus One is the same thing as the Droid Incredible. This phone is going to be sitting next to it's twin at a store.

Why no 4G? That makes NO sense. If this is a dev phone, it must be leading edge. Granted it has some cool stuff but with Dual Core just around the corner promising better battery life and speed and "4G" here now, this is lacking in big ways.

I will consider this phone if a. It comes to Verizon b. Keeps stock Android with little bloat ware c. If it has 3G and LTE radios in it. Based on VZW track record, none of this will happen.

Any chance they commented why the thing doesn't have an SD card slot? (At work, blocked.) I mean seriously. Most retarded move ever.

I think some people need to learn about dual core, before making an ass of themselves. Dual core improves battery life. Do your research!

AndroidAndMe says there's still a dual-core version coming out, but just not until the other dual-core phones come out! if anything, i might sell my N1, buy this, then sell it when/if the dual-core version releases!