Nexus 7 Folio

New colors of Nexus 7 Sleeve, Nexus 7 Case now shipping as well

Just when you thought two new devices and a white version of the Nexus 7 was enough Google Play news for one day, Google has just made available new Nexus 7 cases as well. The Folio case is designed for just the Nexus 7 (2013), and offers an open-back bumper style along with a dual-fold cover on top. Just like many other cases of the style, the screen cover can fold up on the side to prop up your tablet at one of two angles. Buying the Folio will set you back $49.99 plus shipping, which ranges from $3.99 for 5-10 day to $15.99 for overnight. 

Google has also begun selling two new colors of the previously-released Nexus 7 Sleeve (which works with both Nexus 7 generations), yellow and grey — both will set you back $29.99, and are a pretty solid value even at that price. Additionally, the hardcover Nexus 7 Case is also now for sale in white/red, grey/blue and grey/red color combos for $49.99 as well.

You can pick up the new Folio at the Play Store link above, and the new colors of the previously announced cases at the links below.

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samxool says:

First! HAha losers, I beat you all.
Better luck next time

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You are just the worst kind of person.



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John Does1 says:

This design is a complete rip-off of the Apple Smart Cover. It is exactly the same thing! WTF??

You do realise that Apple didn't come up with that design, right? They bought/copied it from someone else.

TheLegoman says:

You're the loser. Technically you didn't beat everyone. Think of the people who read this article seconds before you did. You posted first, but you post was not useful. Therefore you lost.

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We are losers yet, you are constantly in the forums waiting for a new article to post so you can say first? I'm sorry I don't follow.

WolfpacDAR says:

^^ This, haha... lolzz @ the trollz

Looks like this has the wake lock feature too. I still wish the other Nexus 7 case they offered had that feature, otherwise I'd buy one. Think I'll stick with my Poetic Slimline for the time being.

Where does it say it has wakelock? I don't see that on the product page.

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Specifically notes on the page it wakes and sleeps with the cover movement.

With the convenient wake-up feature, Nexus 7 wakes and sleeps when you open and close the cover

It looks like it is quality made, but really looks like it adds quite a bit of girth. Similar design as the Nexus 5 official bumper, which is a bit bulky as well.

Ry says:

Looks nice.


Yes, it does. But, I have a hard time seriously considering or recommending this case, when I only paid 10 dollars (with free shipping) for my Poetic Slim Case.

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romdude says:

Yup, plus for $79 you could have gotten a nook HD during Black Friday. My bro bought one even though they already have a higher spec amazon tablet.

I'd have been interested if I didn't get the sleeve already.

dcviper says:

I want one for my Nexus 10...

C. Scyphers says:

Does anyone know if this case interferes with the Qi wireless charging platform?

Most cases don't interfere, so I wouldn't expect issues with charging. I have the Poetic Graphgrip which is pretty thick and it still charges.

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The case doesn't have a back, so it should have any negative impact at all.

davinwv says:

Did anyone notice that the main product photo for this folio case shows the Nexus 7 running the Nexus 5 launcher with the transparent menu and status bars? The odd thing is that the photo showing the folio and device in landscape orientation does not have the transparency.

Impulses says:

First one is clearly a render, the proportions even look off.

Also the front texture is that of the sleeve, not the folio case even though it is the folio case in the picture.

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1ll1TERAT3 says:

Just ordered it in red! It looks amazing

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kgh00007 says:

Still can't beat the Poetic Slim case for ten bucks!

n-abler says:

Tryin' again!

WinFan1 says:

Hey does anyone know if a nexus 7 is a good tablet for a gift?

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As a Nexus 7 user, I say it is. For the price, you definitely get your money's worth. And, if you buy it from Amazon, you get some Google Play credit.

Or, if you buy it from Google along with a Chromecast, you also get some Google Play credit.

Be sure to play around with one in-store, before you buy.

Either way, it is worth the money. Whoever you're buying it for (if you decide to) is one lucky person!!

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Cubfan says:

$49 plus tax and sky-high shipping... When did Google become Apple?

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JR A says:


It is pretty over priced in my opinion. It's a no-frills screen cover that doesn't offer any protection against drops to the rest of the tablet.

Things like this shouldn't be called cases, rather they be called "screen covers".

And $49 plus tax and shipping?

I'll shop Amazon/eBay aka Hong Kong accessories for cheap.



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corndog22cl says:


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travaz says:

Amen 50 bucks plus shipping. The nexus 7 was 199 on Black Friday so this case is 25%of the cost of the tablet Plus shipping. The rent is to damn hi!

John Does1 says:

When they decided to rip-off the exact same design from the Apple Smart cover... even the wake/sleep function is a rip-off. Disappointing to say the least.

That looks like GEL to me.

I thought the only device with transparent nav var and notifications was the nexus 5

danielsjt says:

I have one of these for sale on eBay -- bought a few too many, great simple case.