Nexus 4

The best deal in smart phones just got better, but why is the price dropping?

Update: The official Google Play Twitter account has just confirmed the "25% off or more" sale for the Nexus 4 is active in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Korea, US and UK.

Original story: When Google put the Nexus 4 up for sale at an unlocked price of $299 or $349 at launch, everyone knew it was an amazing price for what you were getting. Well as we come around on a year since that date, Google has just dropped those prices by $100 to $199 for 8GB or $249 for 16GB — still fully unlocked and available direct from Google Play. For our U.K. readers, the price has also dropped to £159 and £199.

That's a pretty ridiculous price considering you're getting a fantastic device unlocked for the same as what you'd pay on-contract for other phones at a carrier store. We're not entirely sure why Google has decided to drop the prices, but you may want to snatch one up now if you've been looking to get yourself a Nexus on the cheap.

If you happen to have purchased a Nexus 4 in the last 15 days, Google Play extends "price protection" to refund you the difference. Head to the Google Play Support source link below to file a claim if you fall into this category.

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Nexus 4 price drops by $100 on Google Play to $199 or $249 [Updated]


Prepping for Nexus 5 and getting rid of stock? Pretty awesome regardless.

Posted via my awesome rooted Nexus 4 and Android Central App)

"Prepping for Nexus 5 and getting rid of stock?"

Sure seems like it.

Does anyone remember if previous Nexus phones were available immediately after new models were released? I'm in the market for a new phone, and would love to see what the Nexus 5 brings to the table. After the Moto X, though, I'm worried the Nexus 5 will sport a similar $600+ price tag. Also, the rumors of a 5+ inch screen would rule it out for me.

I'm wondering if I can wait until the Nexus 5 is announced and then pick up a 4 if the price is an issue, but I'm worried the 4 will be pulled from the Play store as soon as the 5 is announced.

If I remember correctly, they pulled the Galaxy Nexus from Google Play right after the announcement of the Nexus 4.

Yeah, and most likely, Google ended up with a lot of Galaxy Nexus stock that they had to get rid of. So, it only makes sense for them to drop the price on the Nexus 4.

Yea, I'm really leaning towards picking up one of these. When even a flagship phone is surpassed within 3-4 months time, why even try to keep up?

I paid nothing for my Fascinate (Best Buy Free Phone Friday deal), and a year later, Verizon replaced it with an Incredible 2 for free after all the problems it had. Picking up a Nexus 4 for $200 would continue my track record of scoring decent phones for little to no cost. Been planning on ditching Verizon for some time, and maybe now's the time.

Yeah, I say, check out the coverage maps of both AT&T and T-Mobile, for your area. If either works, you should definitely buy one and switch. I switched, back in November of last year; have not regretted it since. The freedom of being off contract is simply amazing. No ETFs hovering over your head, for starters.

You could also look to see if anybody's looking to unload an Optimus G on craigslist or something. They're practically the same phone but the LGOG has hardware buttons, LTE and SD card support.

The Dev community is getting pretty quick at porting anything for the Nexus 4 to the LGOG, as its internals are nearly identical.

Just food for thought.

It's still basically as good as any of the flagships out there too. It stutters very few and far between.

As a matter of fact - they gave all employees in Mountain View got a GNex for Christmas last year courtesy of Google.

My S4 is 5in and it's easier to handle than my nexus 4. A bit thinner and a bit longer. If the Nexus 5 has a similar foot print, you wouldn't mind a 5 in screen one bit. Now, the Moto X is smaller. They packed that screen tight.

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Ugh, yea, I just checked and the Nexus 4 is 5.25 inches tall. That's really larger than I had wanted. I just can't stand enormous phones.

Thank you for correcting me on an entirely subjective topic. How foolish I was to have my own opinion.

See, if I say an arbitrary size is enormous, it's implied that that is my opinion - that I *personally* find it to be enormous. To me, 5.25 inches is bordering on enormous for a cell phone, and I would prefer something smaller.

Are you seriously going to tell me that my preference for a smaller device is wrong?

I probably will. I'd prefer a smaller phone, but I just can't bring myself to pay retail for anything else out there. If I have to get used to a larger phone, I suppose it's a small price to pay to get the specs of the Nexus 4 for $200-$250.

