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Nexus 4 available on U.S. + Canadian Google Play stores


After i bought one 16 GB device last year in December when the 2nd wave got out, i was tempted to get a couple of 8 GB devices to perform my experiments and got them yesterday with play store offering only 2 per account.

Check this post:

Oh yes, sweet! My first comment ever on AC, I just wanted to let everyone know I ordered the Nexus 4, 16 GB. I received an error message the first time I clicked to finalize my order but it worked the second time around.

Well, its unlocked and has a very low no-contract price. There is definitely better hardware out there, but you'll pay through the nose if you don't want a contract and it will probably be locked. Also, good luck getting even a single OS update on some of the flagship non-Nexus devices.

Yeah, carriers do take their sweet time with those, don't they? They do come eventually, though. I think most GS3 models are on Jelly Bean, and my EVO LTE got the update (4.1.1) within 6 months of Google releasing the code.

My point: you're exaggerating the situation. Flagships do get OS updates, just not as fast or as many as Nexus devices.

I feel your pain. I owned an Atrix too and it's in my closet collecting dust. Still plan on destroying it with a hammer.

Pain? It's a phone update lol. Instead of destroying it, you should donate it: the proceeds from donated phones go to women's shelters.

Yes: Pain. Motorola managed to take a simple phone update and turn it into an emotional rollercoaster for their customers. It was craziness.

It is true that some phones do get updated with the newer versions of Android OS but knowing which ones are going to get updated is the frustrating part. I am pretty sure people with Motorola phones aren't too thrilled over not getting updates after being told they were. Then HTC customer probably will never see anything higher than Ice Cream Sandwich (Rezound fans). If you don't have a S3 or Note 2 don't expect much from Samsung. And who knows about LG or Sony.

With Nexus you can be guaranteed for at least 18 months

I think the more important point is not reliably, I could deal with 6 months or 9 month delays, but the truth is quite a few so called flagship phones have been sold with the software already out of date, and you never really know if your going to get the next update when you buy the phone. Depends on carrier decisions, popularity of the phone etc, etc.
Samsung has gotten much better with updates, but leave samsung world and you never know if your going to get any major version updates.

Better hardware? I'm not so sure about that, depends on the person.

Just take out LTE and sd card lovers for a moment, for many like myself the omission of LTE was a godsend, no more absurdly short battery life, like I had Verizon LTE phones and SD cards aren't a priority for me anymore.

As for the rest of the Hardware,
Brillant Screen
2 GB of memeory
Quad Core
Very high build quality
Sexy looks

Honestly it's the best Android I've ever owned, when I was comparing the S3 to the Nexus their was no contest.

^this +1

Not really sure what's better right now. A few phones with better cameras but this one isn't horrible. One phone with a 1080p screen. Everything is pretty amazing on this device. Always gonna be better shit right around the corner, but none with the latest version of our favorite OS.

I shopped the market for unlocked phones @ $350 and you're next best device is the Galaxy S2 which I got for my mom instead of this because I couldn't wait any longer. But that phone more than meets her needs so it didn't make much difference. It's actually a really good phone still.

Have you used one? I have had one for a week now, and overrated is probably the last word I would use for it. This is a great device at an amazing price, even if you pay T-mobile's "full" price for it.

No, the Play Store price makes this a great deal. However, T-Mobile's full price places the Nexus 4 in a similar price bracket as other high-end phones.

Is that so? The Note II is $650 off contract. The iPhone 5 is also $650. Maybe I'm just cheap, but $100 less seems like a great deal to me.

That doesn't make you cheap. When you put it that way, $500 is a still a bargain price, especially compared to both of those. I stand corrected lol

IF you owned one you wouldn't be saying that. It is all kinds of sweet.

This phone if anything is underrated.

Man, how do u figure? Look at the hardware and price point and unlocky-ness. Find me better.

LG Optimus G E973 (Factory Unlocked) S4 Pro Quad-Core ! 4.7" IPS 2GB for $800 for almost identical make the choice???

it comes down to how much are you willing to spend and for the amt you spend you get a good amount of a phone in the nexus 4.

I just ordered one! No problems at all placing the order. It does say that it ships in 1-2 weeks, which is fine since I can't activate it until March anyway.

best of luck getting one, everybody. It's a great phone! Now, if they could just get the charging orb up for order.

Dang. I am going to be away and can't risk it sitting on my doorstep. Hopefully they will stay in supply and I can have on order when returning home

When you get the tracking number, call the shipping company and tell them you'll pick it up at their facility. I do it all the time.

Send me your address, and I'd be happy to swing by and pick it up when it's delivered. When you get back to town, I'll bring it to you.
If you don't hear from me right away, no worries.
Just don't try to find me-
I'll find *you*.

Same price as before. Bumper ~$20 + shipping + tax = ~$28. Fought to try and get one before, but just picked one up without hassle.

I just bought one on ebay yesterday. Just ordered one from the play store, guess one will be selling.

How is he trolling? The first "go-around" the Play Store displayed the Nexus 4 as "Sold Out" whenever Google got overwhelmed with requests. That's hardly trolling in my book.

