Nexus 4

Third-party retailers still selling the device, but no indication of how long stock will hold

Update: The Verge is reporting via a "trusted source" that this is the end of the road for the Nexus 4 in the U.S., and that no new N4 stock will be arriving.

Original story: After seeing the 8GB version of the Nexus 4 go out of stock on Google Play a mere two weeks ago, we have to say it isn't completely surprising that the 16GB version has just gone out of stock today as well. Now normally we wouldn't give too much thought to a device going out of stock on the Play Store — the Nexus 4 has a pretty shaky history of availability — but the timing here is more interesting than usual.

If you recall back to our original coverage of the 8GB model going out of stock, sources familiar with the situation indicated that it would not be restocked in the Play Store, letting the 16GB live on as the only model. Now with both variants unavailable from Google Play, we have to think its a little late in this device's life cycle to be refreshing the inventory levels.

Now of course if you're still looking to get your hands on a Nexus 4 there are plenty of options out there. Naturally, third-party retailers still have both capacities in stock in many cases — T-Mobile will even sell you one still. But the device going out of stock (potentially for good) from Google directly likely hints to something coming to take its place soon.

Of course many people are also noting that the Nexus 7 LTE has gone out of stock in the Play Store today too, but we don't see how the two are related. When demand outpaces supply in the first run of a product, it goes out of stock — we can probably expect more New Nexus 7's to be available soon.


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Nexus 4 16GB now out of stock on Google Play, too


But, you do realize, the price is going to skyrocket, if you purchase anywhere other than the Play Store...

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Prints were higher already on other places. A 16 GB Nexus 4 goes for
about 400 on

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That sucks, but yea, you had plenty of time. We all knew the 5 was on it's way, and the 8 going out of stock should have been an indication that it was time to act.

I'm glad I snagged one, it's a great phone and I still almost feel like I stole it @ $250.

I agree. Ordered my 16GB version the day of the $100 price drop. I was afraid they'd sell out quick. I knew the Nexus 5 was coming but $250 was too good to pass up. Besides I can always get the 5, too! :-)

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That's what I did and will do. Bought it the day the price dropped. My T-Mobile contract is up next month and I plant to buy a couple of Note 3's or GS 4's on subsidy via a third party retailer, sell them and buy the next nexus phone with the profits. It's great to have a great grandfather ed plan from TMo!

Let me know when the Nexus 6 gets here. Me and Pris will have a lot of catching up to do...

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I think even if it was still at $350 it's still the best thing!

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I agree. Even this far into the game it is still one of the top Android phones out there. And won't be obsolete in another ten months.

The price point made it hard to pass up. I had to resist getting one myself. Now that it's sold out, bring on the Nexus 5 :-)

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I'm hoping a limited stock of them shows up on Groupon. I'd get one as a fallback device for sure.

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Time for the next Nexus.

Problem is they haven't even invited the press out for the announcement much less even scheduled one. Means we are at least several weeks out at a minimum, surely.

Yeah, several weeks to the announcement of the announcement and then a good month or two from the announcement to the release.

What? The N4 was released two weeks after it was announced...

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Yea, released 2 weeks later, but immediately sold out and several months until generally available. Maybe that's what he meant.

Even though I love this phone, I'm ready for the upgrade!! Bring on the new nexus!! Maybe I'll be able to get a little more cash for mine now... Lol

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The big winners? Leaches on Craigslist. They can go back to an inflated price. They already tried to charge a premium price for the 8GB model when it sold out.

Yeah, unfortunately, people will pull that crap again. I'm sure, the same thing will happen, when the next Nexus is released.

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I ordered my Nexus 4 when the price dropped. I'm very impressed with the speed of the phone. Coming from the Galaxy Nexus I didn't think there would be that great of difference in the speed of the device but I was very wrong. I am wondering how much faster the Nexus 5 will be.

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Yeah, I was wrong, too. Coming from the Galaxy Nexus, I was surprised to see no lag from the Nexus 4; and I've been using it heavily, each day.

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Might be the sOc. The Galaxy Nexus has a1.2gHz dual-core TI OMAP processor and 1 GB of RAM. Compare that to a 1.5 gHz Qualcomm snapdragon chip and 2 GB of RAM, and you would certainly hope the Nexus 4 performs better.

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The Google Play Edition Galaxy Nexus is on 4.3. I believe 4.4 is the last update it will receive, as it would have been 2 years of updates.

