The Kogan Agora, if you didn't know, will be the world's Second Android Device and Australia's First Android Device. We've seen some revised digital product shots of the device before but this may be the first shots of the device in the "real life". And though it looks a little bit unwieldily, we're becoming huge fans of this phone. And though Kogan is unknown in these parts, it seems to be fairly reputable in its home base of Australia.

It definitely has a Motorola Q9h or Samsung Blackjack look to it and the keyboard seems to be expansive enough. The biggest question is probably going to be can the smaller screen accommodate a capacitive touchscreen? Either way, we're glad that Kogan is releasing an Android Device with a front facing QWERTY because more choices in Android form factor is always a good thing.

The Kogan Agora is supposed to be released by the end of January, so expect more news to be coming about the world's second Android Device!

[via Gizmodo AU]


Reader comments

New Pictures of the Kogan Agora, the World's Second Android Device


I can't help but wish Google had set a limit to how low the resolution of Android phones can be to the G1's 320x480. This phone looks like a QVGA device and at that res I don't think Android will seem all that special.

Screen real estate is a shame, just look at all that wasted space there..but alas, I like the look of this device much more then the G1, another device like this one with larger screen I think is just what Android needs. More devices, More options and Android will be rollin'

This one looks wonderful, but I still have to love my g1. Its a wonderful device. I just wish Cupcake could come out soon.

eww... That's gross... I love the OS though... I just wish that COULD'VE waited... I had to get my hands on the G2 before the filthy americains so I bought the non-Dev-G2 still awsome. Just not a fully featured as I'd like.

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