Nexus 7 HSPA+

While everyone was busy trying to see if they actually bought a Nexus 4, the newest version of the Nexus 7 has sold out as well. The Nexus 7 with 32GB of storage and HSPA+ connectivity held on for a whole 36 hours longer than the Nexus 4 and 16GB Nexus 10 did, but is finally no longer for sale. The 16 and 32GB Wifi models are still available, however.

Looks like people do want mobile data enabled tablets after all. Hopefully they'll be back in stock soon enough along with the Nexus 4 and 10.

Source: Google Play

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google123 says:

Dammitt Google! Stop announcing excellent devices with even better price points and then only making like 20 of each! I mean, damn!

ballua says:

I do not think so, buddy.
The demand that crack down Google's server must be HUGE. They sold a REASONABLE amount, I guess.

nkd says:

Very true, it looks like they had only may be 100k phones in stock. They should have made a few million of those damn things on launch day, for the way they priced it.

Raikon says:

Google being pessimist. Many were left disappointed about their unsuccessful Nexus 4 order.

chins22 says:

Still waiting for the next wave of N4 16GB in UK :\

Glad I jumped on one as early as I did. For a while there, I actually thought about putting it off, since it didn't look like this was a hot seller.

campy614 says:

Ok, I have a very very dumb queston. I think I know the answer already, but I want to confirm.

Would I be able to get 3/4G on T-Mobile with the Nexus 7 3G model?

campy614 says:

Nevermind. I answered my own question.

Just to clarify for everyone else:

Yes, this has the bands to operate at HSPA+ 21mbps on both T-Mobile and AT&T :) .

And right before Christmas? Gah!

montgoss says:

I grabbed my launch day. Should be delivered tomorrow! :-)

Stychill says:

lol, this was expected, excellent specs for an excellent price, i just wish i could get my hands on one