SwiftKey beta

A new beta version of popular keyboard app SwiftKey has been released today, adding the ability to bring in personalization info from Google+ and Evernote. (That's in addition to the emoji support added to SwiftKey beta late last year.)

The new SwiftKey beta also brings performance and UI improvements for emoji and a new themes selection menu, alongside the usual assortment of bug fixes. You'll find more info, and the download link, over on SwiftKey's official blog.

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New SwiftKey beta adds Google+ and Evernote personalization


that and the ability to customize keys! I'd love to make my mic button always there, with a long press to swiftkey settings....

Usually. It's frustrating if you're trying to type "i.e." or the like. That took me an extra 15 seconds to get right. But honestly I'm not sure how to get around this, maybe other than i.e. and e.g. being suggested words when SwiftKey sees "i." or "e."

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It's also annoying when typing email addresses that involve a period etc

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SwiftKey seems to be taking there time with this update. I really like the new theme viewer being able to see what the themes look like before applying them.

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I'm fine with their taking their time on this update. The current official version doesn't have any issues that desperately need to be addressed, so as long as they keep the stream of betas flowing, I don't mind.

The last beta version had serious lag when opening the keyboard in Chrome or Google Now. This version seems to have fixed that.

This update just seems a lot smoother and better than the last beta.. Wow after making the switch it's like night and day in terms of the predictions too..

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I'd you have the bought one, it will eventually get what the beta has for free.. Also since the app uploads your words etc to its servers there is no harm in having both the one in the store and the beta installed concurrently.. Both will also have their predictions synced

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