Android CentralThere won't be a launch event, but that doesn't mean launches aren't happening. Google today announced a new Nexus phone, along with a new tablet -- and updated a current one. Here's the breakdown of what you need to know:

  • Nexus 4 by LG: There's not a whole lot about this phone we didn't know, but it's now official. You'll be able to get an unlocked Nexus 4 starting Nov. 13. There's an 8GB version for $299, and a 16GB version for $349. There currently are no LTE versions, but it's coming to T-Mo U.S. on contract. UK prices start at £239.
  • Nexus 7 refreshed: This guy's been around for a few months now. The bottom end is now a 16GB version for $199, and 32GB for $249. You can find it in various retailers already.
  • Nexus 10 announced: Samsung's back with a 10-inch Nexus tablet. Pure Google. It's running $399 for a 16GB version, and $499 for a 32GB model. It'll be available Nov. 13 in the U.S., UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Canada and Japan. In the UK, prices start at £319.
  • Android 4.2: And, of course, we've got a new update to Android. It's still called Jelly Bean. New features include "photo sphere" for the camera, which basically is a 360-degree panorama. The keyboard's gained gesture typing and improved prediction. There's a new "Daydream" feature for when your device is docked. Tablets get support for multiple users. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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The next wave: Google refreshes its Nexus line


Me too! I love my Xoom but it might be time to upgrade. For all intents and purposes the Xoom was the 1st Nexus tablet (at least the Wifi version). Been a great tablet for me and love the upgrades it gets.

Agreed. The Xoom is a little long in the tooth. Plus I can't wait to get my hands on something running A15 cores.

Just sold my XOOM for 200 bucks to a buddy who really wanted to get a tablet for a good price. All pumped to order my new Nexus 10! Let's hope the 'Notify Me' emails actually work before it gets sold out.

Depends on the configuration of the unit... OG wifi Xoom is essentially a Nexus tablet -- currently runs Jelly Bean stock and is pretty much a test bed for the latest updates direct from Google...$200 is not a bad price for GED tablet

That's not a ripoff. I had a Xoom and that thing was a beast, especially for playing games. And the HDMI worked perfectly for streaming Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Crackle. It handled anything I threw at it.

Only 10" tablet that will and has seen every update, besides the new Nexus 10". Also Tegra 2 and 1GB of ram is no slouch even in today's standards. I will take mine to my grave. And it's built like a tank.

Expect the windows 8 can expand its market, and hope Nokia can beat Apple,Hope this dream can come true, i hate Apple. And today i find this website also rumored many news abot latest phones and accessories.

What do you store on the device that is so memory intensive? Everything is streamed from the cloud now a days...

I hardly play any games, I AM on wi-fi and data ALL day long. The only time I don't is when I'm on an airplane or in the middle of no where on vacation, in which case, I'm glad I don't have a data connection.

Add 4 gameloft or other quality games and that right there eats 8GB of space. My 32GB Nexus is filled to the brim without even trying. Also the cloud sucks your data fast. Not to mention the cloud in general sucks.

The T-Mobile HTC One S had an S4 and does not have LTE. Not every S4 has an LTE chip built in...that would limit Qualcomm's customer base immensely.

One has to think an LTE version will come out and be a 32GB...I would assume Google would come out and say "there will not be a nexus on vzw this year"

After vzw screwed Google updates, you really think Google is going to work with them? I think vzw users are going to have to move on to other carriers for nexus for a year or so. That's just my guess though.

We knew it wasn't going to have LTE based on the FCC report. Gotta figure based on Google's previous devices that 32GB was a long shot too.

If Sprint and Verizon get a Nexus 4, it'll have LTE. Google does things differently then Apple by announcing their devices in the play store first (whem most people can get it), and then the carriers have their own versions on the way. I suggest anyone waiting should wait till the 13th at the least. I have faith that there will be carrier ones like the T-Mo one.

