Google Glass text input has until now been restricted to voice commands, but Minuum's keyboard is aiming to change that. The implementation is quite similar to that of the existing Minuum keyboards: a single line of staggered letters along which you swipe and tap. Minuum's algorithms then determine what it is that you're trying to type.

It's an interesting concept to be sure, and we're glad to see Glass getting new types of text input. In addition to the swiping/tapping mode, Minuum has also crafted a motion-sensing mode for their Glass keyboard that lets the user move their head around and tap to select letters. It's sure to make you look moderately crazy when out and about.

The final part of the video shows off a few other concepts, including eye movement tracking, a secondary motion sensing ring, and virtual key overlays on other surfaces. These are less likely to happen, at least with the current version of Google Glass, but at least they're thinking about new and interesting ways to input text on wearables. Like swiping on the Galaxy Gear and Omate TrueSmart.

The Minuum keyboard app is available from Google Play for $3.99 — there is also a free 30-day trial available.

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Minuum's keyboard for Google Glass will have you rubbing your temple to type


Yeah, this is exactly what I want to do... continuous tapping on the side of my head in public. That dosent look retarded at all.

Honestly, just wearing google glass at all makes you look like a tool. Rubbing the side of your head would make no difference.

It would be faster to stop and use your phone quick. I don't think I'd use this while hiking up a mountain. I would imagine a few people will end up walking right off the edge while they are focusing on the text.

This gives law enforcement yet another reason to ban Glass while driving as well.

If they are dumb enough to walk off a cliff while using Google Glass, they probably deserves it.
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the end of the video where he's tapping on his arm is some pretty sweet sci-fi looking kinda stuff.
A lot of wearable tech looks stupid now, but then again if 10 years ago you saw someone someone staring at a small screen and swiping all over the place for a long period of time, you'd think that looked retarded.

granted lol :)
But that's the point we eventually accept stuff that the general public initially dismisses as stupid looking and not "cool"
If I had $1500 I'd be walking around with google glass everywhere regardless of how stupid most people thought I looked, in the end they'll come around and look stupid with me :)

I like the typing on the arm part, but otherwise, I don't think typing on this will be all that...great lol.

Really, I'd use Glass for things in the first concept video (directions, video, pictures, sending quick messages through voice, and video calls)

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