Coming from the Nexus S, it definitely took a couple days to get used to the larger screen on the Nexus 4. Once you get used to it you can easily use it one handed and the added screen real estate is unbeatable. You will not want to go smaller. The Nexus S feels silly now.

I went from an OG EVO to an EVO 3D and then an EVO LTE (One X's cousin) and didn't mind the size increase, chiefly because the EVO LTE was so much more svelte... And I've got pretty long fingers. However, having handled the Moto X in store, I can definitely say I'd prefer the latter's slightly more compact build. It's the first semi top tier phone with on screen buttons I've seen that finally delivered on the promise of a smaller body with very narrow bezels and it makes a huge difference IMO (even though it doesn't look it from the numbers).

I've got a TPU case on my phone, and the slight bezel I see between the display and where the case starts is just about all you see in the Moto X with no case, so much so that I think typical TPU cases would be intrusive on the sides. Luckily it seems pretty durable and scratch proof (and it has a recessed camera and very slight front lip on the top/bottom that lift the screen if screen down), it's one of the few phones I'd feel confident using without a case.

The height is also more to my liking, the EVO LTE's notification bar has always been a wee bit of a reach... That's even more subjective too and comes down to hand size plus how you hold the phone (I tend to favor the bottom since I write constantly). It doesn't really take long to evaluate this kinda thing to see if it suits you,.ordering something that's not what you want just to see if you get used to it seems silly IMO.

I agree, that was a stupid comment. However, once you begin using the phone, you will get used to the size. I came from a Samsung Focus Flash which had a 3.7" screen, to a Galaxy S4 with the 5" screen. At first I didn't think I was going to be able to keep the phone because it seemed way too bulky. After a couple weeks I didn't even notice it anymore.

I went from a Galaxy S2 (4.3) to Galaxy S4 (5.0) fearing for the extra size and didn't impact me at all in the end. I even handle it better (didn't drop it yet as with the S2) and might be because of its design. What I'm having issues with is the small space it has between screen and borders. Sometimes it's not easy to handle the touchscreen.

"What I'm having issues with is the small space it has between screen and borders"

Ya gotta love that!! People have been railing against bezels - "OMG, look at that bezel!! Wowwa, that bezel is huge. Ugh, that bezel is terrible" only to find that thin bezels cause useageproblems.

Kinda like all the criticism of contracts - "Gotta get rid of contracts. Contracts are evil. I wish carriers would end the contracts..." And of course, they did. But they failed to also drop their rates, so now we're paying the same as before for our service AND buying devices outright.

Sometimes, people need to watch what they wish for.

Yeah that just forced an impulse buy. I pick up the $250 model.

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Praying for it to be on Verizon, then it will be christmas for me.

Budda!Zeus! God!one of you guys help me! Satan, You Owe Me!!

Nope, GSM only, no CDMA. I am on Sprint now and my contract is up in January. I am so tempted to buy one and just pay the ETF and head over to T-Mobile...

or do what I did. get the Nexus and use T-Mo's $30 plan in addition to your sprint phone. I only use my Epic 4g touch for phone calls and music

Well, speculation is that the Nexus 5 will be announced in October, similar to last year. So, as we're about to enter September would be smart to clear out old inventory so that it's not wasted. Even without LTE, $249.99 even just as a backup phone is a great price. I might just bite.

You can't go too far wrong with a Nexus phone and at these prices I may just get one or two more for the kids and educate them on the ways of Android

I agree. I was going to grab the Moto X. But, after seeing this, it only makes sense to jump on it. I was going to wait for the announcement of the Nexus 5, then buy a Nexus 4 for cheap. But, now, I can order the Nexus 4 and get it a lot sooner. GOD is Good.

Holy balls, that's an amazing deal...just waiting for pay day, then I'll be getting one! Heck at that price I should get 2

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We aren't questioning that you really got 349 for it. I got 375 for my nexus 4 8Gb back in January when they still were hard to come by but now I was just shocked someone paid that but more power to you :)

I just ordered one on Saturday it worth calling and asking for a credit? Keep in mind its my second n4...first one cracked rear glass...had it fixed via the screen I said screw it ordered a new one...and i use the oem bumper...I'm pissed right now...

