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Update: Just as in Europe and Australia, it seems both flavors of Nexus 4 are now sold out in America, less than an hour after first going on sale. As of 1:20pm ET the 32GB Nexus 10 is sold out, too. The 16GB Nexus 10 is still available to buy.

Original story: Credit cards at the ready, folks. Following the chaotic European launch earlier this morning, which resulted in all Nexus 4s and most Nexus 10s selling out, Google's new tablets are now available from the U.S. and Canadian Google Play Store, along with the 3G Nexus 7.

In the U.S., the Nexus 4 comes in 8GB and 16GB flavors, which sell for $299 and $349 respectively. If it's a Nexus 10 you're after, it'll set you back $399 for 16GB and $499 for 32GB. Global pricing can be found in our earlier post.

If other territories are any indication, these new Nexus devices are sure to sell out quickly -- particularly the competitively-priced Nexus 4. So what are you doing still reading this? Hit the source link down below and go select your Nexus of choice.

Be sure to check in down in the comments, too, and let us know how you're getting on with the order process.

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Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 launch on Google Play Store in U.S. + Canada [update: N4 sold out]



I still can see 8Gb for purchase but i dont want 8Gb. i need 16 gb

Edit: Ok 8 Gb is sold out too.

And here we have the internet-nerd version of what will happen in a little over a week between a large crowd of fat ladies swinging purses at the entrance to any of the Wal Mart stores around the land...


I tried ordering it but its down already.
It went up at 11:30 EST

It was up in canada too but that went down not sure what happening, arrggg

It was up for me at 10:40 Central. I got to the Wallet part where I could buy one and it failed. That was all she wrote. THIS SUCKS.

I tried to grab it about 30 seconds after it went live. The checkout screen has been refusing to load for me. I've been stuck in the shopping cart screen for 15 minutes now while others have been able to checkout.


To be honest I have no clue of what's going on, and it seems like few people do! All that I know is that I have two Nexus 4 that are supposed to be shipped on Thursday and that so far no money has been taken from my account. (I placed the orders about 8 hours ago - UK market.) I think I'll stop worrying about this once I get a shipment confirmation with a tracking number...

This is the quote I was referring to on their help page:

"Once you place an order, charges generally post to your credit/debit card after your order has shipped, usually within a few days."

Yea I think so too. It was saying some error but it does go thru cause they charge my card and it now show up at transaction after 20min.

I think the 15gb version is already sold out after a couple minutes.. The 8gb is still up.. geez how many did they have? Half a box?

Feels like a Boxing Day doorcrasher.. only for the first few that camps in front of the store.

The 16 looks to be sold out. I tried to order an 8 and a 16 at the same time (one for wife, one for me) and it failed. I had just the 16 alone, ready to buy, but didn't want to waste the $14 for shipping two packages. That was stupid.

says 16GB in stock but that the 8GB is "coming soon". Did the 38GB model already sell out.

Luckily the GNex got all of the 4.2 features (running stock now) so the need to upgrade isn't as "dire".

Got an N4 and N10 in my cart but kept getting errors when trying to complete the purchase. Now the N4s are sold out and the N10 page returns a server error. I fail.

I got my 16GB Nexus 4 ordered. I used a page monitor as well that I had refreshing every 2 seconds. I had a few errors but I kept trying. I got the order through at 11:33:31 AM EST.

I got to the point where I was able to put in my credit card info, and then it crashed. No idea whether it actually charged or not. And when I try to do it over, no way it works. Grrrrrrrr.

i think i have my 16gb with bumper ordered. said i had a failure at the end but gave me an order number and shows up in google wallet as being placed... hope its correct.

Mine is ordered and showing up in my wallet account, but I still have yet to receive an email...I'll just assume it went through and hope for the best. Good luck to those who are still trying

Me too I'm staring at my receipt for the nexus 4 16gb , but still haven't received the confirmation email yet I'm hoping it went through....good luck to all

add to cart, adds, then removes, or says I don't have anything. then it changes to coming soon, then available.

Looks like I got two (accidently) to go through according to my bank. I got zero confirmation screens or success screens. It just froze once during card processing.

I clicked "Accept and Buy" a few minutes ago and it says "Your purchase will complete momentarily" still.. The site is crawling.

Mine is also saying same ... Your purchase will complete momentarily ..
but my credit card got charged (pending though) , don't know really went through or not

Yeah my credit card got charged and then shortly after got an email about from the bank saying that it was flagged for Fraud alert and that I need to call to verify that I authorized the charges. Still haven't seen the confirmation page.. Not sure if I should refresh or what. :-(

In case you miss my later post, I confirmed the charge with my credit card company. Then, I opened a new tab and went to my Google Wallet account and the order was there. Right after opening it in Google Wallet, I got my confirmation email, even though the other tab was still frozen with the "Your purchase will complete momentarily..." message. You may want to check your Wallet account...

my page also frozen , i closed the page since i got the confirmation email... the order went through ... due to lot of stress on the servers, the conformation page never come back to US. you can safely close the page.