Yeah...I'm pretty sure there will be versions for the other US carriers eventually. The Nexus S 4G didn't show up until six months after the Nexus S was announced.
For the Galaxy Nexus, it was a Verizon exclusive for several months then eventually came out on Sprint and then came to the Google Play this just seems like they are learning their lesson from the GN and going back to the Nexus S-style of release. I do hope we don't have to wait six months this time around, though. My NS4G is starting to feel rather weak...

LTE just isn't ready for prime-time yet. When T-Mobile, Sprint, and the rest of the world start rolling it out, then we can whine about a non-LTE device.

You're joking, right? LTE is ready for prime-time, some carriers are just slow to adopt it. If it wasn't "ready for prime-time," no carrier would be using it. Users on There's nothing wrong for Verizon, At&t, and Sprint users to not buy a phone that is lacking in LTE, especially if they've gotten used to using it. Blank statements like your are prone to being attacked. Just saying brother.

Why doesn't the LTE version of the Galaxy S 3 have a quad-core processor? Because quad-core CPU's are not ready for LTE yet... Just saying brother, the two American carriers that have halfway rolled out support for LTE are just a drop in the ocean. 12 months from now when CPU and battery tech catch up and some other carriers start building out LTE networks is when we should start to care about LTE.


that about sums it up for me

+9000 I read that article already brother. I see what you mean. But, don't forget that the quad core S4 pro has been outfitted to work with LTE.

While 32 GB would be ideal, no LTE? Instant buy. I don't want my phone to be out of battery in less than 8 hours...

+1 - That's why I hate CDMA networks and will never be a Verizon or Sprint customer. Once CDMA is dead and phones work on every network in the country, then they could get my business if their plans and prices are better than the others. That's how the networks should really compete.

Agreed. I am on TMO and will never move to CDMA.
I dare to dream that one day CDMA will be no more, EVERYBODY will be on GSM.
Probably not happening in my lifetime though..

More likely to happen is everybody will end up being on LTE Voice, that is what Verizon is trying to move to.

+9000 When LTE becomes the worldwide standard, GSM and CDMA will be no more. When carriers start to sunset their GSM and CDMA networks, you have to wonder what will become of the MVNOs that rely on the GSM and CDMA networks of the larger carriers? Because as it stands, MVNOs don't have access to the LTE networks of the larger carriers. Would they eventually develop their own?

GSM should have died a while ago. TDMA networks are old tech. The only reason we think of GSM as better than CDMA is because Europe forced GSM to be a common standard and shared under FRAND agreements. GSM is only still alive because of the addition of WCDMA, GPRS, UMTS, and HSPA networks working in parallel with GSM to handle data traffic.

If the EU had embraced CDMA(Qualcomm) instead, GSM(Nokia) would have already died. And both will eventually be replaced by LTE, LTE-advanced and whatever they call the next tech.
Both GSM and CDMA will be go the way of analog in the next 10-15 years or so.

Actually, we think of GSM as better because we can pop the SIM card out of any phone and use it in any other phone. It's not the GSM per se that we love, it's the card.

Ummm, I guess you're a Qualcomm employee? US is probably one of the last CDMA hold-outs left. GSM is the way to go with the advent of HSPA+ and now LTE (GSM variant).

$299 for a brand new unlocked phone? That's an incredible price. Wow. And $399 for a tablet with those specs?

My iPad will be for sale soon.

In the meantime, Google should push Android 4.2 to the current devices, at least to my Nexus 7!!!

I want a nexus 4 to play with at 350 for 16gb even though I'm a Verizon customer . The price is good enough to ha e a spare. Also want to exchange the nexus 7 I just got today for a 3G one ! Exciting

Sure. I'm a very happy Verizon customer who isn't interested in buying a GSM version just to have it. Despite the fact that there a lot of us Verizon folks who do love our Galaxy Nexus', there seems to be a large contingency who believes we don't deserve that "pure Google experience" just because we've purchased ours through Verizon (or Sprint) anyway. I was really hoping for a surprise here and Google announcing an LTE version as well. No biggie...that Note 2 is looking awfully sexy.