Contact Google and see what they say. As long as that 15 price protection window is available, it doesn't hurt to ask.

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I think it might be a combination of the next Nexus phone being around the corner (still thinking November here) and Google passing on the manufacturing savings along to the consumers?

Lowering the price even more does help Google with their original goal of getting these devices into as many hands as possible and with this price drop, even more are willing to buy in. Sure it's not the latest/fastest but for many, the Nexus 4 is still a very capable device. I love my Nexus 4 personally and was the second batch in Canada to get the device when it was first sold.

It was never Google's goal to get Nexus devices into as many hands as possible...unless you're talking developers hands.

Damn it! I just renewed my contract and got a Optimus G. Though I'll probably get one now anyways I upgraded from an aging Nexus S and I miss straight up Android.

That was dumb. The G2 was just announced and you can find Ones and S4s for sort cheap on contract everywhere.

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Seeing how the Nexus 7 (2013) has a LTE version, I would be surprised if the Nexus 4 (2013) would not come with LTE.

I think that's what Google will do -- improve the Nexus 4 -- not eliminate it. I don't believe all the speculation about a Nexus 5 (limited market for huge phones). If they do make a N5 it will be in addition to the improved N4.

Not officially. Can't speak for AT&T as I'm on TMO. On HSPA+ I was getting around 6-8 down and about 2 up. TMO recently announced they'd completed their LTE build-out in the Atlanta area. Just for grins I did more frequent speed tests to see if there would be any change, not really expecting any. However, now, I'm routinely getting 12-14 down, no real change on upload.

So, methinks there is something in the factory radio that is LTE friendly. I know officially they're not certified for LTE radio and software update theoretically removed the hack where you could enable the LTE.

I think it is just a less congested network which is increasing the speeds of the hspa signal.

Posted via Android Central App

You are correct, it does not support ATT LTE. However, people have been able to get it working on LTE in certain areas where that specific older band of LTE is still up and running. It is a very long process of getting it to actually work on your phone and honestly I don't see the worth in it. I own one, am in a big market, and the older radio that is used to get LTE on it is no longer supported in my area. So officially supported, no. I really hope they can get LTE in their newer model. I would love to keep this phone as a back up.

I guess TMO uses the band in my area. I get much faster speeds on it (10-13 down, 3-5 up on H+ versus 30-33 down, 9-13 up on LTE. Both scenarios are with full bars).

Gotta get rid of them somehow. That is not a knock nor a dig, just an honest assessment. At that price for the 8GB it would be worth it just to have.

I also see this as another cause and effect of Googles lack of supply chain management. They underestimated to start with, then over compensated to make up for it. Could also be that LG wanted to get rid of the components and free up the machinery for something else, more than likely the N5.

I don't care what side of the Nexus fence you sit on. Or what side of the "removable battery and SD card slot" you are on. $200 for a quad core unlocked phone running the latest version of android is just crazy. GTFO


Given that insane price drop, I wonder if Google's getting out of the direct sales business rather than introducing a new model.

No they have been selling more and more devices...They need to make room. They won't be able to sell any of these when the new Nexus comes out...Apparently sooner than later!

I ordered a Nexus 4 on Aug 22 and just received it today. I called Google Play support and the very pleasant representative got me set up with a $100 credit on my credit card I payed with!


I called the customer support, and the person submitted some request to a department that will look at my case! Was that the same process or was your refund credited to you immediately?

here's part of an email i got back from Google

"Google Play has refunded $100.00 to your Visa-5591. Please note that it may take several days for the refund to appear on your billing statement."

Maybe they dropped the price so the Moto X can come I'm at $349-$399? A guy can only hope, right?

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Yeah, because obviously that's so far out of left field that it'd have to be related to heavy drug use. When the X comes out on the GPS here soon, we'll come back to this.

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Why would Google prices cause The Motorola phones to drop in price?

Oh yeah Google owns Motorola.

SO WHAT THEY ARE DIFFERENT COMPANIES!!! Samsung is not going to give a crap about the sale. Either will HTC. Neither will Sony. The GPe editions will not go down either I would gather.

Everyone needs to get things right. Google owns Motorola, but it is still a separate company.