I had been waiting all night for the release. Finally it was confirmed for 9:00AM PST (1:00PM my time). The phone went live a half hour early, without notice, but I managed to catch it anyway. I added the phone to my cart 7 times and it refused to keep items in my cart, proceed to the checkout, or show any items when I made it to the checkout.

Finally, after getting the phone and bumper case added to my cart for the 8th time I was told that the 16GB Nexus 4 had been removed from my cart as it was out of stock.

I can't believe that Google was unable to deal with the demand this phone generated, keep their play store running, and give me the opportunity to purchase this phone when I clicked "add to cart".

I will NEVER even attempt to purchase a device through the Google Play Store again. The hours of waiting, complete lack of customer service, and inability to run a functioning storefront resulting in no purchase being made makes that a no-brainer. Android is supposed to help me save time, not waste it.

And this is why i'm waiting. The crush Google is going through is enough for me to say i'll be back. As it is I sideloaded 4.2 on my Gnex this morning so i'm cool for awhile. Good luck all.

Apple could sell dirty gym socks and know that they are going to sell out. Each Nexus phone is a bit of a risk for Google. It makes perfect sense that their first round of manufacturing would be low. Then they can gauge demand and be ramped up in time for the Holiday rush.

I ordered mine about 30 seconds after it went live. The page kept telling me it was having problems but after a couple tries it went through. Order says its pending so I should be good.

Oh sh** I got to the credit card screen...."processing" and then ...

blank screen...


edit: I'm ordering the N10.

There is an error in the setup for your purchase. Please contact the merchant with this error message: Expected 3 components in jwt:

it was available for 10 minutes.
10 minutes where I fought against this antique web site...
Technical diificulties... B**l sh*t...
Way to go Google with a service of that magnitude...

i had a 16gb in my cart, attempted to check out 10 times and kept getting an error, and now it's sold out

Cart errors,Google wallet errors not to mention no email notification announcing availability. Sounds exactly like the go lives in Europe and Australia. Complete and utter worldwide failure. Oh but I'm sure they will release a statement "due to unprecedented demand .......blah...blah...blah" This is worse than the nexus 7 launch by far. Obviously they didn't learn anything.

I was alerted at 5 seconds at most after it went live, chrome extensions FTW, but the extension kept refreshing the order page every 5 seconds so I ordered one but it never showed the confirmation because instead it refreshed. After that I disabled the extension and got my order with no errors at all on Google's part :D

Currently, keeping my Gnex, but when I tried to buy an app, I got unable to process order please try again later.

Grr! that really sucked, I was ready to place my order and my CC decided to stop payment due to "fraud prevention". What timing! :(

Sat down at my desk to wait for the launch at around 11:50 EST and saw that it was live. Added the Nexus 4 16gb version and went to check out. It crashed during processing the purchase so I tried again. This time it went through and I'm staring at an order confirmation page. No confirmation email yet. Given that people were saying that the 16gb was sold out before I even ordered, I wonder if their allocations are on a state by state basis. I'm not in California nor in a state where I'd expect much demand. Anyway, stoked I got it!!!

the site got hammered, and now it looks like it is completely sold out. If you're one of the few who was able to place an order (like me!) you can feel lucky.

just got my confirmation email, about 30 minutes after purchase.

I still haven't gotten my "notify me" email yet, I wonder if they're going to bother sending them out?

I stepped away to get my lunch at 11:30 thinking it would go live at noon, but my page refresher showed the devices were available at 11:41 (for me). Tried for 12 minutes to get it to go through in one form or another. Got to the Buy screen a few times, but the form was empty. Refreshed and kept hitting Proceed, until it finally went through. My AMEX has been charged, but I have yet to get a confirmation email, and my purchase is no longer showing up under my Wallet account (it was at one point).

At this point, I have no idea if I'm actually getting one or not (16GB). No clue.

If you go to my to my orders and settings it will be listed and you can access it from there. Mine disappeared from wallet also but going to my orders and settings it shows up in wallet.

I just checked again, and it's now showing up in my Wallet account in the Pending section at the top. I'm assuming (more like hoping) this is a good thing and that they just haven't gotten down to my purchase yet to make it "official".

i had the 16gig refreshed and it was gone - and now there are no more available. They must have had a total of 5 16gb phone or so.

I ordered my 16G N4 without any significant issue. The website was slow, but with a million people hitting it all at once...

I received the popup page with the order number and my bank account has been charged, no email as of this post.

How did people see this available before 12pm? I kept on refreshing every 5 mins since 11:30am and nothing but "coming soon"! In toronto!

I logged into my Google account, added the N4(16)to my cart and proceeded to check out. The transaction was fast.

