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The fellows at Android Police have their hands on a couple new apps from the Ice Cream Sandwich build that's floating around out there (how 'bout a dump for the community, Mr. Anon?), and with it comes with new Google Music and Google+ apps.  The new music app has a bit of a UI makeover, with more sleek (and less screen real-estate wasting) controls, most noticeable in the "now playing" screen, and a search button has been included since ICS has no dedicated search key.  It appears that everything we know and love about Google Music is there, but in a more refined package.

The Google+ app at first look appears much like the current version in the Android Market, until you look at the Huddle Messenger portion.  Once again, it's been renamed, this time Google is calling it "Chords."  While that may be confusing at first, it's probably less confusing than having the same name as other applications (Facebook, iOS, etc.) that are using the word messenger.  Or it may be something that Google it kicking around, and not even final.  We'll only know for sure when ICS is available for everyone.  For more pictures, as well as a download link for the Google Music app, check out the source links.

Source: Android Police (Music) (Google+)


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New Google Music and Google+ apps found in Ice Cream Sandwich build


Downloaded. Works/ looks great. But for syncing of music it ask for permission to my account, which I know I need for streaming. But under my gmail account, there are the letters "sj", is this part of the new program, or is this something someone sneaked in the apk?

Same. "sj" had me confused. Gave it access, waited 20 minutes, music still wouldn't start syncing. Deleting now.

Go into settings applications then clear the. Then open back open the app again hit menu then settings there you'll see options for. Syncing

I also had problems with it at first but then I de-autorized my phone at the google music website and it now it's working great!
It is really a huge improvement over the "honeycomb" music player. And i LOVE the option to give a thumbs up to a song!

They renamed the Messenger component of G+ again?

I always thought that "Messenger" was a dumb name for the G+ messaging component, but what was wrong with "Huddle"?

I think people kept confusing Huddle (text-based chat) with Hangouts (video chat) because they both begin with the letter H.

As far as music syncing goes, you have to go to settings > manage apps> music> clear data and it should reset.
But still wondering about sj..

I'm not around my Xoom. Has anyone tried this on their tablet yet? I bet the UI looks even better on a tablet. So far i've tried it on my Thunderbolt. Works perfectly and looks great. Just wish they'd add an EQ.

Is anyone else having a force close when trying to open contacts after installing this? I dont know if its this or the leaked google+ or a total coincidence

Has anyone had it crash their contacts. I downloaded the apk for g+ and installed( uninstalled old first). As i went to send a text my screen blacked out and sent me to homescreen( which was empty and reloading all my widgets and apps shortcuts

Is there an interface on the lock screen like the original music app? That was perhaps my biggest gripe with the new music beta app.

Is there an interface on the lock screen like the original music app? That was perhaps my biggest gripe with the new music beta app.

When I start up Music 4.01 it says I'm in offline only mode. How do I switch to online, so I can sync? There are only 3 items in settings: 1. Open source licenses 2. Help 3. Music Version.

More info: I uninstalled the old version, rebooted my phone, downloaded and installed 4.01. I've tried unauthorizing my phone via music on the web and clearing data in the phone's app settings.

I had that problem and couldn't figure it out. Ended up there was a notification in the notification bar asking if music could have permission to

Gave it permission and away I went.

I downloaded this and when i went to go to import my Google account it sees it but wont allow see any of my music...