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Great little show...

Touchpaddle says:

will Monday Brief videos ever be available in 1080p?

(yes, I've asked this exact same question for almost 5 months)

Chocoburger says:

I asked Ashley directly and she said no, since it's easier to compress and upload the videos at 720p :(

RaiderWill says:

I'm Sorry............ What were you saying?

PastorDroid says:

She's got beautiful eyes... i really mean that. I'm keenly aware of how pretty her eyes are because i forced myself to look at them during this video... :)

unclegeek says:

I noticed her eyes.. but more about how stoned she looked.. did ya burn one before the recording session Ash? :)

Impulses says:

White EVO with red highlights? Didn't look like a white case...

epidenimus says:

LOL @ "WTF, HP?" I really enjoying starting my Monday with this brief.

garmiblis says:

Welcome back. The music while you're talking was a bit much... And size does matter, I want a 17 inch note (or better yet something not samsung).