New Google Maps interface

Improved keyword search, better directions for all transit modes and new imagery of more places

After working in a "preview" mode for nearly a year, the newest version of Google Maps on the web is rolling out to all users worldwide. The new interface is just a little simpler and more streamlined, making it easier to simply search by keyword and find what you need to find. You can perform basic searches for locations, food or services and get a detailed map overview along with recommendations based on your profile for what you'd be most likely to want.

Of course the best-in-class directions for driving, walking and public transit are still here as well, now with the power of better algorithms and traffic data behind them. You can find the most efficient route along with the shortest and fastest routes, and with real-time traffic reports you have a better idea of exactly how long it will take you to arrive in the real world.

Street View has also been expanded to stitch together more user-submitted photos, giving you a look at places where Street View cameras may not have made their way yet. When you get into Street View mode, you'll now see a "carousel" of images at the bottom of the screen you can search through — it's extra useful when you want to check out a landmark or a business before you leave on a trip.

The new Maps interface will be rolling out to everyone over the next few weeks.

Source: Google Maps Blog


Reader comments

New Google Maps web interface exits preview, now rolling out to everyone


The new Google Maps is dismal. Search for a place nearby and it sends off to some other similarly named place in a totally different place. I'm going to be really annoyed if I can't keep using the old version.
It's also really slow.


"OpenGL has hit a snag" like half the time I attempt to use it. And this is working well? I can't believe they are forcing this on people when old Maps was perfect!

But you're forgetting that according to the universal blogosphere it's "crisp, clean, modern, etc ... " I agree the new version is absolutely atrocious so much so that I refuse to use it. Thank goodness I have a device that won't be upgraded to Kit Kat. That way I can keep the previous version (6) of the app.

agreed, for the most part... just type "pizza near...." or whatever and it gives you the search nearby. not ideal, but not the end of the world either.

I find the performance to be very poor. I tried the beta a while ago and it was absolutely terrible. It's slightly better now, but it's still slow to load parts of the map, unlike the old Maps.

OMG, dwl... They've probably taken feedback from whoever queried and commented. I doubt it's the majority.

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Its definitely the majority. The old google navigation was just fine. It's like they hired someone at apple maps to help them merge the two and this is what we got. TERRIBLE.

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Exactly what I think. I see railroad bridges chopped all to pieces and trains and locomotives all distorted too. The 3d effects aren't perfect and make things look worse. Apple's maps had the same problems a few years ago now Google is doing the same thing as if they didn't learn from Apple's mistakes.

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The loss of customising a starred place, within Google bookmarks still isn't in the new maps. Big exclusion imo.

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I switched back to old maps. I couldn't find Satellite view in the new one? The view I use the most...

Did they ever implement the 45-degree photos in the new maps? That omission alone was enough to make me switch back to the old version. The 3D models just don't cut it in most areas.

I was going to use it to go to Dairy Queen last night and it wanted to send me 7 hours away in a different state lol. Not using it anymore till they fix

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I wonder what andrew martonik was thinking when writing this article. I don't think I will ever listen to this guy. I haven't updated in probably over a year because of all the negative comments.