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Not exactly the news a lot of you were hoping for. But when July 11 came and went and the unofficially official GRJ90 update (bugfixes, mostly) to the Sprint Nexus S 4G didn't happen, a lot of people were left wondering. Looks like it's definitely missed its scheduled update release, if the above screen shot is any indication.

Then there's the Samsung Transform (see our review), which has had its EF09 update show for a few people over the last week or so. But that update's been pulled, as the "update was failing." And nobody like that to happen.

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Nexus S 4G update (obviously) delayed; Samsung Transform EF09 update pulled


Haha, so glad that i dumped the NS4G for the EVO 3D...I mean come on, they are now about to be going on 3 months without an update...what ever happened to getting the updates before anyone else? Pure Google is trash, maybe they should take some lessons from HTC on how to do updates the right way...

Hmm according to pure Google is trash. Get back to me when you get Ice Cream Sandwich, oh wait I'll get it first on my Nexus S 4G.
Happy Trolling. :)

I hate to brake it you , if a new Nexus came out , you gonna have to wait just like everybody else
Do you know that the Desire HD got Gingerbread before the Nexus one (officially)

"Happy Trolling :)"

The EVO 3D doesn't even have 2.3.4, this update is supposedly 2.3.5. Have fun waiting and waiting and waiting to be up to date with versions of Android that I've had for months.

Isn't 2.3.5. A bugfix for NS4G only ? To fix all the connection issus that the NS4G is suffering from ?
Last time I checked the NS4G is the only one suffering & have bad connections (WiFi , 3G & 4G)

"Have fun" waiting for a fix that other phones doesn't need

Maybe you should check a bit more. The 3d forums are flooded with people having signal problems, and misaligned screens, and speaker issues, etc. All phones have some issues that need to be worked out. The signal issues in the NS4G are not as wide spread as some forum posts make them seem. Maybe I should follow your train of thought and think that all 3d's have signal issue because there are a few posts in a message board. Oh, yeah, wait a minute, I'm not an idiot. Go away troll

Im not trolling , Im just saying because from what I reed (In allot of websites , not just in AC forms) , they made it sound like the iPhone 4 & the Sensation (You know "Death Grip" or "antenna gate")

I don't have a 3D , never had , never will , even if I wanted to (which I don't) its CDMA phone

I apologize if insulted you or anything , I just happened to be in a bad mode at the time I replyed to the comment

Sorry ice dree........no problems this way! im having no problems with my NEXUS S 4G i would care if they sent it out or not!

I have the Evo3D and the NS4G the comment you made sounds like it came from a moron (must be a noob) HTC and there locked bootloader situation The Evo3D is running 2.3.3 while were running 2.3.4 which isn't much but its still the newest. Oh and no 2 month bootloader shit oh and this device will be running ICS before any other android devices except the N3 get your facts straight

Were we promised an update 3 months ago? Because umm... the NS4G was just released TWO months ago. HTC does updates better than Google!? You're funny. While NS4G owners will get ICS around the time the new Nexus is released this fall (may get that anyways), have fun envying us until mid 2012. Lack of NFC and all.

Okay troll, first, the update was never officially announced, therefore it is not actually delayed. The NS4G has been out 2months, and HTC updates are less than perfect.

Couldn't agree with you more
The OG Milestone is the last Pure Google phone I'll ever get

The Hardware advantage is better than the Software advantage
You can always port the lastest Software version (gingerbread) to the older phones , but you can't add More RAM or a better CPU to the Nexus S

Personlly I rather have a strong Hardware than the latest version

I can wait a few more days. Better than the months others have to wait for even older versions.

No trolling here, just speaking the truth...Google can't even release their own updates, plus I'm sure one of these great devs we have will have a rooted version of ics if you ever get yalls...

BTW, I get great reception on my 3D...

I had all 3 phones at once the EVO 4G, EVO 3D, and Nexus S 4G. Guess what I did sold both Evo's. Pure google beat all these phones. I did so many test. Even with a dual core processor the 3D didnt blow the Nexus away...the test were too close. Can you video chat through Google voice on your 3D...nope. Do almost ALL apps work on your 3D...nope. But its all good though cause all phones have their pros and cons

C'mon dood one love we are ll Android peeps.

Again, troll, ICS will be on the NS4G long before you see it on your 3d. Fact.

Btw, I, and many others, have no reception problems. The 3d forums are filled with more people complaining about reception than the NS4G forums. Just because there is a vocal minority doesn't mean there is a wide spread problem. I get better reception than I did with my EVO.

What is wrong with Samsung! Did they test the update on a phone before releasing it? This seems to be happening a lot lately with updates from phone manufacturers. The problem with software not being tested sufficiently before release is becoming an epidemic among device manufacturers.

Wow alot of uninformed hate going on here, oh well a few more days won't hurt. Also sprint had a major outage yesterday most likely the cause for the delay

I left the NS4G for the Epic and dont regret it. Once you know how to root you will always get the latest as long as Google releases the source code. Now I do have to say that Google dropped the ball big time by going with Sammy on this Nexus, and to make things worse- the Nexus 3 will be Samsung-ouch! Come on Google, I love my Epic but Samsung doesnt make great built hardware like HTC or Motorola! Anyways just waiting on the Galaxy 2 to be released this month for Sprint. Yep its coming.

I've been saying this a lot lately, but why is there so much love for HTC hardware on Sprint. The EVO was all plastic, so is the 3s. The EVO had light bleed problems, screen seperation, cracked plastic all around the body for no reason, and a flimsy battery door. I loved my EVO, but the NS4G is a more solidly built device. I would like soft touch plastic on the battery door, but that's my only complaint.

I wish HTC would bring some of their well built hardware, like the Nexus One, to Sprint. I would buy it. Until then, they are just another manufacturer of plastic phones. And ones shaped like bricks at that.

Had the nexus. S 4g the day it came out. Had not had any of the "signal issues " that they needed the update. Untilled June 10. To all you haters out there. The best thing about android is it comes in so many flavors. Each personnel will like their own. (Nexus, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motor) I love the nexus experience, I would not have left Sprint for iPhone but if they stop getting nexus phones I will.

I couldn't agree more. HTC fan's are screwed up in head or are so delusional thinking that more weight = better quality yet there are a boat load of hardware issue for HTC. I'm not even talking about components failing but on how lousy their phones are put together. Like dust getting under the screen, the screen not being perfectly straight. That build quality would not fly with samsung.

All the bashing of the Nexus S 46 and other Android smartphones (mine's better than yours, nyah, nyah, nyah) is better suited for an elementary school playground. People do love to show their true selves and mentality while hiding behind a keyboard. Oh, well. As a former EVO owner who switched to the Nexus S 4g, I love both phones. I switched primarily because of the more elegant (and slightly smaller) form factor of the Nexus and its beautiful screen. Oh, and also the fact that it has no Sprint bloatware and gets Google updates before any other phone.
I've had just a tiny bit of the reception issues on my Nexus but nothing major. And now I have this update to look forward to, just as I looked forward to updates when I had my Evo.

The Nexus S 4G update has not been pulled due to a problem with the update. Everybody, please make sure you get your facts straight. The update was delayed due to Sprint's network outage. Unlike HTC phones, with Android 2.3.5 both PRL and profile updates can be pushed to the Nexus S by Sprint automatically, just like GSM and TDMA phones have done since the beginning. With HTC phones you still have to periodically check for updates manually. This fact right here means that the Android 2.3.5 update has major benefits for every single Android phone in existence, as long as it's capable of running Gingerbread.