I am in the same boat with you. I have the Gnex, but I realize (as I hope you do) that the large contingency is Verizon. Not google. I will be ditching Verizon and getting this unlocked

I hope more people eventually follow you and ditch Sprint and Verizon all together for more open networks! lol.

1. It's not a matter of 'not deserving' the pure Google experience, it's that you don't actually have it (speaking as a recently former Sprint customer).
2. This is Google's announcement. They did not touch on T-Mobile getting it because they're not T-mobile. Google not announcing the device for VZM or Sprint doesn't mean they won't eventually get it. There are just a lot more hoops involved in putting out a CDMA phone than a GSM phone.

Complain to VZW. Demanding a device from the network is the only way to get it on there. That or you could jump ship as I did. it's pretty nice not having to pick from a limited selection of devices (not to mention skipping the bloatware).

No, I really am quite happy with Verizon. My call clarity and data speeds are fantastic. I'm just disappointed that Google isn't releasing an LTE version at launch. If it was a nice enough device, I very well may have come out of pocket for it. But really, it isn't a big deal...there are lots of nice devices to choose from.

Same here. I buy my phones based on hardware, not software. The Nexus One was a as I recall a cutting edge high end phone. The Nexus S was the first phone with NFC. The Nexus Galaxy and Nexus 4 don't have anything new in terms of hardware and both lack hardware features I believe important (both lack an SD card slot, and the Nexus 4 doesn't have a removable battery). I don't really care which version of Android a phone comes with since I can install a custom rom that is up to date within a couple of weeks of Google releasing a new version so long as the phone I have is still popular.

Yeah...I'm not overly impressed by the 4. It looks nice, and I'm sure it will be great, but I'm starting to want more out of my phone and this isn't exactly what I was hoping for. But that's the beauty of android...lots and lots of choices!!

Although what you say is probably true, you don't have to be a dick about somebody expressing their opinion.

The Nexus line was not originally intended to be solely a developer phone. With the Nexus One Google wanted to experiment with cutting out the middle man when buying a phone (also the reason the Nexus One didn't sell well since the middle men, the carriers, did not take kindly to the attempt to remove them from the picture). With the addition of the Nexus devices to the Play store this summer Google is attempting this again (possibly also seen by the lack of a CDMA/LTE version of the Nexus 4).

And even if it is "only a developer phone" then it is even more reason to have an SD card slot. If Google's latest version of Android supports something, the developer phone they release needs to have it. A developer phone is meant to develop (test) software on, and you cannot test a feature if the required hardware is missing. This is exactly why the Nexus line should be top-of-the-line hardware and "the first Android phone with X".

Nexus isn't developer phone any longer, nexus is what Google wants it to be. In the past it has pushed the hardware limits, today it pushes inexpensive devices to give immediate updates to customers who want them.

Even still, it's also a developer device, and cdma has never been a need for developing for the os.

If you buy phone just for the hardware, I think it would be a mistake if you would end up with a device with good hardware, but bootloader locked, cannot root unless breaking the warranty, next to zero future updates, and running a bloated skinned ui with bloatwares, IMEI number being tracked so can't tether. (I'm thinking Motorola and HTC).

Awesome prices for the phone, but it would have been better if they had an SD slot and LTE. However, I'm pretty sure it will sell well

Nexus devices will never have SD slot, I don't care about LTE myself, but I am optimistic there will be a carrier locked version that will come with LTE, similar to the Sprint and Verizon Galaxy Nexus,

Remember when it was rumored that multiple manufacturers would be making the next Nexus? I guess technically it was true. Although we didn't get multiple Nexus phones, Samsung, LG, and Asus each built a Nexus.

the refreshed nexus 7 just hyas a darker bezel thats it no spec change.... ill pass my first gen nexus 7 16gb is just fine.