First it is a guess on the component parts costs
second there are tons of other costs that you have not included
lastly, a pair of Air Jordans costs $40 to make, generically arrives to the store at $100 and $200 to buy (it is called keystoning). There is a little thing called profit. Companies like that kinda thing

I was riding on a plane next to a guy that said he worked for Nike. He said that the total material cost for the Air Jodans was $2.00. I kind of believe him but he might have been full of it.

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I have been looking at getting a Nexus 4 on Net10 to replace my sad Virgin Mobile HTC One V, now I am really tempted...

Posted via Android Central App

I want to do the same. But I have a HTC Wildfire S on VM.

Posted from the old Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

Yes the next Nexus should support LTE...tho HSPA+ 42 on T-Mo is plenty fast and it supports that. These are being dumped to get rid of them. They can't make them for this price...Its a Firesale!!

Well that sucks.....I just ordered a new one on Saturday. Any chance if I contacted them they would honor the $249 price?

Making way for the new Nexus 4 (2013)...I might get a second one as mine has a crushed back glass, and sell my old one on eBay for $200...lots of dumb people that would try to buy it. :)

I have an old Gnex that is showing it's age. Slow, crashing, I really want to hold out, but I think maybe it might now be worth jumpimg the gun and getting a N4, for this price, I could not really lose.

At 9pm, you're still sober enough, to tell the difference between a "4" and a "9".

At 4am, you're so damn plastered, the "4" is the "9"!!! Is that where you were going with that?

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Nexus 5 on the way or not, if Google sold stuff in my country I would be placing an order this minute. Sadly they don't.

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Well, great. I just bought a used one with a nicked corner for $200 and thought I did well. I assumed that if I didn't want to keep it I could at least get my money back out of it.

Oh well.

Wow those prices are outstanding! This only means that the next Nexus is on the horizon. Let's go!

Huh, I had JUST got one for my wife the other day from Amazon (with Prime the cost+shipping was about the same as google but for 2 day shipping instead of 3-5). We just printed a return label for the amazon one and purchased one from google play. Great deal!

Got myself a backup bot that's not outdated like my other backup bot!

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This just screams that a new Nexus is coming. Now a new Nexus 5 or an N4 with a 600 quad and LTE would be nice. I do think that a well priced Moto X on the Play Store could be a possibility to.

The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting.

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Omg those specs are so outdated . Why buy such a outdated tech.

Posted via Android Central App

Outdated? In what way, do you mean they are not the latest specs in which case you are correct but as it has the latest OS out of the box, while all other devices from all other manufacturers don't, we appear to have a dilemma.

Do I go for a highly specced phone with an older OS for upto 3 times the price or do I go for a more than capable device which is first to receive updates and in real use terms more than adequate.

You have made your choice others have made theirs. Now Google hurry up and take my money
(PS I returned/sold the HTC One and S4 I had as neither offered significant gains for my needs over my existing N4, to warrant the extra cost plus were, at times slower and laggier, in use)

Wonder how long they'll make this last. Great deal but I'd still be patient. Love my N4 but would I buy again in the current smartphone landscape? Even at this price? Probably not. I'd either get the Moto X, HTC One, or wait for the N5.

LTE and a better camera experience are the main difference makers to me at this point now that T-Mobile has LTE and smartphone cameras are pushing the envelope.

Posted via Android Central App

i don't have any personal experience with the X, but per all (iirc) reviews i've read, the X's camera leaves a lot to be desired. just sayin'.

Wow, really glad I sold mine yesterday instead of waiting for this weekend...

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damn i posted a youtube link and this site flagged it as spam and wouldn't let me post. BUT what's worse as a result it DELETED my last two kosher prior posts. vicious and ruthless! no i'm not retyping them. so for every post this bitch software thinks is spam - it will retro delete a prior post! what kind of BS is this? shoot twice first and ask questions later? and what's with the disappearing reappearing disappearing reappearing EDIT button? or are you just F'ing with me?

I am so glad I bought a new one the other day instead of used!

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The 16GB version is no longer available....

Never mind... I guess each Google account is limited to 2 orders...

Somebody know how much it's the total cost? With shipping and tax? I live in Mexico, I want to know so I can order one RIGHT NOW!

Haha yeah, I thought choosing two-day shipping to Wisconsin would be an extra $10, but it was only $4 more.

