Just a few days ago our pals at CrackBerry got their first look at Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook, which is something we knew was coming for a while now. And now RIM has posted on its  blog a live video of how it all works on the device itself. Nothing crazy, all information that we have known, just nice to see the applications running live on the device itself while in someone's hands.

Source: CrackBerry


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New demo video of Android Apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook


Would be nice if they demo'd more than simple fart apps. How about graphic or multimedia intense apps? Wonder if video calling apps work, or voip.

Same display as other videos, "android app player". then they show Music, IMDB, GameCenter.

Do they actually want me to believe that the playbook is pulling those images from a "live feed" with zero load time??

I think this is not okay. Blackerry need to get their own apps. Apps are a big selling point for a platform. What if Android started supporting i*hone apps? That would likely result in lawsuits. RIM needs to give up and settle for making business software for other platforms.

how about the fact that they stole the OS interface from webOS, and now using Android apps, to "expand" the app world market!!??

There are a lot off apps that are cross platform (iOS/Android/BB/webOS/WP7), however taking them "as is" and running them on your platform through your app hub is not right.

Then again, this maybe the tablet/platform that takes what everyone likes about the different OS's and put them into one useful device.?

Looks REALLY nice and fast. Took back two Honeycomb tablets and the OS is now dead to me because the browser experience and everything other network response was too slow. This looks like what I expect from a high end tablet.

i hate saying this on an android site, but if you want a high end tablet look no further than the iPad 2. i've played with all tablets and nothing is smoother imo than the iPad 2 experience. i'm hoping to change my mind about honeycomb once the galaxy tab 2's are out.

Yes, I've been considering going that route. I also hate to do it, but if there's no other way to get an adequate consumption device that is as quick as a laptop or desktop PC, that may be the only way to get it. And I can watch Netflix on the iPad.

If I could get an iPad 2 without agreeing to Apples terms of service I would (dont wana be a human centipad). Likewise I want to be able to write software for my tablet and the iOS developers license is simply too restrictive.