Yes, you did read that headline correctly. Netflix has finally come to Android -- well, select Android devices that is. Everyone's favorite loving movie app just hit Android Market for those rocking the HTC Incredible, HTC Nexus One, HTC EVO 4G, HTC G2, and the very glossy Samsung Nexus S. The long awaited app was suppose to be a timed exclusive for the LG Revolution, but it looks like that exclusivity fell apart. Instead we got a very limited launch of the app. According to Netflix, the app would have been released on more devices but they were having "playback support" issues. We're sure that the Android team at Netflix is hard at work to bring the movie streaming app to more devices.

The app is very, very simple in design -- and that's a good thing. Too much fancy could make a heavy video app chug, and we don't need or want that. In fact the app only sports four tabs up top. The four tabs are: Home, Genres, Search, and Queue. There are no settings to change video size, quality, or audio. Hopping in and out of the tabs seemed quite fluid. And our long queue loaded our television and movies quite fast, too.

When loading up Toy Story 3 over Wi-Fi, we had no issue with buffering. Just a few quick seconds and we were enjoying Pixar's classic animation. Skipping through the movie can easily be done by tapping the screen and movie the virtual slider that appears. Again, we saw minimal buffering when hopping around the movie.

The Netflix app is something a lot of people have been waiting for, and we are super excited it's finally here. For those of you that don't have access to it just yet, hang tight. As for now, watch our very quick hands-on.



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Netflix app initial hands-on and review


If you are complaining about 21mb you are in for a shock here soon. Google announced at IO that they increased the app Max size to 4 GB, apps are only going to be getting bigger from here. Also remember this is the first release of the app to the public it will get smaller with time so please stop complaining about size of an app.

Crazy question?????? What is the app listed under? I keep looking in the market and can't find a Netflix app made by Netflix, is under something else?? Thanks

I'm using a Droid Incredible with 441MB free memory and 1.5 gig of SD memory free and when I try to install, I get a message saying not enough space to install this item.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

Common issue on the DInc. Not all 'free memory' is actually available. For some crazy reason they seem to count system memory as 'free memory.' Uninstall an app or two (or move them to SD) and you should be good to go.

Exact same problem here. Nearly identical memory, too. The Netflix app bombed out on installation, now Flash won't upgrade to 10.3 for the same reason. I've uninstalled several unused apps, used 1Tap Cleaner to clear caches and still I get the Low Memory warning. I've tried reboots and battery pulls... I'm about to pull out my hair at this point!

Install the app NotEnoughSpace. It allows you to create a partition on your SD card or internal storage and move applications (via symbolic linking) from internal memory.

Works perfectly on the Incredible and is the only way I've found to get around the 150MB app data limitation (/data/data partition) that is the source of most "not enough space" messages.

With this and HBO Go as well as Hulu. . . its getting to the point that if you can handle a tiny screen, what's the point of having TV/Cable?

It downloaded to my nook from the online market. Then I pulled it from /data/app and placed it on my droid incredible 2's SD card. And installed from there, seems to be working fo me!

Disregard, it plays for like 5 seconds then I get a white screen and a force close. But goes a hell of a lot further than the original APK on my SGS.

Works great on my Evo with WiFi!!!! Just wish I had it on the Xoom too.

But why does it only show my instant queue? I would think I would also be able to see my DVD queue, my watching history, and other stuff I normally do from the website. Andrew is right- the app is a little minimalistic right now, I am guessing it will get better over time.

I'm thinking it only shows the Instant queue because the app is mainly geared towards watching movies and shows on the phone. Maybe in a later update there will be improved functionality to manage both queues. Personally, if adding that will make the app take up more space or slow it down I'd prefer it not be added.

They've pulled DVD queue functionallity out out all streaming apps. The Netflix app on my Samsung Blu-ray player can't manage the DVD queue either. Netflix blogged that this is an intended change, so don't expect to see it added in later.

Funny how you've got that fat little green thing eating an apple when Netflix has been on iOS for a year now. And people hoping for Netflix to flesh out the design, forget about it. It's the same as the iPhone app except the tabs are on the bottom.

Meh. This software release isn't a one platform is better than another thing. Google nor Apple control when/if a developer releases a specific app on their platform. (Well, Apple does control the "when" part...). Sure they offer incentives, but ultimately, it's up to the developer.

The fact Netflix has now released a client for the Android platform (albeit only to a small subset of phones currently) is cool and has been long awaited. Those on the Android platform have every right to be excited. So please don't be a buzzkill, m'kay? :-)

I thought when I got my TB that was going to put an end to my wife's taunting me with her Evo. So much for equality LOL

I have a Samsung Glaxy S Captivate on the AT&T network. My phone has Froyo 2.2 and Flash 10.3 and is hacked to allow non market apps to be installed.

I downloaded the Netflix app from XDA to my pc, then connected my phone to my pc and transfered the APK to my sdcard, then unpluged my phone and went to my files and saw that app and installed it.

It installed just fine.
I loaded it up and loged into my netflix account and now I am watching my insta-q streaming!

Way to go!

People are reporting in forums that if you install the Netflix APK on an unsupported device, it either won't let you login or it gives a black screen. Seems Netflix is checking what device one is using before continuing.

"Hang tight"? Haven't we waited long enough?
-Droid X owner

::screams in frustration::

Why should I be surprised that Netflix would do such a release?
I should have just bought an iPhone.

Man, that phone really could use a kick stand sure your wrist have to be tired, seeing how the first 5 minutes into the review was just a ramble of obviously statements and opinions rather to actually hit the play button-- then entire purpose for the app!

Tried it just now on my Dinc2, message about device not being supported...damnit. If we are savvy enough to nab the apk from somewhere, let me test it no matter how* buggy it is you asshats....Oh well. Guess I have to wait until my device is added.

The app should have subtitles like the web viewer. People do not always have their headphones and in loud areas (like a bus), it would be beneficial. In addition, the menu button just sits there and has no functionality, it has so much potential. That is all.

Running on my EVO with stock ROM and no issues at all. It is the same as what I have on my iPod and what I have been waiting for Netflix to release. Thumbs up to Netflix for finally getting this ported over to Android. I see this only getting better.

Working great on my Evo. I watched an episode of Spartacus and it looked awesome! Plays much smoother than YouTube which buffers forever and has poor picture quality if you watch it in anything less than the HD, which...buffers forever and a day. I'm still playing around with it to see if it plays as well over 3G and if I can clearly see the subtitles on the foreign movies I like to watch.

So excited. I'm watching the Cosby Show right now over 3G and so far it's pretty flawless. No stuttering or buffering.

So glad I've hung on to my DInc! I toyed around with the app last night and watched about 5 minutes of a movie. Everything worked smoothly, even in an area of the house with low wireless signal.