I know the N4 specs are not what many were hoping for, but for $299/$349 off contract, it's a great deal. I for one welcome an affordable phone that will get timely Android updates. Inductive charging is pretty swell too.

+1! I thought for sure the 16GB version would be going for $500, not $350. I'll be buying this unlocked when my Sprint contract is up.

Holy shit how do you people keep parroting this? The nexus 4 will be the highest spec'd phone on the market by the time it's released and will maintain that for a decent amount of time. Who is complaining about the specs?

The only specs people are complaining about are the storage (8GB or 16GB) and the lack of a user-removable battery.

I've had my S3 for 4 months now and have never needed to remove the battery... so not a big deal.

On board storage is a big deal to me. I've used up 35 gigs so far on my S3 and another 60 some on my Note 10.1 (both with 64GB microSD)

People stop complaining about the nexus storage. Google has given you the same as if you had before.... let me explain

Before today, GNex (32 GB) + Nexus 7 (16 GB) = 48 GB

Today, Nexus 4 (16 GB) + Nexus 7 (32 GB) = 48 GB

They simply switched where the storage was. Still I'd be happier with more storage too..... a terabyte would be nice.

These are all great but the nexus phone isn't for me. Although it is a great price for someone looking not to renew their contract and still get a great phone. I will just stick with the note 2. Either way this is great news for android overall.

please please please give away a nexus 7 or 10.... nexus 10 looks amazing... but im afraid they are going to do what they did today next year which is throw away the lowest capacity and add a higher capacity for the same price

That's the way technology works. Over time, the cost to make older parts, such as chips and storage, gets cheaper. That means, eventually, you will always be able to buy more for less. The problem is, if you keep waiting for the next version with better parts, you will never buy anything because the next best thing will be a few months away. I got the Galaxy Nexus as soon as it was sold in the Play Store for GSM networks. Because I don't really need a quad core chip and 2 Gigs of RAM in my phone yet, I won't be getting the Nexus 4 but will probably buy the next Nexus phone (Like I did when I skipped the Nexus S and went from the N1 to the GN). However, I don't have a 10 inch tablet yet so I'll surely be getting the Nexus 10 and will upgrade from that only when I need to.

sales for nexus 10 will disappoint. there's nothing really compelling about it. nexus 7 had pull because it was a performer at a price point that wouldn't make too many people flinch. apple seems to be a bit defensive in its recent product launches, but most people (other than android fans) would rather get a $499 4th gen iPad over a $399 nexus 10. even with the better screen and dual speakers, etc... i want android to win in the tablet space, but it's not going to happen with this yet.

It will be interesting to see how Google advertises the 10 in the mainstream media. We have been inundated with iPad ads since day 1 vs. sporadic Android tablet ads. The iPad is definitely the mindshare champion due in large part to Apple's excellent marketing skills. Android did not start its smartphone dominance until massive, non-tech mainstream media Android phone campaigns, same could happen if Google, and OEM's advertise their tablets correctly.

The general tech blogs have also included the "but" when reviewing Android tablets about how superior the 264ppi iPad screen was even to the HD Prime etc. Now that 264ppi seems old vs. the 10's 300, and Jelly Bean is as smooth as iOS, it will be interesting to see what new "but" is included in every general tech blog Android tablet review.

my wife has the hspa/google nexus running on at&t, i have the verizon GN. for about the past 3 or 4 months her download speeds as tested on speedtest have been FASTER. so -- faster download speeds (uploads are slower), immediate updates, much better battery life, and a less expensive plan. i'm thinking of just trying to beg out of as much as possible of my early termination for verizon and getting the nexus 4 prepaid with t-mo. or i could do nothing and wait for 8 months for the next iteration of jellybean on verizon....

I would say adios to Verizon. Can't stand their policies, bullying etc.
LTE should be more readily available elsewhere (ATT and eventually by next year on Tmobile as well).