So glad I thought of logging in before purchasing. I'm sure I would have been screwed if I had to type all of my CC details, plus my shipping address.

My condolences to the ones who couldn't get through.

Wow no notification email, had in my cart at 10:45 Central time, kept trying to proceed, then kept getting an error... wow how many phones did they keep in stock? 12? This is ridiculous, Google needs to hire some peeps from Apple to show them how to sell these devices in a professional manner.

The Support line has been down for 15 minutes now too.... Had my order set and for some reason google wallet defaulted to an old credit card I haven't used for 2 years, and had deleted I'm sure.... So they cancelled my order... BS.

The 16GB got removed from my cart, so I after refreshing and trying again 15 times, I turned from my computer, picked up my phone, and was able to order the 8GB without issue. Sucks that I'm getting the smaller one, but it won't matter for me.

Also, $13.99 for shipping? WTF?

Tried to get the 16Gb, had an error at the end of payment, saying my credit card wasn't charged. Tried checking out it again. Still an error... I checked my bank account to realize I was charged twice!

Tried to get the 16Gb, had an error at the end of payment, saying my credit card wasn't charged. Tried checking out it again. Still an error... I checked my bank account to realize I was charged twice!

This is going to look bad for google when their automatic system sends out an email to all the people who asked to be notified and the devices are already sold out.

I agree.... WOW...this is an Epic Fail...i think they literally had maybe under 100 of these units, no way in heck can this sell out quicker than an iPhone! LMBO WOW Come on Google!

I am seriously bummed about this. My HTC G2's screen has been broken for 2 weeks now and I desperately needed a new phone.

Disaster on Google's part.

Got mine at 1135 and 25 min later ....all gone. Still waiting for confirmation email from Google wallet but its there. Now is the worst part....waiting till I have it in my hand :-) :-)

Not sure what some of you are talking about, I still show both the 8/16GB Nexus 4 options as "in stock"

I can't get either into my cart because of an error...but that's another matter altogether.

Well, that was annoying. After clicking buy and getting "technical difficulties" over and over again, then having it removed from the cart, now it's out of stock. Wow, what a dumb way to do business.

Why is the page still saying "Coming Soon" if they are out of stock? Shouldn't it say out of stock? ugh. Should I even bother waiting around any more? Ugh..

I noticed a few minutes ago that the 8GB said "add to cart", but went back to "coming soon" after a refresh...

Had the same thing before it finally went through for me. Until it says out of stock I'd say keep trying, seems to me Google is doing a kind of lottery on their end, opening and closing the add to cart option

Luckily, my page reminder went off at 11:35AM and I was able to react within seconds. I was having it check the page every 30 seconds. I was able to add a 16GB to cart, a bumper and checkout without any slowdown or issues. Whew! I hope it comes by this Friday!

Now I'm confused. at 8:36 it says my order was not placed do to my CC stopping it for "fraud prevention," now around 9:00 it says my order has been placed and to expect delivery in 3-5 days. But when I check my google wallet for recent transaction, it still shows that my order is cancelled. What the hell?

Tried ordering the 16GB Nexus 10 - it authorized against my credit card for $438 and then came back saying order was cancelled without explanation. Yet the credit authorization is still there... geez... guess that will fall off in three days.

and now, I got a confirmation of order email and its showing up in my Wallet. Hopefully that means Im getting the device. oyyy...

I tried for the N10 32gig and my CC has a hold on it, but it shows my cart full and wouldnt take my CC because of an Error... Fail.

Tried it for 30 minutes, and it never seemed to work (the only time I was close was at 8:30am PST). Now, 30 minutes later, I got a mail that my order went through, and it shows up in the order history too!

looks like the N10 and the N7 HSPA+ are up for sale in Canada, but the N4 8GB and 16GB isnt up for sale yet?

was anyone is Canada able to get the N4?

How can it be sold out THAT fast?! lol And it still says "coming soon". Again, shouldn't it say "out of stock"?

saw it was available at 8:47, sent text to friend who was able to order no problem.. i had my order canceled 2x on account of google wallet screwing up.. and now its out of stock.. guess i will just have to keep checking in the off chance they took the 16gb off the store to allow the other devices the ability to be purchased.. and then will make the 16 available a little later, once the rush for everything else has died down some

Now we can see Google is not serious about "competing" with Apple or Amazon. Why wasn't the retail channel stocked and ready to launch today? Why is the Google store incapable of dealing with the volume? Pretty embarassing for the premiere web company in the world...

I think the sign up sheet for notification when it becomes available was Googles way of just gathering data as in seeing how strong the demand was for this, but in no way will they notify us LOL WOW

WOW I got charged 2x for two phones my bank accont is empty now. Even though it failed everytime on the cart

Same song as so many others: logged on shortly after receiving a "sales are live" tweet, and received error after error after error. I was able to get to the payment page, but then they told me the order was canceled and my card wasn't charged. They then were nice enough to empty my shopping cart and mark it as out of stock. This is obnoxious. Not surprised to see that it's already up on eBay for near $500. Wow.

