Nest today updated its Android application to allow you to add up to 18 Nest Protects — those are the $129 combination smoke and CO detectors — to a single home.

Again, that's up to $2,300 worth of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in a single home. Just in case.

Also in the update: Bug fixes and enhancements.


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Nest updates its app to support 18 Nest Protects — for those with meager homes


You got that right. Although I have the nest thermostat and so far it's pretty cool. With the scheduling I think I have already saved money. We will see with next bill.

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Awesome. You have to cater to the big dogs as well as the little dogs and Google... I mean Nest is doing a good job at that.

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Ok, thanks for letting us know. I'll make sure not to look up any information on spammers.

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That should almost cover the west wing at the Nickinson Estates

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Couldn't this actually be for businesses, like in huge corporate offices where they probably have to have a ton of smoke detectors?

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My house has 9 smoke detectors, local building code. However I would not buy 9 of these at 129 each. I do have the Nest thermostat and after 1 year my equal pay gas bill dropped $14 a month.

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