I am on Tmo and I have no issues using my Gnex, so much better pricing and Tmobile's HSPA+ speeds aren't that bad at all.
And I get to use my phone all day without having to recharge!

Looks like I'll skip the Nexus 4. I'm good with my Galaxy Nexus for now. I'll wait to see what tech comes in 2013. The tablets on the other hand are a different story. I'm thinking about getting the Nexus 10. But the Nexus 7 price is too awesome to pass up.

Hey Orion,
AM in the same boat. I have the GNex and am soo tempted to just pick up all 3 devices!
If I do, i will have 1 Gnex (wife), 1 Nexus 4 (me), 1 Nexus 7 (for my son) and 1 Nexus 10 (for the family)...
A nexus family for my family...!:-)

3 questions...

1) Does the N10 have HDMI output capability?

2) Does the N10 support USB on the go?

3) Does the N10 allow you to use USB otg *and* HDMI out at the same time?


Manual stated this but since they didn't have a launch seems like we don't know some inductive charging on N4?

1 - Yes, it has micro hdmi out
2 - not sure, but given that N7 does, my guess is yes, it would
3 - I don't see why not

For #3, it was stated a couple of different places at release time that the GSIII would allow for USB connection while using the MHL connector (thus the need for a new MHL dongle.) Months later and I have yet to hear of anyone actually getting it to work.

That said, if the N10 has a separate HDMI output, that is encouraging.


Anyone know what happens to Google's remaining Galaxy Nexus inventory? If they are selling the Nexus 4 at $299/$349, there should be some great deals to be had on the previous generation gnex...

Why only HSPA+ 21 Google! $hit if your not going to put LTE at least make it HSPA+ 42. We are approaching 2013.

Google releases Nexus 7 in 8GB and 16 GB versions. 16GB sells out, Google admits they didn't expect the demand for the 16GB model. Google updates capacity to 16GB and 32GB.

THEN they release a phone with 8GB and 16GB capacities to the same outcries?! Who made that silly decision?

Nexus 4 32GB LTE. Only version I'll look at even though I still want a MicroSD card.

+9000 I see what you mean. But, we all know it was to keep the price down. If they had released a 32GB Unlocked Nexus for sale in the Play Store, it would have been $400 at the minimum. In my opinion, once you hit the $400 price point, it's no longer considered a bargain, especially with the other deals to be had. Hell, I've seen Unlocked OG Notes going for $300-$400. Granted it's no Nexus, but deals are out there and Google is trying to compete on price.

I was really hoping to get An LTE version, but I'd rather have the latest, close-as-it-comes-to-AOSP Android version than wait. We are too far away from LTE being as open of a standard as Google needs. They tried with the GNex. And so did I.

I'm all in on the N4.

I don't think it was the LTE but more that Verizon and Sprint still use CDMA. Once everything gets switched over to LTE and it's all about the SIM cards, it could be more likely that all Google's phones will have LTE since all the networks should be running on it by then. I'm glad to see another person willing to switch for the time being though. I hope it sends a massage that people don't want locked down networks. :)

He was demonstrating how Google decided to change which type of device got more storage than the other... in other words, before, the phone got more than the tablet. Now, the tablet gets more than the phone.

Phil, please remove the 's after Google in the title.

And when can we expect 4.2 to be released to AOSP?

What retailers have the 32gb available to purchase? Amazon doesn't have it yet. Any brick and mortar places I can check?

So are you guys already sitting on a review model? I know this is crazy, but a preview, maybe?

