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Monday Brief: More webOS drama, a BlackBerry Z10 Oreo, the Nokia Lumia 620 review, and more!


We all joke, but one day WebOS will rise from the grave in full zombie fashion hungry for phonebrains to feed upon....get your shotgun apps ready.

On a serious note, I love the 5 Android devices I have owned but part of me really longs for WebOS. I was a beautifully done OS and the multitasking was to DIE FOR! I wish Google would have bought Palm just for the patents.

Haters gotta hate right? I would love to see mobile news from a talented person but seriously? She is always showing cleavage... What are we teaching our youth? I would like to receive mobile new with out being aroused every time. Seriously it gets tiring...

Oh, I'm sorry my clothes made your pants tight. Not my problem you can't handle a nice looking lady that isn't actually DOING anything sexual in nature. You'll have to figure that one out on your own. 

Also, you seem to have missed the last few months, in which I was in argyle sweaters and t-shirts. 

May I suggest an audio podcast, if you can't handle attractive women delivering the news in anything but a snow suit?


(And I'm pretty sure I'm teaching youth they can be beautiful, goofy, and smart without having to sacrifice any part of those characteristics. What are YOU teaching youth by insisting smart women can only be ones who are covered up in turtlenecks?)

I enjoyed the sweater episodes :)

You dont have to do anything sexual in order to be sexual right?

Beautiful you are, smart you are, and your goofy! Thats your character but when you expose your cleavage to the youth then what is that saying?

Im not saying to dress up as a nun but just pull the shirt up a little or have more hair in front like you did this episode lol. That is unless you put allot of your effort of advertisement and keeping viewers in exposing your bust.

BTW Phil is hotter than the asteroids that hitting this earth :P

When I expose my cleavage to "the youth," as you've so called them, I'm saying, "Look! A beautiful woman who is smart, and funny, and loves her body." 

YES. Great message to children. And if you think they haven't seen a boob in their lifetime... well, obviously you don't have kids, because *shocker* they see them all the time as babies.


You're saying, "In order to be taken seriously, you need to cover up." 

NO. It's a terrible message to young women who are attractive. Ugly yourself up if you want to be taken seriously in this industry? Please.


The human body is a beautiful thing. I like mine quite a bit, something that's wildly rare in an internet society filled with people like YOU who demand that a woman in a video should be ashamed of her body in order to be taken seriously.

The "white knight" approach of, "Oh Ashley, you're better than this" is JUST as gross to me as, "Moar tiiiits plz"


TLDR: I am a strong, opinionated, beautiful woman who will wear whatever I want in my videos. If you can't handle that, you're more than welcome to watch another show.

Ashley Esqueda has excellent delivery and high production value in her work for Mobile Nations. Scan youtube to see what else is out there. Also check her podcast Techfoolery, anyone who can argue tech that long gets nerd cred. It doesn't hurt that she's easy on the eyes but she's more than just a rack (for the Giada comparison)

Besides you don't see the ladies on here telling Phil to hide his man rack.

So Verizon just swapped my Nexus for a Black Galaxy S3 and sent me a blue battery cover (because apparently in their vast network of warehouses not a single black battery cover exsits), If Kevin's Z10 is an Oreo what does that make my S3 a bruise?