Advertisements don't always make for compelling viewing, but when Google makes one, sometimes they're worth watching. After all, ads are only truly bad if they're for things we're not interested in, right? 

So, props to Google for this, their latest effort at advertising the Nexus 7. Anyone who has ever seen the Bill Murray movie, "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" will feel right at home. Those who haven't -- firstly, check the link below to the movie in the Play Store -- maybe not so, but it's still worth a watch.  With Google refreshing the Nexus 7 line up as part of their recent Nexus-fest of announcements, we're sure to see a big push on marketing as we enter the holiday season. 

Thanks Anon!

Download: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


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New Google commercial for Nexus 7 takes a 'Life Aquatic' turn


could be better! Getting better though. They have to show off google now and not just the voice search. The google glasses commercial is still the best. Show off the NFC please or google wallet

I've never really been a fan of Google's advertisements. This one doesn't really show of the ingenuity of the device, more the ingenuity of the people who use the device. Unfortunately it doesn't really make a case for them requiring that specific device.

How do you figure? The advertisement is for the Nexus 7.... I don't see a comercial for an iPad and say "Gee I really want a Galaxy Note 10.1 now..."

I don't really like this commercial. I am happy to see Google advertising its products more though. I love my Nexus 7.

I don't get it, what is everyone complaining about? What you want them to do in the commercial? Flash Roms on it? Show the exciting adventures of root? Maybe use the tablet to smash the ipad mini to pieces with a graphically engineered tegra 3 hulk saying "Smash Apple! Smash apple! Raaaawwwrrrr"then he picks up the Nexus 7 and licks the screen? Oh then he throws it up to the sky and hits Thor and Iron Man, knocking them unconscious and making them fall to the earth below and captain America comes along and says" Nice shot, kid." So he throws away his shield and carries a Nexus 7 from that point forward?

Because that would show the ingenious side of the nexus. And whenever Tony Stark lands from the Hulk's impeccable throw of the device he can build custom Roms and get the hulk back. Yes. Yes. Yes!

should of shown off the features like how samsung. Why not use google wallet inside the store. Show off google now for directions etc...could be much better

It's about the people who use it. You can't do 100% utility ads and expect to chip away from Apple's mindshare.

Is this an LTE table? What were the people on the bus and Home Depot connecting to, have to assume it wasn't WIFI?

This commercial is horrible. How many average people consider themselves artsy like this? Shows off nothing about how the nexus 7 could be used by the the average person. Say what you want about Apple but they are good at making their commercials relate to everyday use.

I couldn't believe it when I saw that either, the first advertising company in the universe that doesn't want their advert seen!

i've seen people using gifboom, but i never tried it because it didn't cost any money and didn't have image stabilization
finally sony has come up with something worthwhile

This past summer I was in London with my galaxy nexus and I paid for international data with Verizon. I could not get any data connection. It searched for 2 hours and nearly got a signal once. Had to call Verizon for a refund.