/apologies for the second sentence

and I couldn't go another possible 2 years with a subpar shooter knowing better options were out there. The other problem I had as some have stated was with the radios and being a previous sprint employee I can tell you this has been a problem that has plagued Samsung (Smartphones) for some time now. The GPS Wifi and Cellular radios had very weak signal strength by comparison to any other mobile product I've used or currently own which spans from HTC to apple and lots in between. Maybe if you've only mostly used Samsung mobile products you wouldn't notice but sitting in front of you wifi router and only having 2 bars when my old Evo 3D got full bars 2 walls over is not acceptable. It went beyond that, the performance drop suffered as well from the weak signal strength. For those reasons much to my dismay I had to let'er go. I now have a Evo LTE running CM 10 and while its not perfect I love the hardware (kickstand, dedicated camera button, LCD2 display) and I have an Amazing Camera and expandable storage. I will admit development for it has been pretty slow recently mainly due to HTC restrictions but I also think devs were/are waiting for this new Android version announcement as not to do redundant work. Ipads for as limited as they are were looking bettend better. I got an ipad2 for my girl last year and wanted a tablet ever since I had to return my TF Prime due to a dead pixel in the screen. Then it happened BOOM Google I/O They show the Nexus 7 and I'm all like whaaaaat?, and Jellybean and I'm all like woooooord?, and project butter and I'm all like Thank God, and Google Now and I'm all like Siri who?, and then the Google Glasses presention and my creative mind is all inside my head like Whoooooooolly Shi..... You get the point. I was excited it was like new life for Android for me at least. After my excitement died down I did the above with the whole GN and whatnot and have been using CMX and Google Now on my Evo LTE since late August. Content with my phone I turned back to the tablet space. Having had the TF Prime for about a week and having an ipad in the house the 10inch form factor has always been my idea of a tablet so when there was no mention of a 10inch tablet at the June event I was a little bummed and had my sights set on the Infinity Prime. But then the rumor mill started churning and I decided to see how this will play out. Meanwhile the Nexus 7 started to look more and more appealing most reviews where giving praise and I was a little shocked a 7inch form factor could be so good. I'm 6'4 with big hands so tech being small is not of concern to me it's nice if it's lightweight but other aspects of small (super thin smaller screen) are not important to me. So I decided I'd get the Nexus 7 for my 15 year old nephew for his birthday. He lives in another state so I figured I could set it up for him and check for defects and get a chance to check it out. I was shocked how much I liked the 7inch form factor. It was a totally different experience than my TF or the ipad just on size alone. I could hold it one handed for hours, the grip on the back was comfortable and inviting not cold and slippery like the ipad and it was a GREAT price, got the 16Gig at a local Game Stop. After about a week as hard as it was I sent it to my Nephew and really considered getting one. Problem was like most have stated 16 gigs with no expandable storage for my nephew is ok but not for a power user like me. Mind you this is before any OFFICIAL news of a 32gig which I felt would be released eventually but you never can be to sure. So as hard as it was again I waited. But waiting in the tech world can but difficult almost torturous at times and with that said on October 26th 2012 I went to my nearest Microsoft store waited in line (first time not a bad experience at all free coffee food cool people give aways) got my free year subscription to xbox music and bought a Microsoft Surface....... Now before you throw stones I have no plans to leave android or Google services behind but I just had to see what Microsoft was bringing to the table. I love my Xbox360 with Kinect and use them both everyday and I love what Microsoft has done there so I gave e it a shot. Let's just say I love the damn thing. Learning curve for a savy person is about 3 days of continous use. I got the touch cover and it is something you truely have to try to understand how amazing it is. In all honesty I think I'm going to return it and get the pro version not because it's not a good product but because I'm so impressed with the form factor and build quality I'm going to just go ahead and replace my aging Viao Laptop altogether something RT can't do. Now