Samsung Stratosphere

Astute Android Central readers will recall the phone you see above as the Samsung SCH-i405, which we first brought you a full picture of way back in July, looking very much like an LTE version of Sprint's Epic 4G. And now it's back in a clearer render form, pretty much looking how we last left it, only now going by its "Stratosphere" name.

Pantech BreakoutNo real change in specs, so far as we unofficially know. You're likely still looking at a 4-inch(ish) slider with what our original tipster believed may be a Super AMOLED Plus screen (or maybe it's just the shine of a qHD resolution), with about 2GB of storage, a 5MP camera on the back and 1.3MP shooter on the rear. Plus it's got 4G LTE data. Huzzah.

Then there's there's the Pantech Breakout, seen here at right. That's another one we broke the news on a week or so ago. It's got a 4-inch display at the usual 480x800 res, with a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 390 MB of internal storage and an 8GB microSD card. It's got a 5MP shooter on the back and a VGA camera up front. It's also a 4G LTE device, serving as a mobile hotspot for up to 10 devices. It's rocking a custom skin atop Android 2.3.

Still no official word on when either of these could be launched.

Source: Pocketnow 1, 2

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Vanilla Ice says:

WTF Verizon? You skip the SGSII for this? Lol nice!

piizzadude says:

No they passed on that for the Droid Prime

wonkman says:

you hope. (Me too)

Coolaaron88 says:

That Pantech phone is pure garbage, Verizon, I am dissapoint

rosser says:

The Breakout was supposed to come out on September 1st and the Stratosphere looks like its gonna be released this thursday alongside the Bionic.


tkong says:

Anything released against the Bionic won't even get an eyelash bat. Those poor sad phones.

Another verizon JOKE... The jokes keep coming on BIG RED..

rosser says:

we don't really officially know its specs, so we can't really say things like that yet lol

Mike77 says:

If its anything like the Epic, the very nice hardware keyboard will be useless because of keyboard lag and missed key presses. Worked pretty good early on till Sammy broke it.

jerseyboy357 says:

I still have my Samsung Impression from ATT in a draw. Seeing this makes me wonder...when are they(Samsung) gona let this design go.?

pDoG says:

Is the bionic OFFICALLY out this Thursday?

Yes. It's 100% officially out Thursday, September 8th. 299 on contract, 549ish (approximation) off contract.

"a 5MP camera on the back and 1.3MP shooter on the rear." .. well witch one is it, 5 MP or 1.3 !? #spellcheck (;

BigT11 says:

A verizon rep said that the Stratosphere is going to be a pre-paid phone.

Quis89 says:

One day Verizon will release something that isnt already outdated on Sprints line up. The Thunderbolt is basically an Evo...and by the time they released that Sprint already had the Evo 3D. This Samsung looks awfully like an Epic and the Epic will soon be moved off Sprints shelves when the GS2 hits Sprints shelves. Of course we dont know the specs on this device yet so we cant say much...but its looking very similar to the EPic.

Pantech wow looks just like the Droid Charge

dchawk81 says:

Your definition of "looks just like" is different from mine.

fascinatej says:

this is some kind of sick joke. Where is this phone that everybody is saying will be better that sgsII. As a verizon customer I feel let down once again. This phone is more than ugly

angel35 says:

Its just like Verizon to trll you what they are giving you you get nothing. Thank you Verizon

triangle8 says:

Wow, why even bother releasing an Epic on Verizon with LTE? I think you really have to want a keyboard if you're going to buy this device when the Droid Bionic will be out.

Damn this sucks!

kandiman1224 says:

Fart joke (pantech) coming out aggainst a joke (droid bionic) I wont be laughing and will not enjoy the stinky skidmarks they will leave