Just got mine not three minutes ago, 16GB, the 8GB was available and the 16GB said coming soon, kept refreshing and finally after 9PST the 16GB stayed in the cart. Keep trying, people saying it went live at 11:30am with the 8GB avail but the 16GB coming soon, the 16GB went live at 9am as stated

Got an error message but a few minutes later got confirmation that order was placed. Ordered the 16GB along with the bumper YES!!

Yep. Errors for me too and after adding to cart, nothing. Kicked me out and no phone. Eff you Google. Galaxy Note 2 I guess. Samsung understands how to stock so I can get one. I don't care how expensive it is unlocked, either. If it's $1 or $1000, you have to have the item for me to buy it Google. I thought the Nexus 7 launch was bad. This takes the cake. At least you could get the N7 for the same price in retail stores. Not the N4. I need to get a new phone before I go out of town so unless the Nexus 4 magically appears within the next day or so online, I'm moving on to the Note 2.

Oh, cool; they have a pending transaction on my card. That's just awesome. This thing had better either go away or result in me getting my phone.

guess N4 sold out. I was finally able to place my N10 order. that was frustrating. just about as bad as trying to get into Everquest back in the day.

This is bull. Google has some of the biggest and best servers available and they are having this much trouble handling play store purchases. Cmon google.

Got an error message when I submitted payment, but I got an alert from my bank that the charge was processed. Still waiting for an e-mail confirmation that the order was actually placed ....

Wasn't there initially, but showed up about 20 minutes ago my google wallet transaction list. Finally got a confirmation email in the last two minutes. Here's hoping I get a shipped notice ASAP.

A 16 GB N4 and bumpers both got removed from my cart.

Serious, f--k this. Apple knows how to take your money. This blows.

I've got two order confirmations as the first one gave me an error called google and they say they didn't receive it and are out of stock of the 32? WTF? Tried again and got another confirmation number but this time no error. Unfortunately no confirmation email sent either. Fingers crossed as well as its been about 25min

I noticed both being available around 9:40ish; added 16gb to cart but never got past the Proceed portion; tried for 20 minutes and now not available. I'm bummed; was really looking forward to it...oh well; will have to wait.

Error messages all over. In my Cart, then out of my Cart. Totally pissed. How did they not know the volume of phone to be sold. It must be good marketing strategy to screw around with people.

alright, this is ridiculous. I placed my oder after finally getting the "this page is unavailable many times". My credit card has been charged for the 8GB model and a Bumper case, but I have yet to get a receipt which is making me nervous. I fear the worse and that Google wasn't prepared for the massive attacks for when sales go up.

I for one have been up since Midnight waiting for this thing to go on sale - not only for this but I work nights - and it would suck if I missed out because of error on their part. But life goes on.

Have a good one and hope ya'll have great luck, but I think they are now sold out :(

wtf? spent 30 mins on 3 devices: laptop, Asus Transformer and my current phone Xperia Play. Never once got past the start transaction screen in 30 mins of trying from 11:35 until it went to "coming soon"

I repeat from my current phone Xperia Play- come on mfers. I need a phone!!!!

My order never went thru I kept gettin an error but right now I received an email with a confirmation so I guess it did went thru. I'm surprise but happy

I have the opposite, got through the screens with no hiccups, have an "Order Placed" message from the Google Play store, with order number and a pending note in Google Wallet but no confirmation email. Hmmmmmmmm

I see a pending transaction of $1 to both my credicards. thats a little scarry. better not have bought 2 accidentally. oh boy.. hope they aren't sold out. if so that has to be some kind of online record phone sell out.

dudes, i ordered mine at like 840am pst. got a bunch of errors.
i check my credit card online, i got charges pending.
30 min later, i get an email from google. it went thru..... WEIRD.

This is complete and utter BS!!!! So we get to wait for Google to decide to flip the switch and then once they do, THIS is what we're rewarded with. The phone has sold out before the reminder emails have gone out. Google can't think this is a good way to do business. I am pissed that I spent this much time researching this phone in anticipation of purchasing it today only to get rewarded with a half-ass (& that's being kind) launch. Some will compare this with iPhone 5 supply issues. That will not apply here as there are nowhere near as many people looking to purchase a nexus 4. Google totally screwed the pooch here & I am done with the nexus or any other google device.

Good thing they made all of 100 of these things. I was hitting refresh every second since 9 and it never even changed from "coming soon"

Their US store, as of 9:00 AM PST, has been throwing all kinds of errors, 404s and 500s a'plenty. Best of luck to those who are determined enough to stick with it and get an order submitted.

