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First it was £399, then £329, and now the UK price of the Motorola Xoom has dropped below £300 for the first time. British retailer is now offering the 32GB, Wifi-only Xoom for £299.99 (~$475), a full £100 less than the official RRP just a couple of months ago.

Despite being surpassed in many ways by the thinner, lighter Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Xoom is still a solid Honeycomb tablet with plenty to offer. However, with Android tablet competition hotting up, and Ice Cream Sandwich just around the corner, we think the Xoom could be a hard sell, even at this price. If you're tempted, let us know in the comments.

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Motorola Xoom price falls to £299 in the UK


I wouldn't pay $400 american for the Zoom. I think she is fat and ugly. These are going to drop in price soon. I like how sleek the 10.1 galaxy tab is, i just hate that it doesn't have a micro SD card slot yet. I'd pay for $450 for the Galaxy 10.1. Just gotta wait it out a little longer.

It's not the newest device but if you look at the components, it still stands up against the newer, more svelte devices. At the lower price, I think this is still decent value and from a technology perspective, it should easily last a good while yet.

All the above and first dibs on updates makes it a leader despite the size and weight. I think the tablet market in general needs to learn from the TouchPad episode: price it right and anything will sell!

What's so bad with the XOOM, I have one, am I missing something, it has the same specs as other tablets sd card, and the rest

I dont know who started the whole argument that the XOOM is bad. Its awesome and actually has a few connections that other tablets don't (im looking at YOU galaxytab 10.1)

I could give a flip how thin my tablet is as long as the functionality is the same. Spec for spec the Tab and XOOM are similar I wouldn't say one is better than the other. Unless you don't like touchwiz.

I have to admit, that while not my first choice for a tablet, I would jump on one of these in a second if Motorola were to drop these another $100 in the states. I'm not sure what some people are saying. Yes it is heavier than most tablets out there, but speecs wise it's no worse or better.

I love how the Galaxy 10.1 is better in "many ways" - weight and display (which is arguable) are basically about it. The 10.1 is hardly any thinner, it just tapers more than the Xoom. It doesn't have HDMI, USB or MicroSD without the use of a dongle, and it feels like a cheap toy...oh, and it costs $100 more than the Xoom (32GB vs 32GB). So you pay more for less functionality.

I like the doom however when compared to some others in Canada it is just overpriced. I considered it and the Samsung, the HTC and the Asus eee pad transformer.... I decided to go for the Asus and the keyboard dock... I got really lucky and found some young kid that just got one for his birthday and wanted a phone instead so I traded him my old Dell I was surprised he went for it. I got the chance to play with most of them including the Playbook and IPad and and extremely happy and satisfied with the Transformer. It is amazing and quite versatile. I was going to buy the Asus anyways however they have been sold out in most stores in my city... I do think the zoom is pretty sweet and would have most likely been my second or third choice.... The SD card issue bothered me though... Motorola should not have released and incomplete product though... I think that between the SD issue, 3\4g update and the higher pricing they set themselves up for failure from the beginning. Anyways keep up the good work

If your going to critique something at least get the product name correct, it is a XOOM not a doom or zoom....Also this should be about the xoom not any other tablet you purchased.

I bought a Xoom and within months there are much better tabets on the market, I would not say I am dissapointed but I do wish I had waited for the Sony Tablet S or even the Kindle Fire. I like what they are doing on top of honeycomb.

Motorola has not done anything with the Xoom, it has Honeycomb 3.1 they have not even updated to the latest release of honeycomb, where as you look at the Tablet S and within ONE week of release, they are on 3.2.1. I won't be buying another moto product after this one, certainly when there are so many products in the market that give you more.