Netflix gets a major overhaul in its UI design

Netflix has just pushed an update to the Google Play store with a new version of its app and a fresh new design layout. In addition to the fresh UI, Netflix says that its app also benefits from bug fixes. The change log on the Google Play store is pretty sparse but the UI is definitely new for this update.

Are you seeing this update in the Play store yet? What do you think of the new Netflix experience through the new app? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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Netflix brings major UI overall to Android app


They also recently released a major UI layout to iOS as well. They're at the top of the game. But it's time to start bringing in the latest episodes Netflix and not after the season ends 2 years ago.

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Plus the Companies need to sell DVD's and Digital Content before they allow other companies to Rent them.

TV / Movie companies depend on a lot of fans buying these DVDs to continue on making these shows. It is usually 6 months to a year from what I have been studying before other services can get them.

Unless I can add movies to my DVD queue, I don't care. Why is this not possible yet!?! If it is, please someone tell me.

Because Netflix would love nothing better than for their DVD service to die, so they aren't going to make it any easier to use.

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Protip: change your region and you can watch tons more content. There are Chrome extensions and Android tweaks you can make to make it possible.

Tons of them. UK, Mexico, Argentina, etc. If you go to a site called moreflicks you can look up any movie and see what regions of Netflix the movie is available on. And then download a Chrome extension called Hola! and you can change your region on the fly.

I know what you mean. I got my Mother the new Roku Stick for Mother's day and she was annoyed with the redesigned UI.

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No. No. A thousand times no.
I don't want my Android apps looking like iOS apps. It makes them sluggish when they don't use the platform's gui also.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

I agree. They should have kept the white lettering on the red background.

Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5

Wouldn't say it's a major Ui change, just looks like they changed color and Netflix logo to a more flatter look. Otherwise it seems pretty much same unless I'm missing something

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Smoother, but otherwise just a different colour on my nexus 7

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Wow. Netflixs app design and playback stability continues to be leaps and bounds better than Hulu. Come on Hulu step your game up


I think Hulu's UI is fine. They definitely need to get their shit together and work on convincing all content providers to allow mobile device streaming, though. The inconsistency is infuriating.

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Same old content though with no recent new stuff, that's the update I want

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see these are the things i dont get... how much Netflix are you watching, that you've exhausted all options and cant find something on there to get into!? there are sooo many shows to enjoy, pick a long series and you'll have entertainment to flip on for the next 2 months!

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