Nexus 7 dock

If you're looking to get your hands on the elusive official dock for the Nexus 7, it's now finally listed in Google Play for $29.99. Google has thus far set a limit of two per person.

The dock, which charges the tablet via the pogo pins as well as serves as an audio output via a 3.5mm jack, runs $29.99. You can read our complete review of it here.

Google's currently listing it with a 1- to 2-week shipping time, which generally means there's a better than average chance you'll actually get it sooner than that. (We're currently seeing an anticipated shipping date of March 17, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense, being a Sunday and all.)

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Nexus 7 dock finally in the Google Play Store


LOL. A colleague said that his Google-bumpered N4 slid slowly down over an hour or two on the "orb." Guess those custom covers and back shells actually do have a purpose (other than looks).

good to hear that nothing worse than a dock that is not very good at doing it's job.. I had a cheap one before that never worked great hopefully I will love this one!

I ordered one at 5:26 Eastern Time (March 6), and this morning I got my shipping notification. That was a surprise!

That's ridiculous. If the Nexus 7 really gets a successor in May at IO, the dock will be available for about 2 months. Something that should be available as soon as the initial product launches and not 9 months(!) later. Either Google really can't handle anything that has to do with physical products or their way of handling things like this is pretty much wrong.

At least that's overseas. It's $16.99 shipping and $4.49 tax to Canada. I'm seriously pissed. I've wanted a dock since I got the tablet and if it had come out like it *should* have months ago I'd have been in the States and paid half the extra fees.

It's playing peek-a-boo on the Play Store (happy birthday, by the way; meh), on the Nexus 7 pages under Accessories. Now I see it, now I don't.

I'm tempted, but frankly $30 for a piece of plastic and a few wires is pretty steep. I bought the Nexus 4 "orb" charger because it came with an 1800Ma charger and cord for it ... increasing versatility. But for the N7, an Elago P2 stand is as good or better for holding the pad and letting you use the charger of your own choice. (EDIT) According to Phil's review, this does NOT provide any "docking" capabability to a computer or other device. :(

Add to that, use of Google Play store credit (of which I've got $50 due to the N7 promo, and a Christmas gift card) is an "unsupported payment method" for the hardware. Bite me Google, I'm not buying credit for your store only to be told the credit isn't usable for any purchase. (Yes, you can read the fine print, but you'll have to search hard to actually FIND the fine print that specifies that you can't buy devices or accessories with the credit. Go 'head, find it if you can.)

I'll wait for these to show up used, refurb'ed, or just marked down to a more reasonable level of VFM.

Imagine the potential if Google and Play had the funding and supply side organisation of Apple.

Naturally, a change that drastic would take a LOT more commitment from Google and probably drive up prices by 15%. But even so . . . Imagine the Nexus-7 and Nexus-4 regularly outselling the iPad and iPhone.

Drive prices UP 15%? I would guess down, as they'd sell many, many more items. And I don't think Google would be as greedy as Apple in their MSRP markup.

I just think a more robust supply chain will cost more, but deliver better sales in the long term. Is that unreasonable?

A "more robust supply chain" doesn't necessarily mean cost is passed on to the consumer. Economies of scale indicate that a meager profit margin multiplied over many more unit sales provides funding for a reliable supply chain.


And bought one :) Just been waiting for a trustworthy retailer. Despite Google's service issues, I know they're not going to just straight shaft people.

The dock does look nice and recently ive been thinking about buying one, however for what it is. I think it's quite expensive! maybe theirs a cheaper version available?

$50 when I click the link above. ###### over in Australia again. At current exchange rates based on the US price it *should* be $28.88
May want to update your article to reflect it's US prices.