Mine was $278.91...I'm in San Diego, if that makes any difference. 16g

Sent from my awesome (2012) Nexus 7 via Android Central App

Pretty sweet deal, I just ordered one. I am sick of skinned and crapware loaded versions of Android, and yes I know they can be rooted, loaded with custom roms, this and that. I just don't have time, nor willing to jump through the hoops to get stock Android when Google offers it in such an affordable manner.

Oh man, I could buy this and not even feel bad about not having the next Nexus phone at that price. $199 is a steal... When I get money to buy it I'll think about it.

This is really an excellent deal and I would be crazy not to snach one up now if for nothing, than just for the upcoming Key Lime Pie.

Holy smokes! Too bad I got mine 2 months too early, lol!

Posted from my HP TouchPad & cm10 via Android Central App

Its almost a year now since the Nexus 4 release, but it hasn't appeared on the Indian play store till date. and now this awesome price drop which is too good to pass for me, BUT its not available for India :( *sigh*

This Can Only Mean One Thing...

Once you see the Nexus 5.. You are going to care less about the Nexus 4..
Google KNOWS that.. and they will not be able to give these things away.
The Nexus 5 is Really going to be something special for Google to push these out at *Fire Sale!* prices..

Snapdragon 800.. 3 Gigs of Ram.. 32 Gb's of Storage.. Key-Lime Pie.. For $349.00

You better be sure you Really want to jump on this..

You may be VERY Sorry.

Me? I'm sticking with my $89.99 Prism II on T-Mobile @ $30.00 a month. :-)

Where do you even get those specs? They never put top of the line specs in their devices. We will be lucky if it's even a qualcomm 600 processor. Look at the new nexus 7.

Posted via Android Central App

Owned a 32 Gb Nexus-7 2013... for 14 days.. Then back to Wal-Mart it went. (Boring)
I already ran all the ROM's out for it on my Galaxy Note.. so, it did not impress me in the least..
Anyway.. What you fail to realize is the Nexus 5 is facing much stiffer competition.. and has to survive until almost 2015.. So a Snapdragon 600 is old news for this upcoming device.. it WILL get the Snapdragon 800 I am sure of it.. Along with 32 Gb of storage Capacity.. 3 Gigs of RAM probably not.. but to run with the big dogs it's what SHOULD be installed in the Nexus 5.

It's kinda hard to be sorry, when you're getting an unlocked handset for only $199/$249. I ordered one; I'll keep it for the next 2 years.

Regarding those specs... ummm yeah. Those are nice specs, but they're not required on a Nexus device. Although, I could definitely go for 32GB of storage.

Not sure why everyone thinks the N5 will have 3 gigs of ram and an 800 and LTE and 32gb internal and only cost 349. While that would be amazing it's not going to happen. They will either have a N4 refresh of sorts keeping it in the same 300 to 400 price range or if they do release a spec beast it will be at least 500 plus.

Sent from my HTC ONE Google Play Edition

The Nexus line is usually on par with current specs, not future specs or expensive ones. This is how I'm looking at it:

Either the Snapdragon 600 8064T or S4 Pro with Moto's X8 system
13MP Camera with OIS
16 GB or 32 GB
4.8 or 5.0 inch screen

Would seem that they will keep pricing in mind with the Nexus 5 as they are dropping the price so much.

Posted via Android Central App and my Nexus 4 or 7

The top half of my N4 screen just went out last week and I'm waiting on a factory warranty replacement as I type this. My replacement hasn't even shipped yet and I bet dollars to donuts I'll get my backup discounted N4 before my warranty replacement. After both devices are in our home I bet my ten year old daughter will have one awesome MP3 player/mini tablet to play all her games/google music on wifi since I just sold my Nexus S on ebay for $115.00 on ebay. A device that she had grown accustomed to having as her personal at home wifi android device ;-) FYI she tells her friends apple sucks :-)

I was about to jump on this but just looked in the Google play store. I live in Korea. The pricing is not accurate. the 16 GB is 359,000 Won which is nowhere near (after the exchange rate) to $249 US dollars. Could you please confirm again that this is true for the Korean market. I'm not seeing this pricing at all. If I did I would jump all over it!