"Limit reached" means that you've already ordered one or one is in your shopping cart/basket - you are restricted to one device per email address.

Apologies - it was just one device when I successfully ordered in the UK at the beginning of December.

Yeah, I see that now, reading is good :)

"Thank you for your previous order. You have reached the limit for this item."

bought hubby one without any problem this time around. An easy one-time, one-minute transaction. I had a hair-pulling, nail-biting time last go around but was lucky enough to snag one eventually. Sounds like Larry Page is serious about mitigating supply chain issues in future launches!

The in stock / out of stock updates every other day are annoying. When I visit AC, I wanna read Android news, not check the damn status of the Nexus 4 availability.

Which is why we haven't done weekly updates or anything like <cough> others. It's back in stock for the first time in more than a month. That's news. Thank you, drive through. :p

Maybe your not interested in the Nexus 4, but with all the supply problems and so many people still waiting to get one, and the fact that's it's all Google. it's important for many of the readers, stop being a grouch.

I have a feeling they're staying in stock this time. I'm sure LG has a boatload ready to go and, with a 1-2 week lead time, they should be able to keep up with purchases.

Interesting that all of a sudden there's plenty of stock to order the day before the new blackberries are launched . . .

Think about this: Google restocks the Play Store with Nexus 4's, and Apple announces the 128GB iPad; both a day before the BB10 announcement. That sounds pretty strategic to me.

Hmm, well, I hope you're right. If google and apple are worried, then Rim must have some good stuff up their sleeve, and that would be good for all of us.

I own one.... It is overrated to be honest. Do I like it? Yes I do, will I sell it? No, but overrated it is. Crap camera, only 16GB, crap battery life, fragile.

Keep on trollin. You don't own sh1t lmao! Only poe boys that couldn't afford one say crap like that. 16 gb is fine if you aren't a 13 yr old tween with nothing but games on their phone, battery live is amazing with a custom kernel/rom and the phone is far from fragile if you have a case or bumper...which I just ordered. :D

Oh OK I'm trolling... Why the hell would I lie about owning one? Go see all my post in the Nexus 4 forums. I ordered the first day and have it it for months. Only a 13 year old needs more than 16gb? Really? Because I'm 27 and I need more than 16GB, actually more like 14GB of actually usable space. I'm just speaking the truth. The phone is overrated. What saves this phone is that its a Nexus, if it wasn't no one would give a shit for it.

No, you ARE trolling.
The average app is less than 12 mb. in size. Most people have less than 50 apps (outside of system apps). 16GB is more than enough unless you are a huge gamer. Then I can see your point. Between Google Music, Google Photos, Google Books, and YouTube, there is plenty of cloud based storage space to cover 99% of users' media needs.

What saves this phone is the elegant build quality, killer processor/RAM, and bleeding edge software, that saves users from the "when will my phone update" nonsense.

Agreed, if you don't like a phone comment on a review article, don't troll and bash a phone every time an article or poster mentions it. It's really sad and old.
Sales don't lie, this is a very popular phone.

"Plenty of cloud based storage" doesn't work for virtually any user in Canada where the average data plan is 500mb per month (and sometimes less).

Here at least (I recognize that the US experience is different) local storage is far, far cheaper than the cost of additional data which is what makes the Nexus lines somewhat disappointing to me.

You do realize not everyone has unlimited data right? You are right about one thing though, I don't have many apps, I don't play many games nether. I'll tell you what I do have though, MUSIC. And while I am someone that has unlimited data, I still want to keep my music on my phone also.

And yes, this phone being a Nexus does save it. That goes with your comment about phone update nonsense. Like I said before, I like this phone, I obviously bought the phone because I like it, but it is overrated.

People like you are the same ones that were talking bad about Apple not having a SD slot, not having (Officially) LTE, and being fragile, now since its a Nexus you don't want to admit it.

Again, if this wasn't a Nexus, no one on these forums would be talking about it. Now as far as you other people saying im trolling or stop bashing the phone, it's an opinion and this is a forum. Get used to it.

Also, the price can't be beat.

Sorry, but this phone is simply not overrated. Tell me ONE phone that's even CLOSE to similarly specced and performs even NEARLY as well at that price-point, and I'll agree with you completely.

While I agree that the other commenter's post saying that only a 13-year-old needs more than 16GB was out of line, it is true that you don't really need that much storage space if you make use of Google services. Applications and pictures. Thats all that really takes up space - and you get TONS of space with Instant Upload. Then again, if have tons of music and you don't live in the US it is a bit more difficult with Google Music.

"What saves this phone is that its a Nexus" of course! That's why it works so well, and its the reason the phone even exists in the first place. We wouldn't have the same hardware design, specifications, or software if this was not a Nexus device.

Saying no-one would care for this phone if it wasn't a Nexus is correct, as the price would be much higher and the design would have suffered immensely by not having Google's skill in designing a great user-experience. Then again, it would still be a fairly good phone.

No other phone has this fast of an SoC, gets updates virtually-instantaneously, has 2GB of RAM, and this good of a display. Not even the SIII has a quad-core SoC with 2GB of RAM - only a single international variant and the one from Korea has both of these features. And that phone is OVER twice the price of the Nexus 4.

