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Could a Nexus Q successor be on the way?

Google's kept pretty quiet about the Nexus Q since removing it from sale last summer. Last we heard, the company was still working on refining its streaming sphere, and that was back in January. In recent days, the lack of Nexus Q support in the new Google Play Music app had led some to believe that Google had abandoned the project. However, freshly-filed FCC documents indicate that Google could be preparing another media player device for release.

The "H840 Device" is revealed in FCC documents to function "as a media player," and was given with the model number H2G2-42, an apparent Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference. As is customary for unreleased products, Google has requested that diagrams and photos of the device remain confidential.

Testing documents reveal that it was tested hooked up to a 24-inch Dell monitor, and that it possesses Wifi a/b/g/n support and a USB port. What's more, it gets its power from a separate power supply unit, so we can safely assume this isn't a smartphone, tablet or wearable device.

Google unveiled the ill-fated Nexus Q at least year's Google I/O conference, where attendees were given complementary spheres. The Q went up for pre-order shortly afterwards, but before going on sale Google withdrew the device and shipped Qs out to pre-order customers free of charge. Despite being a no-show at this year's I/O, Google's official stance remains that it's "hard at work" improving the multimedia orb. So could this "H840" device be the result of the past year's efforts? We'll have to wait and see.

Source: FCC; via: Liliputing


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Mystery Google media player drops by the FCC


It would be nice especially if Google TV was thrown in there and a sorry but you can't refuse price was tacked on say $149.

This ^^^^^

If it's priced wrong, it'll be a no-go for a lot of people. We're not exactly squandering for devices that fulfill the purpose of the NexusQ and then some. So Make it nice, make it work, and make it cheapish.

I hope it turns your Monitor or HDTV into an Android device like the Archos TV Connect, still hasn't come out, was suppose to. So you can use your apps, stream music and media, play games or what ever a tablet/ phone does with Android, everything but touchscreen. Archos TV connect was suppose to be $150 or so, but it doesn't look like it's coming out.

even better. how about a gaming console with google tv and media streaming feature to take on xbox and PS3

I was thinking the same exact thing when Vic said something about they're being a Chrome OS announcement happening later on in the year. I think they setting something up to probably show up apples big shindig that happens in October so expect something maybe in September...?

I'm betting this is a new Android set top box of sorts with streaming capabilities of the Q. Would be much better than the Q if it's something that has a variety more uses.

Considering it wasn't hooked up to anything that produces sound during the FCC testing, I'm not sure this is a Q replacement.

My guess is a Miracast adapter similar to the HTC media link with support baked into Android 4.3.

Frankly, I don't want to see any hardware from Google when it comes to this. I'd rather see software. It would be great if you could turn a phone or tablet into a Nexus Q rather than having to buy one. I think it would be great, but frankly, you can watch Netflix, Hulu, etc, on your phone already, but couldn't on a Q. Instead of having to get a set top box approved by all these different media suppliers it would be easier to implement current hardware with the Nexus Q experience.

I know I'm not the only one who hopes this is a Nexus-branded streaming device with gaming capabilities. This would be killer. I'm inclined to think so, especially considering Google just pushed out Android 4.2.2 to the Google TV and updated the YouTube app. It could be nothing, could be somthing, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Excellent. Now, if this one justifies its price tag, I might consider buying it. The Nexus Q was ridiculously overpowered for what it did. This leads me to believe that Google had to have bigger plans for it. What if this new thing is a Nexus TV? Keep in mind that, unlike Android on phones and tablets, there is no "reference device" from Google that shows off Google TV in stock, untouched form. With the announcement this week that Google TV is getting an upgrade to Jelly Bean soon, maybe this will serve as a reference device for the newest incarnation of Google TV. I guess we'll see!

I think i will stop coming to Android Central. The popup AD is a little TOO MUCH for a site of this caliber. I thought you guys knew better than this! SHAME ON YOU!

smh google owns motorola now this nexus q stuff is too smal scale they nee to drop a Home Entertainment System that takes full advantage of Android os and uses only ur phone or tablet as a controller via wi-fi. it ned to b tha whole deal. receive, souround sound speakers, built in wi-fi, a few HDMI inputs/ outputs.

Motorola Home was sold off. The deal closed about a month ago. I would post a link but every gawddamn link I try to post referencing it (both internal and external) are flagged as spam.

I would say it is no more likely that Motorola is used for a set-top box than any other vendor.

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