My contract ends with Sprint at the end of September. I thinking of buying on and going on to a AT&T Go plan. But I think I'm going to wait to see what they have for the N5 hopefully it's not that LG Optimus phone with the buttons on the back.

Posted via Android Central App

Still love my Nexus 4. A 4.7>= size Key Lime Pie device with a great camera are the only things that could make me upgrade my phone this year

Posted via Android Central App

I really want the next Nexus to have a 4 something display. The highest I'll go is 5.

Posted from the old Google Nexus 7 via Android Central App

I just got an htc one s for T-Mobile for $179.99 and switched my wife from Sprint to T-Mobile. If she doesn't like the one s maybe she'll like the nexus 4. It's still a great backup phone. Now it's time for me to sell me note 2 from Sprint and switch too.

Posted via Android Central App

I ordered 2 of them. But now when I go to the page it says "This device is not for sale at this time". Is this just because I already ordered it?

Not quite ready for a new phone yet but hopefully I can snatch up one of these in a couple weeks.. My contract is up in October.

I'd rather see the N5 based on the LG G2 platform, than a Moto X based platform... MUCH better hardware all around... in my opinion.
If the N4 would support ATT LTE... I'd be a KEEPER for me... I like the current platform.. just NEEDS LTE.. recently spent a week at my parents in South Texas... with NO WIFI... HSPA only... SUCKED!!! both in terms of connectivity and battery drain with Mobile Data running FULL TIME!?!?! UGH!

Stock clearance before adding the Moto X to the Google Play Edition devices in the Play Store. It's the end of relatively inexpensive Nexus devices, I'm betting that there will be no new Nexus device under $500. Google no longer has a need to subsidize any Android device. Just the opposite, and that is why they will (once the Nexus 4 stock is depleted) only offer the $500+ Google Play Edition type devices in the Play Store. This keeps the carriers happy which is what Google wants at this point. The GPE devices are a compromise that the carriers can live with since they will be quite expensive.

I am pretty sure you are wrong on most counts. Google will release a reference device on the same yearly time frame as the iPhone. If nothing else, to generate buzz for the new version of Android that gets released at the same time

Posted via Android Central App

They may well release a reference device, I'm just saying it won't surprise me if the price window goes from the $299/$350 point to something more akin to $579/$629. I really do hope I'm wrong and you are correct. I guess only time will tell.

What everyone seems to be missing is that in 2 weeks time Apple announce the next wave of iPhones, including one presumes a low cost device so they can begin raping the bottom of the market currently dominated by Android. Google know this so it's the optimum time, while people are visiting the Play store to see the new Nexus 7, to drop their pants on the Nexus 4 price and convert some sales now.

Posted via Android Central App

Just ordered one for myself! Dam the price drop! Dam the price drop! I couldn't pass up this deal. I was planning on retiring my Gnex for the Motox but I'm sure I'll be happy with my $250 upgrade.

Posted via Android Central App

This. I was hell bent on getting the Moto X; but, at this price, the Nexus 4 can't be beat.

Posted via Android Central App

At $199/$249 for an Quad Core 4.7" Display Android 4.3, and Penta-band, this can't be beat. Here in Toronto, you will not find such a device near that price that will work with ALL our carriers and guaranteed OS updates! ...Unlike my LG Optimus G which will never see a factory version of Android 4.3 or even 4.2.2.

Damn it, this is such a tease! I'm so freaking poor right now I just can't justify spending the 200 bucks, even though it's such a bargain...

I ordered a 16 gig right away last night!!!!! Just bit confused about UK deliveries they seem to be confusing when they say 1 to 2 days then 3 to 5 days :/

What?! New Zealand is not on the list?! Come on! Is there any websites form Australia that I can purchase it from?

You know your life is pretty d*mn easy when your most pressing concern is "WHAT PHONE SHOULD I BUY???? WHEN SHOULD I BUY IT???"

That said, that's exactly where I am. Just a couple of days ago I said to Self, "Self, go buy the One. You want a better camera and you are itching for a new phone." And before I could get to the store Google drops the price of the Nexus which suggests (maybe?) that a new Nexus is coming before the end of the year (yes, I buy into every single possible rumor of 'the next great thing'). I love my N4 but am intrigued by the One, which is quite a bit more. Hmmm.