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jackinit says:

Finally a v-neck again! It's been too long! Love ya Ash. (it still covers too much skin though but it's a good start)

ksc6000#AC says:

Ugh, I apologize for my gender ashley

axllebeer says:

No mention of the HTC Svo 4G LTE getting Jelly Bean :(
And I thought she owned one too. Just a little surprised.

Another wonderful Monday Brief, Thanks Ashley for helping me to start the week off right. *Salute*

npunk42 says:

I guess Ashley cut off CrackBerry from the Monday Brief. No worrys, I also have a Note 2.

"A hig res. look at BB10 L-series" is talking about a blackberry device which is Crackberry related. Silly noobs.

ether813 says:

Ashley can get it. :-)