which that out of the way onto the meat and potatoes. I read a lot of comments on here and the going feeling seems to be a sense of disappointment and let down by Google's Nexus efforts this go round. With the phone the negative criticism seems to be at a feverish pitch. Some of it is warranted with reason for concern like small storage options and I get it. Other things like the phones design, not so much. Let's face it last year when the GN was announced not many people used they statements they use today to describe the design. Trust me I have a memory like an elephant. Things that are considered beautiful about the GN today were stupid lazy and boring during its announcement. Things like why is the display curved I see no point in that, that's "Stupid" or they could've done something more with the front looks like every other black slab out there c'mon Google stop being "Lazy" or my personal favorite, meh looks "Boring" I'll pass. One key thing we all need to remember which I'm not sure why it's so hard to forget is most of those statements were made before ANYONE of those people ever TOUCHED the device. Now non removable battery not your cup of tea I get it, although I must say 2100mah on my Evo LTE hasn't failed me yet. 16gigs with no expandable storage not enough, damn skippy but alot of you say you'd be ok with 32 right? Yet the Nexus has taught you nothing? Smh relax a 32gig WILL be available. The Nexus line is attempting to go mainstream which is good for Google and the Android eco system, Most people in the "mainstream" are cool with 16gigs. I'm not justifying it but as a community sometimes I feel we need to broaden our horizons a bit. I hate to use this example but it's a good one. Most of the iPhones sold at least previous to the iPhone 5 (not sure of those stats yet) are the 16Gig model. Now I find that interested because the amount of content available to download and store on those devices if you include all the music available in iTunes all ibooks and all the apps in the app store is roughly double what's currently available on google play. Again I'm not saying one is better as an android user I find the selection for all categories to be just fine for my needs but it goes to the point. Even knowing they may potentially have 200 pics 25apps and 30-40 albums on they're phone unless someone suggest otherwise the average Joe usually opts for the 16 gig model. I know I sold thousands of the at sprint. Which brings me to my next point and that is that price even for apple consumers still plays a LARGE roll in a purchase. Now price match a 16Gig Nexus4/GN and an 16Gig IPhone5/4S at full retail for what you get and things start to look very good on Google's behalf. Competition is good as is choice we all agree Google is doing both by driving prices down unfortunately they are not at the level of popularity with the Nexus brand to go all out with each release like Apple. They have a test the waters strategy and it works it also means some of us have to wait a bit longer to get what we want and that sucks. But look at it this way would you wrather had the Nexus 7 release in 3 models at the same time 8gig 199, 16gig at 249, and 32gig at 299. Ooooooooor wait a few months and have the same thing but start at 99 for the 8gig 16gig for 199 and the 32gig for 249 and a possible 3G option at 299. I don't know about you but I like savings de monies lol. The Nexus 10 is coming under the same design fire and yet again non of use have touched/felt it or seen it in person. I'm sure we all can agree that at some point or another we've ran into a situation where once we saw/experienced in person you were pleasantly surprised with anything he'll could've been a person a car a piece of mobile tech whatever. All I'm saying is save the crucifying for after you've experienced it not beforehand. And with all that said without further adue, a do, ado, you know what I mean. I saw this earlier this morning funny thing is when I clicked the link on the verge it said the video was down. So I tried it on my desktop same thing. Went to YouTube on the ipad no dice, picked up the surface went into desktop mode gave it a go nadda. But ol faithful she knew I'd be back and she was waiting for me when I came. I searched for it in the YouTube app on my ANDROID phone FTW and it played no problem. I swear I think someone somewhere did it on purpose but give it a shot and enjoy. Cause the NEXUS line is in full effect. By the way the Nexus 4 DOES have a curved screen. One more thing of note the rumors of the 5 Nexus devices this year are only missing one device. 1.Nexus 7, 2.Nexus Q, 3.Nexus 4, 4.Nexus 10 5...........Nexus 5 maybe? Hmmmmmmmm we shall see won't we.