"You don't own sh1t lmao! Only poe boys that couldn't afford one say crap like that."

Really? Surely, you have more class than that.

HSPA+42 (I only get 21 on my GNex) is plenty fast for web-browsing and streaming music and video. I can't wait to see how fast T-Mobile's LTE will be.

Need... money...

Lol it doesn't even matter 'cuz unfortunately I'm still locked in with Verizon til late summer or early fall.. I don't even know anymore :-(

Trying to order one but for some reason when I get to the checkout page, when the google wallet screen pops up the address field says select an address. only option I have there is to add an address. I am adding it but it comes back to the same screen. no address added :(.
every other google walled checkout page shows the correct checkout info and address and CC...
I tried 3 different browsers and 2 computers. same thing. even tried on my cellphone.

I think you are clicking on "Continue Shopping" in roughly the middle of the page. Look for "Proceed" (or something like that) on the right side of the page. I did the same thing.

i clicked on proceed obviously... but I am not sure what the isue was. I got it solved. I went into my google wallet and I had like 20 addresses, all were the same. so I deleted them. deleted my payment info. added a new address, only one. and added a payment info. went back to the checkout page and was able to complete and select my address and payment. woot. ordered one 16gb :)

When I bought mine earlier today, once I got it in the cart, I was clicking on practically everything so fast so I could hurry up and get my order in before it sold out or something. Needless to say I wasnt paying much attention and almost ordered 2. I think I will order 2 for the next launch just incase they sell out and I can maybe get a decent RoI on one of them. Congrats though.

When I bought mine last year, it was $28. Be happy. Plus, the bumper is the highest quality bumper ever made.

Oh to live in a country where you could buy it from the Play store. Down here in New Zealand if you want it you have to pay retail NZ$799 (US$669)or even more thru a parallel importer.

anybody have trouble in checkout when choosing address is giving me error ..
can anybody help? thanks

Anybody surprised this isn't shipping with 4.2.2? I kind of expected google to get an update ready and announce that the phones were back in stock all at the same time.

It takes weeks (more likely months) for a production rom change to filter down to the unit you buy on the shelf. Otherwise, they have to stop the phone somewhere in the production chain between the loading of the rom and delivery to the customer. It is cost prohibitive to do that. It's easy enough for the consumer to update right after he opens the package.

I would be quite surprised if it did ship with 4.2.2, considering it has not been publicly released yet. And Google would be out of their minds if they waited to resume N4 sales until they could market it as shipping with a minor, incremental update.
I think they're really trying not to overwhelm average users with all the major updates. They seem to be doing the right thing, by establishing Jellybean as their signature Android version,and keeping a consistent look and feel in the interface. Any updates until the next Nexus is released, will be behind-the-scenes improvements, and small feature additions. They're smart to keep working on the masterpiece that is jellybean, smoothing out all the rough edges that remain, making it as good as possible before they consider pulling the rug out from underneath people by announcing a major update again.

I wish they WOULD overwhelm this user. I'm sick of the 4.2.0/4.2.1 bugs they introduced to my Nexus 7. Really sick.

W00T!!!!! I just ordered one! Finally, the wait is over!!! Well, actually, it'll be over in 1-2 weeks. But whatever, I'm still happy! And to think I was just about to buy it from T-Mobile for $500 yesterday. Patience pays off, I guess.

Finally! Got 2 16 gigs on the way. Goodbye Verizon and that $205 dollar a month bill!! By the way anyone interested in a Driod Razr M and Galaxy Nexus?

Wow 4:10pm here and I can still add it to my cart, lol.

Looks like the bumper is for sale too. Anyone else picking that up?

Just in time for me to list my Nexus 4 on Ebay/Craigslist! Such an awesome device, but I can't live without LTE. Back to the GS3 it is for me!

Does anyone even still care about this dud of a Nexus device? LG = Low Grade

HTC, Moto, Sony, Samsung all better choices...

Ordered mine, appeared to go through painlessly (1-2 weeks for shipping) *crosses fingers*

I was this close to ordering one on eBay yesterday but decided to give it a couple more weeks.

I ordered mine late evening Tuesday the 29th (may have been after midnight). Because of the trouble people had back in December when they tried to order the phone with accessories I ordered a bumper as a separate order. Listed shipping as in 1-2 weeks for both orders. As of last night (Wed the 30th) there was no update. Clearly that was not correct (had to have shipped by then) because when I got home on the 31st it was here waiting for me (apparently delivered just after 2PM), and the site is finally updated. According to tracking info the bumper should be here tomorrow.

Google sucks at retail and really should just outsource this to someone who knows what the heck they are doing like Amazon.

So far I really like the phone... GORGEOUS screen, BLAZING FAST, not as heavy as I was expecting and the glass back does not feel like glass (as the iPhone 4/4s does), but neither does it feel like cheap plastic like most Samsung phones do. So far I am impressed.

Ordered the 16gb yesterday. Still not marked as shipped but I guess it will by tomorrow! I've been waiting for this phone since its release. Never was lucky enough to get one tough... :D Bye bye MyTouch 4G!