I honestly don't think they're sold out. I think "Sold out" (or "Available soon") is a banner that's thrown up when the store software, or backend order systems, are overloaded and need a breather.

My page refresher app said the nexus 4 page updated at 11:35. I tried to check out with a 16GB N4 and a bumper at 11:36. My Google Wallet window opened up, but it didn't load correctly and none of the info populated. I tried refreshing the shopping cart, but kept on getting errors every time I clicked the proceed button. I continued to attempt to checkout for 20 minutes to no avail until they emptied my shopping cart.

What a disappointment - unable to purchase 1 minute after the phone became available.

I wonder how many devices google had ready to sell ? seems like they only had a little bit after being sold out in both 16 and 8 GB versions. Luckily i was one of the ones that was able to place my order for 2 nexus 4's without any issues =)

I caught it very early by randomly checking at 11:35 EST. Several (seemingly) failed attempts later and 4 separate transactions for 16GB+bumper showing in my wallet transactions. First one was cancelled due to 'fraud alert', but I confirmed the purchase with CC company and apparently 3 more went through.

massive headache and now I guess I'll have to cancel at least one of these

This happened to me. I had two bumper purchases. Canceled one. Everyone should check their Wallet accounts to see if things went through properly.

My emails says they won't charge until it ships but my credit card was fully charge so are they shipping today get it Thursday ????

They should have honestly limited it to 1 per person because I see a lot of people with 2 or more...

Oh well, I'll try again later. Not happy but there's always next time.

put me in the column of not being able to get one. Even the damn bumper sold out! Guess I'll have to wait to sell my current phone. Nexus 10 was still available last I checked.

Guess I could go get a Note2 for a couple weeks and sell it to recoup the cost and pay for a Nexus 4 when they're available again ;)

My screen froze at the "Your purchase will complete momentarily..." part and is still there, but my card charged and I just receive my confirmation email and the purchase is showing up in my Google Wallet account!!!

I tried and tried and only got errors at different moments of the checkout process.
Now it's SOLD OUT. I was mad, VERY mad.
Now I checked my Google Wallet and guess what, I have 8!!!!!! Nexus 4 ordered and pending.
I already got the confirmation email from Google for one of the orders. What a mess have you done Google???????

All I have seen is coming soon! I've been checking every 5 minutes at least... It has yet to show as available or not available... Wth??

K I got one email with confirmation waiting on the second, I may have two tablets on their way to me.

EDIT got both emails

If any one is in the greater toronto area that is still having issues let me know and i will just sell you mine. will charge an even $600 (its $592). find me in the forums

I got it in my cart at 11:57 am ET and hit proceed and nothing happened. I eventually got it to proceed to the next page and once got as far as the CC screen but never got them. It took them out of the cart eventually. I tried on two different accounts. What a joke.

I must have had it in my cart 4 different times.

I tried the 800 # and the recording hangs up on you after a brief message.

Mr. Gates, can you sell us a Windows 8 phone for $299 unlocked?

Keep calm and wait for the Nexus 4 to ship. I need to travel on sunday and im reaaaaallly gonna need waze.. ugh !

I have a feeling that they didn't really sell out based on all the people who ended up ordering multiple units due to website issues.

Google should only have allowed one of each item per person. Glad to hear some of you got your orders through, but I have to give a f&$k you to the ones ordering two or more. Just sayin'.

Just read this on another website:

pompeiitype 11/13/2012 at 9:25 am
Just got a person on the line for the play store… apparently they aren’t sold out, but their system has crashed on the backend for the store. There might be hope, yet!

if this is accurate, I am glad to have helped crash it. I must have been clicking and refreshing for 30 minutes :-p

You gotta love how they pick the random time of 8:38am to go live when I'm sitting here thinking it's going to be 9am. I started refreshing at 8:56am and the 16 was already sold out.

I got one in my cart at 8:55, got 5 or so errors and then Google stripped it from my cart.

Super sad about this.

Nexus 10 (32GB) Ordered. A couple of hiccups loading the product page and adding it to my cart, but after a couple of retries, I got it ordered.

No Confirmation email yet, but it shows under my orders in the Play Store.

Shipping Estimate 11/15

Finally was able to get my 16GB Nexus 10 to check out. $446.41 incl tax + 2 day shipping to CA. What a mess with the checkout. Was trying to add to cart since around 8:45AM (PST). Got it into my cart shortly before 9AM. Then it would error out till around 9:15AM. Around 9:20 it would start showing the pop-up with the pay screen. Got a couple of errors till I was able to pay at 9:25. I was checking Google wallet around the same time and that was a mess too. You could see that they fixed the credit cards and then the pop-up in the cart started working. Purchase history is still down on wallet.

