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If like me, you're a UK based Android user we have some good news to get you started. As of this morning you may be seeing this shot in your Market application - that's right folks, Google Movies has landed in the UK.

Up until now the service has been exclusive to the US and Canada, but hot on the heels of Google Books, the UK is gradually receiving more love from Google.

If you're in the UK, and have tried it out, hit us up in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Google Movies starting to appear in UK Android Market


Its not quite working for me. I do have version 3.2 0 of the market though.
A movies are there, but they cannot be purchased.

EDIT.. Scratch that, its working ok now after a cache clear and a re-boot.

This has made me think twice about getting a tablet. I certainly didn't have any use for a tablet prior to this. I was trying to justify buying Transformer 2 but this may help me make my mind.

Hi, I'm new to the whole android thing, and my market on my HTC Desire S on Talkmobile is showing a different market to this, green on top and white on the bottom half, I think this must be the update to it. Does anyone know how I can get my market to be upgraded and look like this? Thanks in advance

works perfect on my Arc S - at last, the appstore is becoming a total experience - can't wait for the music channel. Movies, Music, Books and Apps - perfect Android Market