Haha Thanks for writing my research paper on how Android affects consumers. Ya know, they do make happy socks for people that have to "get it all out." Lmfao

Lmao @Happy socks they still make those? lol. really though I didn't realize it was that long until after I saw it. (yes I know that's what she said) I used voice dictation on my phone, when your speaking it, it doesn't seem that long #KanyeShrug

Man, I enjoyed reading it. Entertaining to read of someones experience of another device but return to/get excited about, I do as well.

I'm about to be in the market for a new tablet soon, so this comes right in the nick of time. The 16GB Nexus 7 will be all I can afford, but I'll gladly take it and sell my Kindle Fire to my in-laws to give to my niece.

Everybody's happy!

Wasn't planning on getting the new phone, my GNex will easily keep me good for the next year and maybe even longer. But I do plan on getting my son a Nexus 7 for Christmas and maybe even a Nexus 10 for myself!

I really want to go impulse buy one of these Nexus 7 tablets, but - the wife would impulsively kill me, I fear.

I hear you. I've already gotten clearance for an N10. I'm debating if I would be pushing it entirely too far by getting an N7 too.

The 7" screen is just the perfect size for gaming in the recliner.


Google needs to offer a trade in service. I pre-ordered a nexus 7 waited weeks for delivery and now I could get double the memory for the same price I paid for the 16gb. They release double the memory in a few months.

anyone else impressed with google now having its 4 most recent reference devices running a high end OMAP, Tegra, Exynos, and Snapdragon chips? Hows that for variety.

So I guess the rumor about having multiple Nexus phones and Google laying the groundwork specs for a manufacturer to follow were all a bunch of FUD? The Nexus 4 with no LTE and 16gb memory is a deal breaker for me. I guess I won't be selling my GS3 for a little while.

This rocks! Today is the first time that a phone has been available (presumable since it hasn't been released yet) on my Play Store (Canada).

Please forgive my ignorance...can one of you clarify this for me?
The new Nexus 7 with HSPA+ will work with AT&T and T-Mobile Networks,
but NOT with Verizon...because Verizon is CDMA?
I hope I'm wrong...I've been waiting for the 3G Nexus 7 for weeks.

Anybody know why the price difference between the 16GB and 32GB Nexus 7 is $50, but the price difference between the 16GB and 32GB Nexus 10 is $100?

ASUS, LG and Samsung.
It's a shame they can't get HTC and Sony into the mix somehow.

But it's a nice neat flow of devices.

I wonder how many people on the east coast at the moment wishes they had a spare
battery for there phone...

Just realized this, thanks to hurricane sandy google is quite literally going with the "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" strategy, very interested to see how this plays out

Just ordered my 32gig N7. My lady's brother will be happy now, he's getting my 16gig when this arrives..32gig 7 inch beast pad and my GSM GNex...I'm good now. Well I was good before with the 16gig but lately I've been storing a lot of pictures, games and movies...luv my lady here!? Luv u too babe... ;-)

Damn You Aikuchi !

Why did you have to post that link...

Shit... You just cost me $800.00....

*2* 5250 Exynos Powered Nexus 10's Coming Up...

Damn You! :-)

I think nexus4 is meant for developers n for developin markets like india, africa n south america which dont have LTE(4g) yet n yes 8 gb version is useless, i hope a 32 gb version comes out soon. plus havin said that i feel their is goin to b a issue wid android users.. on one side u have google who is goin to launch a new nexus every yr wid new os or new features added to the existin os n constantly updating their nexus line wid gr8 software features. while on other side company like sammy will provide wid gr8 hardware feature n new innovative things like in s3 n note2, but the os upgrade is goin to b problem wid them.. it will take many months for them to launch 4.1.2 n plus many more to get 4.2. by the 4.2 will reach ur s3 or note2.. google would have may be jumped to 5th version of android. so i see a hardware vs software battle ahead in future.

I have always wanted a Nexus Phone but since they have no SD Lot I haven't got them but DAMN Nexus 4 is so SEXY. I'll be getting it on xmas! :D

Won't be getting the Nexus 4. I love AMOLED so I'll stick with my Gnex. Not getting the Nexus 10 because it's too expensive, and I am getting the 32GB Nexus 7.

So looking at the Google Nexus site and noticed the time on all the pictures of all the Nexus devices are the same. Good ol time of 4:20 !! Nice job someone at google.

Out of all of the devices listed I would only consider getting the Nexus 10 tablet. - iPhone 4 & 5 cases / Galaxy S 3 cases/ & MUCH MORE!