If I knew which retail partners would have them, I would have waited to save shipping and the hassle of the play store. I remember JR had the Nexus 7 a week or two later and it was free ship and no tax. Eventually got my 8GB Nexus 7 from staples at a steal since it was open box and I used some gift cards.

so not fair.. i'm still seeing the same's page i saw yesterday.. didn't even have a chance to order.. everything but the n7 says "notify me".. sad monkey :(

Google didn't learn anything from the nexus 7. No detailed communication at all regarding on sale time etc.... Had to get all my info from forums. Apparently the general consensus of 9am PST turned out to be false.

Why can't they even announce on an on sale time? Last I heard 9am PST and then it goes up like 30min early. Congrats to everyone who got one but I seriously doubt you'll be receiving it anytime soon!

I was on 30 minutes early and it still didn't work. This really makes me wonder why Google bothers with a retail channel that it clearly is incapable of managing.

Just like apple come on this 2012 stop trying to to make your phone look good by having low stock.

HA! jst like the other guy, emails comes later that the purchase i made went through... i got the BUMPER! but no mention of the phone!

Horrible process. I got an error probably 10 times before it finally took. Guess I can't complain too much since it did eventually let me order.

Be happy you got through, I got nothing but errors for 20 minutes, before it was sold out, and I got screwed. Man I am so frustrated. I need a phone and looks like the Lumia 920 is the way to go now...

Waaait if you got a confirmation email by google, does that mean you purchased it? It says my credit card has not yet been charged but it will once it's shipped? :O

What a cruel cruel joke by Google, I just went and checked site for the 16gig and it was in stock but couldn't get past the proceed screen.

got mine at 8:46 for 16gb N4, but they charge me 2 times!!!!

now i have 2 order confirmation which i have 2, damn!! i only need one!!

I am pretty ticked. Last time this happened I was making fun of iPhone fanboys for this mess, there are too many Android phones out there to waste my time but I did that anyways. -face palm-

If you got an email you are pretty much good to go, it should be on your card as a pending charge if you call your CC company.

Hey, if anyone inadvertently got more than they wanted for the N4 16GB; let me know; I can take one off your hands

I was quite lucky to be refreshing at 11:33, and managed to get a 16gb. Now to cancel my duplicate orders...

I did not notice it was up at around 9:30 mountain time, but I got on to the store around 10 o'clock and saw they are in stock. I was able to add an 8gb into my cart and tried to check out but go error, but after several tries I finally checked out but did not get to confirmation page it just froze there. But checked my bank my card was charged and transaction appeared in Wallet. And 45 minutes later I got a confirmation email from play store. Looks like I'll be getting my Nexus 4 this weekend LOL. One problem might be that people got error and kept trying and caused the system to sell them several nexus 4s. So I guess many people would receive more units than they initially wanted. Well, this is the first time I've ever experienced such hype over a phone, But Google really FUCKed this up....

UPDATE: it appears to be shipping on the 15th according to my order page in the play store. I don't know how long will it take to get from Cali to Utah. But thank god I got one...

It took about 40 minutes to get the confirmation email... but feeling confident now I landed a 32GB N10. Folks... you have to keep trying, refreshing, re-adding to cart and hitting proceed... it took me almost 30 minutes of back and forth before it went through. If it says "notify" hit refresh... they are not necessarily sold out. Not sure what is going on at Google, but be PERSISTENT.

I'm wondering whether Google not withstanding demand for N4 over an hour within the US and Globally is for or against it's reputation; this is a joke compared to how Apple prepares for launch, they can't even accept orders with a delayed shipping schedule! Very poorly executed launch; I wonder how the demand would have been if there was a 32GB version or a smaller phone i.e. 4.2" with a slightly thinner bezel appealing for a significantly larger customer base (think Apple before you disagree with me on this one..) and seriously qualifying to run over the iPhone!

My wish list for Google offerings:

1) Provide 32GB and even 64GB - 128GB versions if possible, I'm cool not having an SD Slot if you provide that option.
2) Provide headphones with volume that works, no need for hacker y and third party utils to change a volume without taking phone out of pocket, come on, that's on iPhone since 2007!
3) Notifications over icons i.e. email counts etc.
4) Provide 2 sizes (4.0" - 4.2") and (4.6" - 5.0"), I'd lust for a 4.2" phone with smaller bezel.
5) Lose the useless band with on screen buttons wasting precious screen pixels, provide capacitive buttons i.e. HTC has a winner design. Smaller phone can be a bit thicker if need to be compensate for battery requirements. Make buttons invisible unless they are glowing to get the zen factor of purity ..etc.
6) Please update Chrome with Full screen browsing, Apple is cracking jokes on you rightfully for atrocious waste of space during landscape browsing and lost screen space to upper band, browser tabs, address tab and the ultimately useless button tab even though your tablets aspect ratio is higher i.e. 16:9 which magnifies all the above!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up Google on this one and brush politics aside and fix it......
7) Lose that stupid Google search band that you shove up our faces in every single screen.. May be put it as the default, make it a must have icon on one screen, but not a darn full band in every darn screen!!!!!!! You already fixed a swipe for Google Now from the home button which is fine...
8) Provide a lock screen with a slide that can have a pattern / password after you slide.. Now the option is No security and slide, or an ugly screen with an always on Lock pack...

