Football through Google Glass

Training camp for the Minnesota Vikings is underway, and while they're getting down to business, football fans will be able to enjoy a first-person view thanks to Google Glass. There aren't too many details just yet about how we'll be able to catch the show just yet.

The Minnesota Vikings aren't the first NFL team to try on Glass, though. The St. Louis Rams had a go last year. It's a neat idea, and though in the short term it may prove useful for training purposes, it would be great to have first-person views mixed into live coverage. Obviously for that to work, Glass would need to be integrated into the helmet somehow, but that seems well within the realm of possibility.

Which sports would you like to see played via Google Glass? Any football fans here?

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Minnesota Vikings wearing Google Glass during camp


That would be genius for Google to team up with the NFL. Instead of "Mic'd Up" they can brand it like "Eyes On" on something. Seeing Aaron Rodgers escape defenders, watching Von Miller come in for a sack, seeing through LeSean McCoy's eyes running over defenders and going for a first down. The possibilities are endless.

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This reminds me of a football game I used to play. Anybody remember NFL2K5? First Person Footbll? Sega was 10 years ahead of its time. 10 years after EA bought exclusivity rights to the NFL, 2K5 is still one of the best football games ever created.

I've seen some college teams do this but instead use GoPro cameras attached to their helmets. Same concept; Allows for a first person view. Plus GoPro is cheaper. Anyway, I like how much more Glass is being used for practical purposes.

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They need to do something. They ain't taking the crown from the Packers

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Would love to see Chiefs RB J. Charles sporting a pair during the game. CHIEFS!
Its actually harder than it appears. I make it look easy.

Actually, they are using it for Google Maps, hoping it will allow them to find the end zone.

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