Nexus 7 on Google

Ah, the big guns. Google today has put the Nexus 7 tablet square in the middle of its homepage. That's a page that gets a wee mount of traffic, as you can imagine. It's also a page that, aside from the infamous Google Doodles, doesn't often get clunked up with anything that might distract from Google's true sole purpose -- search. (You'll recall that the number of words on the page traditionally is limited to 28.)

But there it is. "The playground is open," Google says. And the Nexus 7 (read our full review, by the way) is suddenly in front of a lot more eyeballs.

Now some will argue that's a sign that the Nexus 7 isn't selling well. That's certainly a possibility. But then again, we have no idea what Google's sales projections are. Others will argue that it's Google promoting its products where it can. And there's precedent for this -- the original Nexus One got some homepage love as well. Hell, so did the original Motorola Droid. This has happened before, and it will all happen again. Still, this is a strategy Google doesn't use all that often. And not everybody's happy about it

As for us? It's a good thing. The more eyes on the Nexus 7, the better. End of line.

Source: Google; thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Nexus 7 gets a little Google homepage love


Yup and they should keep it for at least a month!! The bad thing is Google only keep it for 1 day.

Given that it's the number one visited website in the world (although how much time people spend just on the homepage is another thing entirely) it certainly is a HUGE play at getting sales up. The N7 just went from a geek toy to a household name.

It's the only advertisement on the homepage of the most popular web domain in the world, if that doesn't increase sales, nothing will.

does anyone realize that if you drag the nexus 7 around it gives you options to open tabs? 3 x 3 x 3? or am i crazy

You can drag any link (in this case the Nexus is just an image link animated with some css wizardry) to the tab bar and open it in a new tab (in just about all the browsers). Try it!

Whether or not you're crazy is best left to a medical professional.

The nexus 7 is definitely selling well. I work at a Staples and we sell out of them pretty much the same day we get them in.

Rumor that Apple just filed suit since the Nexus does a bounce when it pops up from the we go again.

I know three non tech people who bought N7s this week alone. And a few more that have demanded to see mine and will be buying one (or two) soon. Apple had great advertising and word of mouth. Google is finally flexing it's most popular what of getting the word of the N7 out. About time.

When I went to the movies this weekend, I saw their commercial on the big screen for the N7.
I'm also proud owner of a N7.

I went to the movies last Thursday to see the Dark Knight Rises and saw the commercial in the opening credits as well. Funny thing is I was actually using my Nexus 7 when it came on.