All these IMHO are must haves not nice to have enhancements like faster, better battery or smarter voice commands or providing a notes / tasks / voice recording / compas utilities out of the box with the phone!! or improving Google Voice reliability, or merely asking for folders / shelves in Google Books to organize your library ..etc. That we can wait for Google's army of engineers to evolve and improve over time but the above 8 points are low hanging fruits that will dramatically make your clients happier and there's no reason not to do it...

What do you think guys??

I care about none of those things except a 32gb version would have been nice. I especially don't want notification over icons (there is a reason Apple took Android's version of notifications and that's because it's unquestionably better) or capacitive buttons. For myself, I care about things that make the phone more functional (better battery life/speed/power) and care very little for useless things that are pretty.

After going through 15 min of BS to place order didnt get one. Checked CC account and not charge. 45min later get confirmation email from google saying it'll be here in 3-5 days. Complete and total disorganization, not sure if I even want it anymore.

Thanks to google's servers getting hammered, I accidentally bought 2 extra nexus 7 3g's. Thought briefly about keeping the orders, and reselling, but didn't think I could make a profit on them, since they weren't sold out.

You have only 1 hour to cancel the order, but taking in consideration the delay the confirmation email have, you have almost only 30 min.
What you can do is to leave a note on your front door with the tracking number and stating you don't want to accept the order and Google will refund you 100% of what you paid.

Whoa, bummer. I guess I knew I was playing a type of game by trying to order this, but I stayed up until Midnight waiting, and then woke up at 5:00AM to start refreshing the order page. As soon as the button appeared, I attempted to order, but the item was removed from my cart and now we're back to "Notify Me" -- I wish I'd learn that trying to get a device early isn't actually very much "fun."

Back in stock again... the 16 gig just showed back up for me. Maybe they are releasing more every hour or two to try and keep their servers up?

everyone complaining about people buying more than one phone should just have a Coke and Smile and shut the f@$k up just saying.

OK, got my order for the 16 GB N4 in. If you didn't get a chance at it, keep trying! Mine went through at 12:47 EST. It looks like the Google servers are getting hammered. Good luck.

My Nexus 4 16Bg order went through pretty smooth at 10:56:50 AM CST.

A minute ago the 8Gb was available again. I reckon if you keep refreshing a few more will become available as they figure out how many they really have left after the barrage of duplicate orders and cancellations.

I am surprised that Google wasn't more prepared for the amount of traffic on their servers. I kinda thought they had some experience in scaling web software :)

That sucks that some people are having a problem, now I feel fortunate.

I had the 32 GB Nexus 10 store link up, running a link refresher set to every 10 seconds. As soon as I saw "Add to Cart" pop up, I put my order in and received an order confirmation screen, order number, my account charged and can see the order in my Google Wallet account.

Order went through at 11:34 EST.

Check your google wallet accounts one of my "failures" actually did go thru and I ended up with two orders so I cancelled one. I just got my email confirmation (approx 45 minutes after the order was placed) for my good order so nothing left to do but wait :) -- good luck everyone!

My Nexus 4 16GB went through at 10:51 CST after repeated refreshes. Took about 10 minutes to show on Google Wallet, another 10 min. for confirmation email.

Just tried calling them to confirm that everything's good with my order, and they gave the following message: "Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to take your call at this time." the launch of your new flagship phone and 10" tablet? Yeah, who ever would have foreseen that being busy?


I had a page refresh extension on Chrome that notified me when it changed from COMING SOON to ADD TO CART - about the 6th try right around noon Central time (1:20 after they first went on sale) - my screen allowed me to pick my shipping address and BUY IT.

I have a receipt, a Order Number, and my Bank of American card was CHARGED.

Keep trying you guys! Just refresh until it says ADD TO CART

GOT MY N4 8GB @ NOON CENTRAL- $340.90 TOTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP REFRESHING LIKE A MAD MAN! THEY STILL HAVE MORE :D:D:D

Thanks!! I listened to your advice and was able to order a 16GB N4. I was surprised because it was placed at 2:38 EST...I didn't think I had a chance. I couldn't get the bumper though but no big deal.

Both the 8GB and 16GB continue to pop-up, just keep refreshing. I was just able to get two of the 16GB versions.

Correct, I don't think they're sold out either.

I just successfully ordered a 16GB at 12:48PM Eastern Time in the US.

I had been trying since 11:38AM. The cart had been automagically emptied 9 times before I got an order processed and a confirmation.

Same issues, "Error processing your request." One would think an enormous internet company like Google would be able to handle the masses but this time they failed to deliver.

