MOO's NFC-enabled business cards still aren't available to the public just yet (we've got a tester version we like to flash around at parties and such), but the company today gave word that it's rolled its own NFC-tagging app.

The interface is simple enough. You can link to a web site, map, social networks, phone numbers and vCards, as well as read and reset what's on your MOO NFC card. 

Now we just need some cards to tech up our wallets, and we're good to go.

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MOO rolls its own tagging app, but NFC business cards still MIA


can't I just put the NFC sticker on my business card? :)

I have a couple dozen Samsung TecTile NFC stickers.
(free from Samsung after registering my 3 Galaxy S3s and 1 Note 2)
Still haven't found a use for them yet.

these business cards don't look cobbled together...they look like regular cards.

I'm hoping they get the price down to something reasonable like 10 cents each. The TecTiles are around 50 cents each IIRC...

I just saw a TV program about casinos.

Apparently there are companies in China that make playing cards with RFID/NFC chips embedded inside.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what that can do to a friendly Thursday night poker game! :D :D :D

Why do we need NFC-enabled business cards?
Can't we just "tap" each-other's phones and be done with it?

I either "scan" the business card, or store the physical paper card - why do I need both?
When you have one, you don't need the other.

I don't think that the cards need to be cheap. You shouldn't need more than a couple if not only 1 really with you when you carry it around. That is sort of the point of having an NFC chip built-in to the business card is it not? If someone has an NFC device then mention it and use it as a scan.

However, I do understand the other comment there about why not just put two phones together. As time progresses that is completely true. As of right now, the majority of us do not have NFC devices yet. So it seems this is for the case where someone doesn't have an NFC device and they need a business card with one in it. As you point out, this probably puts the timeline use for the NFC enabled business card to a finite amount of time before it becomes obsolete. Perhaps a year. Which is why it is unfortunate that they didn't get these to market sooner. I do believe we have heard about this for quite some time.

Correct me if I'm mistaken on this, but I think the main benefit of having an NFC card that you hand out to people is that it allows you to change the information you have on the card easily. For example, if for some reason you change your phone number you don't have to give out another card. The person who has your card can just retap it for it to update to the new number (assuming you didn't have it printed on the card, of course).