New demographics coming from The Nielsen Company today show some pretty interesting statistics. While the topic of market share still shows Apple leading the pack with 28.6 percent, Android is not that far away with 25.8 percent. RIM though is kind of in the middle with its share being 26.1 percent staying in between Apple and Android, given margin of error of course.

While market share is always an interesting thing to view, the charts also look at overall growth for the past six months. That is where Android comes into play hugely. According to the numbers, Android has accounted for 40 percent of new acquirers purchases. Meaning the majority a lot of new device owners, looked towards Android before anything else. That 40 percent was enough to put Android at the top of the leading OS list. [Nielsen]


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New Nielsen Company charts show Android attracts most recent customers



Android has accounted for 40 percent of new acquirers purchases. Meaning the majority of new device owners, looked towards Android before anything else.


Hmmmm, 40% not = Majority.

Math fail.

The rest was split between the other OS' so yes, having one OS maintain 40% is majority. No matter how you look at it, Android took it home over all the others when it came to adoption rates of new users.

Android - 40.8%
Apple - 26.9%
RIM - 19.25
40% (Android) = Majority

Who fails at math now?

well, if Android got 40%, iOS got 35%, Blackberry got 25%, then 40%= majority. If there were only two handsets, then 51%+ would be the majority, obviously.

You would be right if there were only 2 phone types in the world.

If I have 40% of the market, and there are 3 other companies each with 20% of the market, then I would have the majority of the market.

Math fail.

@icebike. So you are saying for instance that white people in america are plurality group and not a majority?!

Your life = FAIL!!

It's good to see android is climbing up, but c'mon u gotta admit for one iPhone on 1 us carrier that is pretty impressive compared to huge amount of android phones. Can't no one else do that with just one iPhone. It will be really impressive to see when apple opens to multiple carriers.

what is interesting is the fall-off in iPhone sales is almost the same as the uptake of Android sales. Meaning Android is gaining directly from iPhone, not Blackberry, Nokia etc.

Vector Scalable maps and Google Navigation, FTW. The 2 best reasons to own an Android no matter how many 100s of thousands of iphone apps there are or how IPSy their screens are. I think the hip cats are slowly getting the message.

One major problem with Android and where iPhone wins: standardization. The jack is in the same place meaning that any company can make an iAlarmClock, iDock, iStereo, iToasterOven, iVibrator, iBreathalizer, iPolygraph, etc.

No standardization on the Android-based phones means each manufacturer has to make their own toaster (etc) for each of their phones. I love my Android and pretty much loathe anything Apple, but they got this one right and it'll keep them floating pretty.

Dcreed: Basically, you're trying to beat around the bush and avoid using the word fragmentation. Without it, there would be no choices. Embtace it. Most apps work on akl phones. There are over 200,000 apps. You're only going to use a handfull. As far as accessories, it doesn't matter who makes them. There is no shortage. Embrace the choices you have.