Google Reader may be dead, but RSS is alive and well. And to that end, the Android app for Newsblur received a hefty update this week.

New in version 3.0 are a new story navigation pane and text view, and quick-and-easy forward and back buttons. Plus, you'll get a new logo, hidden comments, the ability to unsave stories, and the requisite bugfixes. 

Definitely worth a look if you're in search of a good RSS reader. 

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xtremevicky says:

Any better than Feedly?

Domnall says:

I started using it because Feedly was blocked at my work, but I actually like it a lot more. Less flashy stuff, more minimalist, syncs your read items across all devices flawlessly.

gordongr says:

RSS Demon gets looked over a lot, imo it's the best & I've tried a lot, I'm a news junkie

sublimaze says:

It must be damn near perfect if the last update was in Feb 2012.

jean15paul says:

Not to be confused with Philblur, which is an app to view curated photos of Phil Nickinson. :)

sojourner753 says:

I've been using Flyne and think it's great.

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Ano Niem says:

To me there is non better than gReader (Pro). And I might have tried them all. However I did ask the developper at his forum to add page flip with tap or swipe. Like when reading ebook. Scrolling through articles is really annoying with one hand and couldn't find any rss-app with that feature. I btw also asked the developper of the very nice app Press to add reversed/night view. With that added I would certainly purchase it. Any reading app without that is imo a direct fail.

Another thing all rss apps with Feedly cloud support should do is implement support for (for instance) the free inoreader-service. As alternative or backup for feedly cloud. They almost forced G+ integration if my memory serves me correctly.

That new app Flyne was to me a big dissapointment when I checked it out a few weeks ago after reading about it on AP. I can' t remember why I deleted Newsblur. Might retry it.
update: Newsblur terrible. Wants to sync with non existent Google Reader, No Opml-import, No reversed/ nightview. Etc. A waste of time in my case.