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Update: The Google+ page has been updated to reflect that Canada and Australia won't be getting the update, and Google TV won't support Play Music and Movies in these countries.

The official Google TV page on Google+ just announced that Google Play Music and Movies will be expanding its reach to more countries. Users in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Canada and Australia can now use both Music and Movies on their Google TV devices without restrictions.

It's always good to see Google's content deals expanding to bring a full-featured experience to all markets that have Google TV available.

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dajmeister says:

Starting next week on November 13th**

wunderbar says:

Not sure how Google Music can come to Google TV in Canada considering we don't have it at all in Canada. Unless they're launching it on android as well.

AllBlaxx says:

I'm wondering the same thing. Maybe we'll get it on phones and tablets as well next week.

daveloft says:

I'm assuming two things as there is no chance Google Music would come just to Google TV in Canada.

Either it's a typo and just movies are coming to Google TV in Canada and it's the other countries that are getting music and movies, or Music will be coming to Google Play in Canada and the Google TV branch was just the first to announce it.

Yeah, why on TV and not on devices as well? Or is that coming as well?

tyson.clarke says:

Yay! I move back to Australia in January, I guess this means I can ask for Play Store credit for Chrissy :)

Jezz_X says:

tyson.clarke I wouldn't count on that pretty sure they are only usable in the US currently

ilost says:

The only thing i hate about Google is, that its content are mostly available in US. I think Google Music has been out for a year or more, but its still not in Denmark :(

Hope they'll expand quicker, so we in the small countries in Europe can enjoy the full experience in Google :)

Mattdroid says:

As far as I am aware the Google Music app hasn't been available in the UK before.

It came pre-installed on my TF101, minus any cloud action, and I wanted to add it to my SII, but was refused.

I have just noticed I can now install it on my SII, again minus any cloud features. Anyone know when it came available?

chronophilos says:

It's great news to see expansion of any sort. Does anybody know what happens to your music and movie collections when you move to a country that doesn't support either? Do the apps just disappear from the device? Do you still have access to what you have already bought but just can't buy/see any more stuff? I'm moving to a Google-challenged country very soon and I'm afraid investing in Google Play was a bad idea.

arathkone says:

Interesting, as per the guys above in Canada, here in Australia we don't have access to Google Music at this time and it wasn't one of the announced countries to be receiving it when the new Nexus devices are launched i.e. the UK.

Really hoping this means Australia will soon get some cloud music loving.

there is something about open google store in México?