I can't speak for the Verizon GNex. If it does see another update, it'll be the last one, for sure.

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Glad I grabbed mine when I did last makes a perfect replacement device, and I love being all free n' clear of contract entanglements -- and the entanglements of manufacturer UIs and carrier bloatware!

I'm looking forward to the Google Play version of the N5, or whatever they decide to call it, but take your time n' get it right, Google n' LG (presumably). I'm happy with my N4 and it'll keep me happy for a good while....I can wait.

I am glad I bought one. Enjoying every second with it. Plus it was hard to pass by $250 price tag.

Bring on the Nexus 5 baby. I hope Google and Sprint worked something out so that they can be sold through Google. Maybe do something similar to how Apple does it.

That is a sign of good things are on the way. Both the 8 and 16GB models are still in stock here in Australia.

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Yep.. I've been considering getting one for my bro as a b'day gift this month-end. I saw this headline today morn and immediately checked Google Play Australia, and its still listed. Better not ponder it any longer, I guess.

I feel sorry for the people who got it. Worse for the ones that thought the other was a steal....

It's actually a great phone. I'm still in the market, for the next Nexus device, though. But, the Nexus 4 is one helluva phone and will be one helluva backup.

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It is the storage that is the loser for me. I won't just "go to the cloud" and 16 GB is not enough for what I need.

I am pissed that Google didn't set a standard with 32/64 GB of storage. 8/16 makes the N4 a loser for me

With so many options out there with those specs why do you feel the need to bash on this one? Should we nexus fans take jabs at your Note 3 (when you get it) at the fact your still running jelly bean 6 months after kitkat is released?

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Why would you feel sorry for them? The nexus 4 is a beast of a phone and will be supported by Google for years to come.

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Most expect a N5. But could this be LTE or more memory related in some markets?

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This means the accessories for my newly purchased Nexus 4 will be going on sale... I feel a new case coming my way very soon!

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I don't understand why they wouldn't keep selling them so long as they are still selling. Or maybe Google isn't going to carry them but 3rd party retailers will still get new stock? Hell of a budget phone for some carriers. Why not. I'm pretty sure you can still get new versions of the GS2 so why not have a great phone like the N4 out there for a couple more years. Apple still sells a lot of 4S's.

Maybe I'm just sad I never got a chance to get one as I've been under contract it's entire life cycle.

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So glad I picked up a 16gb version for my girlfriend's birthday, she's on net10 $50 unlimited plan with a very old featurephone that gets basic web on a really pathetic wap browser, at $249 it was an absolute no-brainer.

When I saw the 8GB model drop out of stock I knew I had to snatch one up, great phone for a amazing price. I was a little afraid she would think the phone too big so I researched what else you could get for around $200 - $299 off contract and the results and down right depressing. Nexus4 blows everything else in it's price range away.

i had bought the 8GB on Sep 1.

wanted to order another one on sunday, but didn't realise they were out of 8GB ones...duh i should've known better :)

so ordered the 16GB ... just in time.... phew!!! i'm glad i did, for once my timing was good :))

I have bought 3 nexus phones for myself and my family since the price drop. Two 8GB and one 16GB. There is simply no phone I would reccomend over the Nexus 4 at this point. I am still buying the Nexus 5 when it comes out

Oh dear Nexus 4. How I longed for you. My sister bought the 8 GB about 5 days before the price drop (they gave her the $100 rebate with no problem). I activated it for her and just in the time I activated the thing, I fell in love with it. I was sort of hoping they'd still be available later this fall so I could replace my Galaxy S3 with one. But this gives me an excuse to go for the Nexus 5. As long as it's on the miraculous subsidy that Google placed the Nexus 4 on. I am both thrilled and depressed at this news. Not surprised though because the 16GB staying in stock was nothing but a pipe dream.

I'm hoping whatever the new nexus device is, it will be compatable with verizon network

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If it is compatible with Verizon it'll probably only work with their LTE bands, as the CDMA tech is proprietary and would slow down updates.

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I am somewhat happy the nexus 4 is sold out now bring out t he nexus 5 which im assuming is the same price

I love my Nexus 4 but the glass right to the edge makes it that much more fragile, first cell phone ive ever cracked the screen, that and the back got all scratched to hell which I dont care about but now for the next model to replace my touch phone with only 80% touching field working woot woot

I would love to know what the final/total production run numbers were for the Nexus 4. Even though it's not my daily driver at this point I plan to hang on to my 16GB model for a long time.