Wait times, flight delays, local weather and more make MyTSA a useful app for travelers

Most people don't think of the TSA when they think about easy. They're those people at the airport who look like police, who have to scan your bags, push you through the x-ray machines, and sometimes fiddle with your junk. Deservedly or not, they have a pretty bad rep. They also happen to have made a really nice travel app for Android. It's not filled with HOLO, or using any amazing user interface, but it is filled with the information you would need when your getting ready to fly somewhere.

The free app has stuff you will find useful if you're trying to make it through a busy airport, especially at a busy time like the upcoming holiday weekend. It starts before you even get there, by telling you any and all flight delays and general airport delays. It knows what airport you're closest to, or you can set it manually if you've got a drive ahead of you and aren't leaving from the closest one. 

Once at your takeoff point, you can find out information like what you can and can't bring on a plane (ninja stars are check-only, by the way), how long the wait time is at the various checkpoints, and even guides to try and answer any and all questions you may have about flying, TSA policy, or travel in general. Wait times are crowd-sourced, and the app seems to update in real-time when I entered in a long wait for the main checkpoint at Dulles. The things we do for science.

I'll admit, I was surprised by the useful content, and while I can't say it will make me appreciate the next person who has to jiggle my jimmies at an airport checkpoint, it's nice to see a few tax dollars well-spent. Give it a try via the Google Play link above, and we've got a slew of screenshots after the break.


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The MyTSA app (yes, really) can help you through the airport for easy holiday travel


Are you kidding me? With all the "travel" apps that are available, free or cost, the government has decided to spend money on another app!!! I would really love to know how much this TSA app has cost the tax payer. I wonder if this app is will be as successful as the Affordable Care Act...get can't possibly be worst...or can it?

Calm down... be happy that US Government actually care about technology as opposed to some other first world nations with no such effort.

Our Government can't make a simple website (Obamacare) without spending millions of $s. So you may want to rethink that.

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It is way over budget but your right. Way over budget is par for the course though be it a gop or a dem project.

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Don't embarrass yourself talking about things you know nothing about. The ACA website requirements are as far from simple as you can imagine. The back-end has to interface with hundreds of insurance company databases, multiple data sources from each of 30-some states, and multiple federal agencies. About as simple as curing cancer.

As far as the TSA app, that's been around for years. It predates most of the other travel apps, and was built based on traveler feedback on what they would like to see. It's one example of government getting it right.

They can't even make a simple website and now they are going to be running our entire healthcare system? Oh, nothing can go wrong with that!!

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You might not have noticed, but the American healthcare/insurance situation is so jacked up, it can't get any worse. We pay more than any other first world nation and get lower quality of care. That's a system I would LOVE to see broken.

The awkward moment when Google Now will do the same exact thing for free. Checkmate government

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But this app came out years before Google Now: That awkward moment when you show the whole world you don't know what you're talking about.

Whoa. Think before you rage. This app could potentially help people navigate a sometimes complex network of security more efficiently. It's even conceivable that this could help increase the efficiency of airport security. Besides, the average traveler is not going to go searching for five different apps that do what this one app, promoted by an agency that all air travelers deal with, does. I'd say this is a decent use of tax payer money.

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I would be happy if I thought for one minute that the government has miraculously decided to integrate the latest technology into something beneficial for the tax payer. However, for this app to deliver what it is supposedly going to deliver it will be reliant upon the integration of a number of government and commercial systems to gather the information needed. Very, very few government system interfaces with any other system in government or external to government...for security reasons. So, if integration is not present that mean someone is going to have to "fat finger" the updated information into a system. Yeah, I bet that will work well. And, how many additional government workers will we be hiring to keep information up to date? Don't get me wrong, I am not anti government, just anti wasteful and foolish.

" jiggle my jimmies" if they included that, the app would be VERY useful. I hate calling myself 30 times a day

Y'all are missing the point - Jerry managed to work in "fiddle with your junk" into an article and it's got plenty of double meaning. Kudos fine sir!

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The concept is good, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. When I check security wait times, it gives me a time that is 7-22 hours old. If this is as current as the app is going to be then it is worthless.

Good idea in theory. Poor in execution. Sounds par for the course. I'd rate this non essential.

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I may be wrong, but, it appears wait times are entered by the traveling public. Similar to how Waze uploads police and delays from other driver's input.

Newark shows details from 4 days ago. So, unless this app becomes popular, it will be useless to business travelers.

I'll keep an eye on it especially when I attempt to fly on Monday.

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I wonder if I started using this app things will mysteriously disappear in my phone or the phone will start taking nudy pictures of me without my permission.

android central app

Were there no more updated wait times than "23 hours ago" and "yesterday" they could have put on the play store entry?
Kinda shows how accurate your delay info will be.

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I find it amusing that I can tell Jerry is the author of any given article by only reading the first few poetic sentences. This one made me lol "fiddle with your junk" keep on keeping on Jerry.

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