I was waiting for the nexus 4 since it got out, and finally when the site said "in stock" I tried to buy it like 15 times (just like everyone else) I even got to the point where the screen says: proccesing... I mean I thought I had nailed it, and suddenly the screen when back to the cart (chekout page) and I kept trying and trying.......5 minutes after it was sold out.

I was so pissed that I was even decided to buy it on ebay at a higher price, but then I had to get some lunch.

30 minutes after I recieved a confirmation email from play store......I'm so happy but it was so weird, I never got to any confirmation screen.

I guess google wasnt prepared for any on this, and Im so sorry for everyone who didnt got to buy it, I was there 5 minutes ago.

if in my Google wallet it says that my order is pending does that mean that it went through?

Yeah, it's definitely not sold out. I don't plan on ordering one right now, but I was curious if it was actually sold out. If you refresh the page a few times, click add to cart, and then hurry and click proceed, you bypass the error screen. I got all the way to the page where I had to enter my information. KEEP TRYING GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you keep refreshing the page with the device you want, it will change the notify bar to a add to cart button. I ordered the nexus 4 16gb 5 minutes ago

Finally got a 16GB w/ some mad F5ing. Google botched this launch horribly, but it still took me longer to get GABF tickets from Ticketmaster this year...

My order was placed. My CC was charged and I just got my conformation email!! YAY!
16GB will be on the way soon!
I wouldn't let me order a bumper though....oh well. Ill just be gentle. haha

And watch availability not be an issue after today. We all know from history that devices sold through the Play store have an audience that wants bleeding edge so once that audience is sold to the crushing demand is gone. Remember people buying Nexus devices are either a)geeks/tech people or b)family/friends of those poeple

this is such bs. I was literally refreshing every 5 min this morning to be sure to get it and i still couldn't get an order to process. You would think google would have the tech for a preorder/backorder system. that was 30 min of my life that i will never get back

I have been able to add the 16 and the 8 to a cart and proceed all the way to check out, pick my card and everything. Im not in the market for one right now but it did let me. I would just keep refreshing the screen so that you can get one, good luck all!

got a 16 ordered. used internet explorer.. the order was many times less hassle than on chrome.. also the refresh was better

Just saw the 8gb was available (if, ever so briefly, as it's gone again), so clearly they're not out of stock. I'm definitely holding out for a 16gb though, it's the only way to go. I'm on chrome extension auto-refresh all day! (1:30 ET)

No lying, I decided to try on a new browser and did it on Firefox... Got mine on first try 12:30 Central time.

Same here, chrome and IE kept showing "Coming Soon". Just now, fired up firefox and worked on the first try. Good luck everyone!

I just ordered myself a 16GB @ 1:31 EST. I could have ordered a second one 2 minutes later after hitting refresh a few more times. Was gonna try to order one for a friend but he decided he didn't want one.

They are still available, you just need to keep hitting refresh.

Be sure to check your Google Wallet account. I had the same thing happen to me, and I ended up having one of the orders go through after all.

Just got one at 1:36 PM Eastern Time (NJ). Thanks for the refreshing suggestion. I kept refreshing for 10-15 minutes straight with multiple processing errors and cart saying empty. When I got to the Processing page I clicked it multiple times and the Checkout window came up. Talk about Nexus fiend lol. If your desperate like I was keep trying.

And I just received confirmation that I have a phone! WOO! My advice: keep trying, and don't underestimate the power of persistence. Hopefully, the Nexus 5 launch will go more smoothly.

Keep trying folks. Just Got my 8GB by clicking between the devices till i saw add to cart. It was going back and forth between the two so i just clicked the 8 GB one and it worked, went through the whole check out and i have a receipt ! Whoohoo! finally! There is still HOPE!

If you press F5 several times, it will go between "Notify me" and Add to cart."

From a sysadmin PoV, it sounds like a load balancer issue.

Load balancers should still be... balanced, as far as inventory goes. I'm pretty sure that the in-and-out of stock phenomenon is caused by locked carts failing (then releasing back to inventory) along with cancellation re-stocks from folks like who struggled to reach a confirmation page while managing to successfully (unknowingly) place multiple orders.

Google is a complete disaster with order handling here. I had 4 total orders go through, first cancelled due to CC fraud alert. Of the remaining three, tried to cancel two but apparently I didn't do it within the "cancellation" window on one of them. I'm not even going to attempt calling them up.. that and I'm kind of afraid if I manage to cancel one of the remaining two then I will end up with nothing. Please fix your dumb cart issues Google! Also, allow pre-orders. That alone would prevent a lot of this nonsense.

Those of us who haven't been able to get one really appreciate you buying them all up. I just hope that you actually needed 5 and didn't just get them to resell at a profit.

Good luck with that. I doubt the market will be like that "other" smart phone. Android folks tend to be too thrifty and patient to deal with gouging reseller markup.